Saturday, November 18, 2017

House Update

Our house has been going up quickly!  We try to make it up to the house site as least once a week to check on the progress, which just makes me more & more anxious to live up there now!  The boys love seeing all the different construction vehicles at work, and they often bring their own toy versions to drive around.  There are currently tons of homes going in around us, so it's a bustling little area with all the new construction.

Much of the surrounding area has been cleared, but fortunately some scrub oak trees were left right behind our land.  I'm hoping they survive all the phases of construction, because I would love having some already established trees near us.  It may not be the pines of the northwest that I'm used to & love, but they are trees nonetheless!  We've been exploring the area as much as we can when we make our weekly visits.  I also have a friend who already lives up in the neighborhood, so we've been getting together to hike about once a week.  I love checking out all the different trails that will be accessible from my front door.  This may be the year that we finally splurge on snow shoes!  

As the house comes together more, we have been able to see exactly what views we'll have, and goodness it is going to be gorgeous!  We won't have a city view, but we will be looking right at the mountains from the front of our house.  And we're just a short walk away from being able to look over the other side of the mountain at Utah Lake.  It is seriously such a beautiful spot up there!

We had our framing walk through on Friday which I had so been looking forward to!  Unfortunately, the weather was bonkers.  There was a thick layer of fog, making the drive up & down the mountain completely nerve wracking!  I will need to get used to it, but for now it still terrifies me.  There are a couple hair pin curves, so fog & snow will add quite a few minutes to our daily commute.  On top of the fog, it was pouring rain/snow and the wind was whipping through.  Finn was miserably cold while we were meeting with our contractor, so we hardly spent much time doing our walk through.  Hopefully we can get back in on a nicer day here soon.  And we are super lucky that our roof & windows went in literally the day before the first snow up there.  Phew!

We are expecting that we may have a few weather delays over the next two months, but hopefully not many.  As of now, we could be in our new house as early as late January; however, I'm guessing it will more likely not be until mid February.  Since that date is quickly approaching, we decided to put our current home on the market last week.  As of Saturday night (after only 9 days on the market), we have had 17 showings!  Which is great and all, except that is a lot of showings to have to get all three kids out of the house for.  It's stressful having our house "show ready" at all times.  I love that there is a lot of interest in our house, but an offer would be even better!  The timing of it all is super unfortunate, especially considering that our house would have been snatched up in a heartbeat if we listed this past summer.  But right now, with the holidays approaching, hardly anyone is looking for a home.  I'm still hoping for the best though.  Until then... I live in a ridiculously clean house and am dreaming of the day that we get to make that move into the mountains!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Holiday Gift Guide: For Baby

The gift giving season is upon us!  I actually love putting lots of thought into my gifts & trying to be creative.  My list is long, with some being far easier to shop for than others, but regardless, I always enjoy the shopping.  Babies are especially fun to shop for though.  Who doesn't love seeing everything in itty bitty sizes.  With Kane being my third baby, he really doesn't need much (or anything!), but of course I still want to spoil the boy a bit!  And Santa surely has to bring something; otherwise, the older boys would be suspicious!  All of these ideas are mostly stocking stuffers except for the play gym.  We've never had one before, but this adorable woodland themed play gym may just make it into our home! 

1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 5 . 6

And of course, I won't be able to resist all the small shops during black friday.  If enough of them post their sales before the actual day, I will try my hardest to get a small shop guide up.  I love being able to support families directly as well as American made goods.

So tell me... what are you buying the babes in your life this Christmas?

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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Kane: 2 Months Old

This post is 2 weeks late, eek!  Which is a big deal when you're trying to document things monthly.  But I really wanted to have Kane's two month stats to include, which is one of my favorite things to look up and compare with each boy.  So now I'm here trying to remember what Kane was like during month 2, since it seems as though he has already changed so much in the last 2 weeks!

Height: 25 inches (92%)
Weight: 14 lb 9 oz (91%)

He continues to be right in the middle of both boys weight wise.  Although as his cheeks fill in more (read: hang off his face), he is starting to resemble Finn far more than Liam.  Perhaps he will end up having Finn's body type after all.  He's starting to sleep for even longer stretches, typically doing a solid 4-6 hour stretch to start off the night.  He's far more restless in the early morning hours, wanting to nurse often.  We're cosleeping, although I'm trying to start in his crib since he's sleeping better.  He startles easily, so I'm trying to give him his own space.  He often throws his arms up and thinks he's falling, which just breaks my heart.  This most often happens during diaper changes and baths.  He can make such a sad face when he is startled, so I believe he may be more of sensitive soul like Liam.

Kane is not an overly smiley baby, but oh goodness it is so sweet to see when he does flash one our way. He continues to be extremely relaxed and go with the flow.  We did have a couple weeks there where he seemed to hate his carseat, but that phase quickly faded.  His happy place is being in my sling!  If he is ever fussy & not wanting to eat, he will immediately calm down once I put him in it.  He sleeps through most of our outings, just snuggled up against me.  Although I definitely feel all 14+ lbs of him when he's out for 2-3 hours.  I may have to switch to a soft structured carrier when I think he will sleep for a long time.  He makes it easy to get out for hikes or any trek through the mountains; he doesn't even seem to mind the cold!

This month has brought on a few incidents from big brother Finn.  Once, Finn tried to pick up Kane while I was using the bathroom and his dropped him (on the carpeted) floor.  Kane cried hard, but was otherwise unharmed.  I've also caught Finn shining a flashlight in Kane's eyes, and once he put a small lego in Kane's mouth.  So all this to say, while Finn loves Kane fiercely, I also have to keep such a close eye on him.  It makes getting household chores done really tough!  But Finn is slowly learning that he needs to be far more gentle, and just make some better choices in general.  Liam continues to be such a help!  He loves his baby brother so so much.  I love seeing these strong bonds develop.  The older boys get so giddy when Kane smiles at them, so I know their love will grow as their interactions increase and get more exciting.  They are already thrilled that he will now hold onto toys and are constantly bringing him things to play with.

Life with three is busy!  Lately I have felt like I am constantly running.  There are no breaks.  The to-do list is never-ending.  Yet life is full of sweetness & love right now.  These are some special days.  Three boys five & under is exhausting, but I know I will miss this.  With the holiday season practically here, I want to attempt to slow down and enjoy this stage of life more than ever.  There is just something extra sentimental about having a baby over the holidays.  So cheers to another month of crazy; another month of loving on our cutie Kane!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Recent Buys

Who has already started their Christmas shopping...?  Me!  Me!  Me!  I like to start a bit early so as to not be stressed, and so I can be more intentional & thoughtful with my gifts.  I snuck away for a little Nordstrom date with just Kane last week, and I could not believe that the mall already has that busy holiday feel.  I will do most of my shopping online, but I do still make a few trips out & about because I love the festive decorations, the bustling people, & the Christmas music filling the air.  I may put together some gift guides, because I personally love them; I'm always looking for new ideas!  Who doesn't love a bit of inspiration?!  The gift I'm most excited about right now is the Wooden Toy Cocoa Set from the new Hearth & Hand line.  I bought one for my boys (which I think will be such a fun item to play with immediately Christmas morning!) as well as one for a couple of my nieces.  And I may get more.  You get a cocoa set!  And you get a cocoa set!  Everyone gets a cocoa set!!!

But before we get to the gift guides, here are a few inexpensive purchases that are currently making my life easier & me happy:

an iPhone charging block that charges in double time

(with two length options... I go short for the car & long for my nightstand)

(because no one likes a chewed on straw, or one that disintegrates in your cocktail)

These would actually all be awesome little stocking stuffers in my opinion!  So tell me, what gift are you most excited about giving this year?

Sunday, November 5, 2017

The Year of the Fox (Halloween 2017)

This Halloween sure was a good one!  I loved how the costumes turned out, which had me extra excited for the holiday.  Liam has wanted to be a fox for a couple years now (and Finn's favorite stuffed animal is "Fox Friend"), but I always thought the idea of making a fox costume was so daunting.  So when Hanna Anderson released some ears & a tail this year, I decided to finally give it a go!  The sweatshirt and pants are from Primary, and while they don't match the ears & tail perfectly, it was close enough.  We added a white belly and some cuffs around the sleeves, that's it!  My boys are obsessed with facepaint, so that was a must!  It was my first ever attempt at it, so I wanted to do a trial run.  The planner in me has to!  Plus it provided a fun opportunity to pop over to our nearby farm and snap some photos of the boys.  I was so pleasantly surprised with how the face paint turned out!  And then I was kicking myself for not ordering Kane a matching sleeper that I could have easily added a white belly to.  He had a fox hat, so at least he was on theme a bit...

We save pumpkin carving for Halloween Eve, because I like my pumpkin fresh for the holiday!  Both boys were far less into cleaning out the pumpkin goop than I expected.  Silly boys.  They helped Conor as best they could, while I sorted through the muck for the delicious seeds and got those baking.  It's my favorite Halloween treat!  Liam wanted a spooky face, Finn wanted a silly face, and I carved a candy corn that actually looked like the wi-fi symbol...

Halloween itself started off a bit rough...  First, Liam forgot his backpack, and we didn't realize this until we arrived at school.  It's about a 20 minute drive, so by the time I got back home and then back to school and then back home again, the whole ordeal took 1 hour 20 minutes.  And Kane isn't loving the car these days, so yeah... not fun at all!  And during that long drive, I got some bad news about my Grandpa.  He'll turn 98 in December, and just recently his health has started declining a bit.  He's doing okay now, but that morning things were uncertain.  It's so hard getting news like that, especially when I live so far away and can't go see him or help my mom.

Thankfully the festivities of the day were a nice distraction.  The boys were so excited for trick-or-treating to begin.  Especially Finn who didn't quite understand why we had to wait.  Those afternoon hours were long & painful.  And then he had a meltdown after I did his facepaint.  The tears absolutely ruined it, so I had to start over completely.  And then I made a last minute decision to throw on an orange sweater & facepaint and surprise my boys.  It was so fun to dress up with them!

Dusk on halloween night was gorgeous!  The sunset & weather just screamed Halloween.  It was all so perfect and just quintessential.  We trick-or-treated with our close buddies who dressed as skeletons.  The black & orange costumes of our two families looked so cute together.  The older boys wanted to run from house to house, but we made them patiently wait for the little ones to keep up.  Kane slept through it all; it's crazy to think that next Halloween he too will be running around and trying to keep up with them.  Such a sweet little holiday!  

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Apple & Pumpkin Picking

Somehow this Fall season is just breezing by.  Maybe it has to do with the whole three kids things;  life is busy & chaotic & nonstop right now.  Thank goodness for a newborn that manages to make me slow down just a tad.  I so appreciate our nursing sessions where I am forced to relax, and those times that he flashes a smile leaving me wanting more.  So of course I have to drop everything and just stare & coo at him.  So all that to say, I'm a bit behind on blogging.  Lately, my documenting of our days has strictly been through pictures.  I'm trying to decide how best to share/publish it all.  For "right now" as well as for future memory keeping.  I love Instagram since it allows me to share a picture or two a day along with a small note or quip.  It's fast & easy.  But I also love this space to share more photos and more detail.  Here I actually sit down with intention.  My thoughts are clearer, my words more thought out and meaningful.  But lately, I've been falling asleep every single time I put one of my kids down for the night.  And that just kills any plans I have for blogging or editing.

So...  I've taken a ridiculous amount of photos this fall and have somehow managed to share practically none in this space.  Tonight, I want to give a glimpse into two of my favorite Fall activities.  My childhood memories are full of trips to the apple orchard & the pumpkin patch.  I can remember the tiniest details of the farms we went to, and often still go when I'm home visiting family.  I want to create those same memories for my boys!  Besides, I'm still a kid myself and truly love doing all these things.  So first, the orchard!  Utah isn't exactly crawling with apple trees which just breaks my little Washington heart.  In fact, I had yet to really find a spot for apple picking since we moved.  However this year, I heard about a little family farm about an hour south of us.  Apple season was nearly over, but I didn't care.  All I needed was enough apples for some homemade applesauce & pie.  The boys loved climbing the ladder and trying to search for apples that weren't all wormy.  Finn sampled along the way while Kane snoozed.  We were the only ones at the orchard as the sun was setting on the mountains.  A gorgeous location on a gorgeous night with my sweet family.  Everything I wanted!

Our pumpkin patch trip was to the same "pick off the vine" spot we have been to since we moved here 5 years ago.  It's pretty amazing, perhaps even better than the one I grew up going to.  Weekends are absolute madness there (they even have a fast pass you can buy), so we often opt for a week night.  It's always a hustle as soon as Conor is home from work; fighting traffic to drive the hour it takes to get there plus trying to beat the sun before it goes down.  Everything seems to take tad longer now that there are three kids, so we didn't arrive as early as I had hoped.  We hopped on the first tractor we could to get us out to the field, and just barely, ever so carefully, selected our pumpkins before the sun dipped completely.  The rest of our stay was enjoyed under the stars on one seriously chilly night.  The boys kept plenty warm running from slide to slide, in & out of the bounce house, and with a cup of hot cocoa.  We saved the corn maze for last, which was actually a terrible idea... The boys were a bit hesitant to even go in since it was completely pitch black out, but we assured them it would only be a little spooky & fun.  I was not about to miss one of the best parts of the pumpkin patch!  Well guess what we didn't know...?!  That late into the evening, someone goes through the maze with a CHAINSAW!!!!  Conor & I could hear it and did our best to try and avoid it.  We knew our boys would have nightmares for weeks if we actually came across it.  While trying to rush back out of the maze, we truly got lost in it.  We were in for far longer than ever intended, which had Liam completely nervous the whole time.  But alas, we made it out!  It was quite the late night, with all three boys falling asleep on the drive home; pure perfection.  My favorite part of the evening was seeing their wild smiles!  Well that, and watching both of the big boys try and carry their huge pumpkins.  Liam was mildly successful, but could barely walk straight as he insisted upon holding his pumpkin right in front of his face!  And Kane being the sweet, chill boy that he is, practically slept through the entire outing.  He has made keeping up with their older boys quite easy.  Life has continued on as usual, but is so much sweeter with a snuggly baby in tow!

These favorite activities of mine always feel like the kick off to the best three months of the year.  I've already made my first batch of Scramble (homemade chex mix), which always brings with it the familiar smells of home and the changing of seasons.  We are all thrilled for Halloween tomorrow, and then I cannot wait for the snow to start falling & even more magic to fill the air!

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