Monday, August 13, 2018

The Lake House

It's taken my over a month to get this post together.  The one of our trip up north to visit my parent's lake house.  And in that time, everything has changed.  I believe most of you follow me on Instagram, so you have seen that my mom was recently diagnosed with cancer.  Well for this trip, she was perfectly healthy.  She was our usual busy, overly helpful, never stops moving Nana.  And it was seriously the best summer vacation ever!!!

I'm so glad we had this time with her.  That we had two straight weeks of Nana (and Pops!) every day.  There were morning & evening snuggles.  Boat snuggles too.  Books were read, baths were given.  And that's just the daily routine stuff!  Our whole stay was epic.  From rope swings to maple bar runs, to the boys' favorite tradition: the water ballon fight.  I'm pretty sure we went through two costco packs of balloons in one sitting!

We celebrated the 4th of July.  Had s'mores by the bonfire.  Hiked.  Raspberry picked.  Napped.  Oh did we ever nap.  In the new bunk room where our whole family slept plus cousins.  Top bunk reigned supreme, and no one fell out.  Liam loved the individual lights and could often be found in his bunk cozied up with a book.  There was puzzles and dance parties.  Many many many party boat rides.  Sand box & treehouse time, complete with both of my boys falling through the trap door and the same time...  Garden snakes, bunnies, & deer.  Voles that were ruining Nana's garden and were disposed of.  Kayaking and paddle boarding.  Fireworks and lawn games.  And quite literally a different cocktail for every night.  Bird watching (baby swallows!).  A three lake tour of some of the finest lakes the PNW has to offer.  And one nearly 6 year old boy who was pumped about his new strong swimming skills, no lifejacket required.

I look back at this visit with such joy.  I'm so thankful for this time; such fond memories!  Now, a month later, my mom is recovering from extensive surgery.  It will be awhile before she has her energy back and is like her usual busy self.  It was incredibly hard to not be with her immediately upon the bad news, but somehow having just recently been with her helped soften the blow.  We had a lunch & shopping date just us!  And we also snuck in a cocktail hour that was just my parents, my brother, & I.  I rarely get that sort of time with them sans any kids.  So much quality time!  Her prognosis is good, so I look forward to many many many more trips to the lake house.  It's a place where everyone is their best self.  Always in vacation mode.  Livin' our best lives if you will!

Now, back to reality and the fact that summer is practically over considering Liam started school today.  Straight up crazy town.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The Playroom (with Lorena Canals Rugs)

Sorry for taking so long to finally start sharing rooms of the new house.  I love peeking into other people's spaces; yet, I've completely dropped the ball on sharing my own.  There have been tons of requests on Instagram to do a house tour, so perhaps the next time my house is even just slightly in order, I will get to that.  But today, I am finally sharing the playroom!  (Sources will be listed at the bottom).

This room is just off the entry way, but it can also be seen from the kitchen.  When we were building our house, so many people tried to discourage me from doing a playroom right near the entry.  I suppose no one wants that to be the first room scene.  But... I have three kids.  And they happen to be a big part of my life.  A playroom is functional and necessary for us, and this is the perfect spot for it.  It's where at least 75% of toys & books are stored, and where the boys spend plenty of their time.  The one thing I wish this room had was a closet (for even more storage), but we use the closet just across the hall in the office for the big stuff (like train bins, lego bins, teepee, etc).  The play kitchen gets used the most, followed by the train set.  But we also have plenty of blocks, puzzles, and cars & trucks.  The older boys are at such a sweet age for imaginative play.  They are constantly coming up with new games.  The shelving tends to hold more of the baby toys for Kane's easy access.   But given that this room is one of the first sights, and where I spend plenty of time, I wanted it to be comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. 

I had so much fun decorating this space!  It's still a tad minimal, but I want to find things that I truly love instead of just trying to fill the room.  So it will continue to come together over time.  But one of my favorite finishing touches is the alphabet rug courtesy of Lorena Canals.  We didn't have any rugs in our old house, which is quite unfortunate because they add so much texture and design to a room, even one that already has carpet.  This rug is the softest thing ever.  Ever!  It's perfect for sophisticated kid rooms!  It's exactly where I want to be when wrestling around with the boys.  And it provides so nice added cushion for all of Kane's falls as he is learning how to walk.  Plus, it's made from all natural fibers (no VOCs!), which makes me happy since the boys constantly have their faces all over it.  But the best best part is that it's machine washable!!!  For that reason alone, I know this rug will be around for awhile!

I'm going to try and link to as many sources as I can, but please feel free to ask questions!
alphabet rug: c/o Lorena Canals
bird decals
shelving: Martha Stewart at Home Depot (similar here)
bins: Home Depot
toy chest
growth chart ruler: DIY
honeycomb shelves: DIY (inspired by these)
table and chairs: Wayfair
rocket ship
elephant rocker:  Pottery Barn Kids (new version)
ABC mobile: Pottery Barn Kids (years ago)
play kitchen
hot cocoa set: Target

Again, please feel free to ask any questions.  I'm happy to help.  And a huge thanks to Lorena Canals for helping me finish off this space!  Please head over to their site to see all their amazing machine washable rug options.  They are definitely not just for kids, many of their rugs are just perfect for adult spaces too!

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