Tuesday, December 12, 2017

A Little Winter Shoot

Finally I get to share with you all our recent family photos.  I love seeing all five of us together!  Are we complete?  Perhaps.  However, we're not quite sure.  For now, I'm pretty obsessed with all these boys of mine.  Once again, the ever so sweet Kali took our photos.  She was an absolute sweetheart for switching the dates for me about a gazillion times.  I really wanted a snowy winter scene, and snow has been hard to come by this year.  So we waited.  And waited.  Rescheduled and then moved the date again.  And then finally, in early November, after a long drive waaaaay up the canyon, the snow gods shined down on us!

Kali brought a few treats (as always), and Finn was not content until they were all in his pockets.  All of them.  And the urge to playing the snow was strong.  So the boys were covered and cold quite early on, but the shoot was still perfection.  Kane stayed true to his non-smiley self, but he makes up for it with his gorgeous eyes!

Now everyone do a little snow dance, because our mountains are still hurting for snow!  
And I really want a white Christmas!  And the slopes to be a tad more covered!  
So pray pray pray.  And then pray harder.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

From Our Family to Yours

Now that our Christmas card has made it into the homes of our loved ones, I can finally share it with all of you!  The night we received family photos back from Kali, I was excitedly putting our card together!  Shutterfly always has so many beautiful options; I can never decided.  So I draft up at least three or more options and have Conor be part of the selection process.  Our recent family photos were  just a delayed newborn shoot, so while I wanted them to have a winter feel, I didn't want them to scream Christmas.  We went with neutral wardrobes in hopes of having a somewhat timeless feel.  With such a beautiful snowy backdrop, I wanted a simple template for our card this year.

I almost went with the "merrier than ever" card, since those words seemed so fitting for a year with a new baby, but instead I fell in love with this simple bow design.  Playing off the color of the bow, I matched that to back of the card as well as the envelop liner.  I love adding little extras like the envelop liner; it just makes the whole thing that much more festive.  It's nearly a little present in itself.  And of course the envelopes with your printed return address are a must; it makes getting them addressed and mailed off that much easier.  I typically like to seal them with some washi tape, but this year I found the perfect gold stickers to tie it all together.  And have you all seen the Snowy Day stamps?! Adorable!

Merry Christmas to you all!  
Thank you for all of the support and letting me share just a little bit of me with you!

*I received this product in exchange for my honest thoughts.  
Mad card designing skills are all me; the cute kids are mine too!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Halls are Decked

Our Christmas lights went up the weekend before Thanksgiving, and we've been getting festive since!  This is the time of year when we wear all. the. red. things.  And when Christmas pajamas are on repeat.  And we have a lot of Christmas pajamas.... because 1. hand me downs.  2.  I have a pajama buying problem.  At age 5, Liam still wears pajamas nightly, and I'm really hoping this doesn't change soon.

We cut down our tree the day after Thanksgiving, and she's a real beaut!  Full on the bottom, skinny up top.  And no joke, the top just scrapes our ceiling; talk about a perfect pick!  It's an incredibly prickly (and sappy) tree, so that has kept little hands off it for the most part.  Our tree was going through about 3 pitchers of water a day (talk about high maintenance), and one night we forgot to water it... She went dry.  And then stopped taking water cold turkey!  We drilled some holes in it (twice!), and I'm happy to report she is back to taking water, although only about half a pitcher a day now.... womp womp.  Who thinks she'll make it 'til Christmas?!

Our UPS guy loves me, whereas USPS is completely under performing this holiday season.  Still waiting on one missing package!  Anyone else already wrapping presents just to assess what exactly they have bought?!  This is the major downside to online shopping.  I would say I'm 75% done with my shopping, which is right where I want to be.  I do actually enjoy getting out to the stores a bit.  There is just something special about the hustle and bustle.  People all bundled up in their coats, walking from store to store, Christmas music playing.  I also have a love/hate with the post office this time of year.  But again, I love making that trip to drop off my Christmas cards!  Which have been mailed and are filling mailboxes as we speak!

Our elf, Tinsel, has been making a solid appearance.  We actually love having him each season, and rarely forget to move him.  Only one close call so far, but I remembered during an early morning nursing session and snuck out to move him.  We've added wire to our elf which makes him far more fun to play around with!  The boys also have advent calendars, well two really.  A chocolate one from Nana (cheers to chocolate at 6:30am) and a lego one from us.  Liam helps Finn assemble his each morning which is adorable and often a major delay to us getting out the door for Kindergarten drop off on time!

The temps have been quite chilly lately, so we're spending far more time inside.  Hot cocoa, christmas music, and all the bright decor & lights around our home make it far more enjoyable to stay in.  Plus, there is something so special about a baby during the holidays.  In case this is our last Christmas with a wee one around, I'm trying so hard to soak up the moments.  To remember the little things, especially the catchlights of Christmas lights in his eyes.

We did our annual Santa photos (with Conor dressed up as Santa), and it was so so adorable!!!  And then I got an email that they lost our session!  I was so so disappointed and rather upset, because doing that whole thing is always a bit chaotic.  Regardless, we went back and shot it again.  Kane was terrified of the flash, so hello surprise kitty face!  But I still love seeing them all cozied up together in their jammies.  However, in the following years, I think we're going to rent a Santa suit and do some of our own photos, maybe in the mountains.  I'm feeling inspired!

We've barely even tapped into our many traditions; 
I cannot wait for all the fun that lies ahead!  
Hope you have all been enjoying this wonderful season so far!  

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Kane: 3 Months Old

Running a week late again!  But it's time to brag on the littlest.  He continues to fill out and resemble Finn more & more.  He has the cheeks to prove it!  He's got these big huge eyes that come from me, yet the color is still undetermined.  I'm going to say blue/gray.  He's ticklish.  He startles easily.  And he is one sensitive guy.  His quivering lip is so so sad.  Still adored by his brothers; and good news... no Finn related injuries this month!

He may just be my worst sleeper, which is quite scary really, because his brothers aren't great.  He does a good 4-5 hour stretch to start the night, but is then up a handful of times by morning.  His happiest place is in my sling.  And it's his preferred place to fall asleep and nap.   Which is awesome with how much we are out & about.  Not so awesome when we're home, and I need to get things done.  But I will never complain about having him snuggled close to me like that.  Where I can kiss him whenever I want to.  This month brought giggles.  Real hard belly laugh giggles.  Conor can get them easier than me.  His sales are slowly coming more freely, but of course never when my camera is out.  He loves being the center of attention & wants eye contact.  

Kane continues to be such a good baby.  Easy to take along wherever we go.  He loves the outdoors and so far doesn't mind the cold.  He's discovered his reflection and loves some solid time in front of the mirror.  While he is grabbing onto things, toys still don't do much for him.  Teething is beginning, so his hands are always in his mouth and the drool is becoming constant.   He's unsure of the bath & the shower, but honestly is rarely in either.  And because of that he always has the sweet smell of milk on him.  I can't get enough.  We're still all obsessed with him!  Cannot wait for another month, especially the holidays, with this sweet boy.  And spoiler alert.... rolling has started just a week past 3 months old.  'Til the next update!

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