Monday, May 22, 2017

Finnaroo Turns Two

We are finally back from traveling 3 out of the last 4 weeks, whew!  I feel like I'm playing catch up in every single aspect of life right now.  It's busy!  And moving fast!  Liam is about to finish preschool!  And the third trimester is approaching.  And I just want everything to slow down a little bit!  The good news is I always have my camera with me, to capture everything I want to.  All the memories I want to keep.  The day to day, as well as the big stuff.  But then sometimes they just sit in the abyss that is my "photos" with no real organization.  That will happen another day, but for now, I try to keep it all organized in blog posts.  So be prepared for lots of journal style posts from me, as I remember all the fun & events that have happened over the past month.  Photography is my way of documenting.  It's how I story tell.  It's how I plan to share all my boys' childhoods with them.  First up, Finn's birthday!

We celebrated a day late, since we were traveling on his actual birthday.  And I didn't want Liam to be thrown off by the Balloon Man arriving a day late, so we just pretended his birthday was later.  Nobody knew the difference!  Finn was in awe of his balloons in the morning, a highlight from my childhood and hopefully my boys'!  It was followed Finn's favorite breakfast of pancakes & bacon.  The boy seriously loves his bacon.  On birthdays I love tailoring their day to be perfect for just them!  The traditional happy birthday sign was hung, the letter board rearranged ("Finnarro turns two!"), and the presents wrapped!  We kept things simple as far as presents were concerned, since he is always so spoiled by friends & family.  However, he was thrilled for some new Duplos as well as his own sleeping bag!  With my growing belly (and now that Finn is weaned), he has been booted to his own sleeping bag for camping!  Can't wait for him to use it next weekend!

After a morning of running around outside with all the neighbor kids,  we had a birthday nap, and then the big event!  Finn has been talking about going to another Bees (baseball) game ever since we left the last one.  We kept telling him we would go on his birthday.  Well, the weather was really messing with us.  Rainy & stormy just a couple hours beforehand.  We nearly decided to skip it, but the thought of letting down the birthday boy just sounded awful.  So we all rallied!  We rode the train to them game (another of Finn's favorite things) along with every other Salt Lake City sports fan, since there was also a Jazz game as well as as Real game that night!  The train ride was really the full experience with a crowded, eclectic group of Utahns.

Finn hunted down the Bee mascot with Conor, only to want to say hi from afar.  While he is seriously obsessed with the Bee, he does not want to touch him, hug him, or stand near him.  But we sure do talk about him nonstop and love looking at pictures.  Finn proudly walked back to our spot with his own hotdog in hand, just living the baseball fan dream really.  We had far too many treats than normal, because.... birthday!  Cotton candy (he was very unsure of this) & cracker jacks!  But the real highlight came when he got to run the bases at the end of the game.  He was fast & knew exactly what to do!  However, now he thinks he gets to run the bases at the end of every game.  If only buddy!

It was truly a special day for Finn which is exactly what I wanted!  His joy is my joy!
Happiest of birthday Finnaroo!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Liam. Finn. Kane.

We're excited to finally share that baby boy has a name...

Kane Daniel Keenan

When we found out that our third baby was a boy, we knew that, once again, we would use an Irish name, as well as a family middle name.  Kane is a name that we had discussed back when naming Finn, so it was quickly put on the list again.  We took the longest we ever have to name a baby this time, with list after list, but we kept coming back to this name.  We like how it's short and sweet, and really just fits in perfectly with Liam & Finn.  Plus hearing it out of both boys' mouths was just so sweet.

The middle name was tougher.  There just didn't seem to be a family name that we both liked.  So we briefly considered other names, especially Pierce, just because we liked it.  But I really wanted to stick with a family name, so I proposed Conor's middle name, Daniel.  It took a bit of convincing, but here we are finally with a name!  And I just love seeing them written side by side.

Liam.  Finn.  Kane.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Going Home

When Conor somewhat unexpectedly had two long work trips on back to back weeks, I decided to take the boys up to Washington to stay with my parents.  While lately, I've done much better being alone when Conor travels, two weeks is a l o n g time.  And I always miss my parents!  So we jumped at the opportunity.  We quickly fell into a nice routine during our stay.  My mom always hits the gym early in the morning, so during that time the boys & I would have slow lazy mornings.  I'd actually read the paper, the real newspaper, not just an app on my phone.  I'd make my way through the crossword & anxiously wait for my coffee to arrive, hand delivered by my mom each morning, along with bagels for the boys.  It was nice not to ever be rushing out of the house to this or that.  We explored many of the parks near my parents, just enjoying being outside.  And come naptime, I got to take some glorious 3 year hour naps with Finn while Liam and my mom had their special time together.

I know Liam so treasured their nap time adventures, whether it be gardening, games, or simply running errands together.  On one of our last nights together, as Liam was falling asleep he told me: "I don't want to leave.  I love Nana.  I wish I was born here."  Break my whole heart.  Me too, buddy!  Me too!  It is so so hard living away from family, so it's always incredibly difficult when our visits come to an end.  Each time Conor travels internationally, he gets this huge to desire to live abroad for a couple years.  And each time I go home, my longing to move back gets stronger & stronger.  Our hearts are all over the place!

It also just so happened that my best friend was in town also visiting for the week!  She joined us for many a coffee morning and park playdate.  This was the first time we got to meet her 8 week old son, which has us all itching for the arrival of our baby boy.  Liam was obsessed and couldn't get enough.  My heart seriously swelled seeing him with a baby.  It was also so sweet to see my best friend as a new mom!  A new stage of life for her that we are both in together.  Somehow we have managed to make our phone calls even more frequent during this busy stage of life; love being on this motherhood journey with her.  Especially the boy mom journey!

Fortunately, Conor was able to meet us at the lake house over the weekend.  Finn especially has a really difficult time when Conor travels.  Some evenings as he was falling asleep he would tell me: "Daddy.  Work trip.  Go see him!"  So these few days were oh so needed.  The lake house is always so good for the soul.  We spend most of our time outside, with this visit involving lots of worm digging & fishing!  Still not a single fish caught this year though.  I swear my children will lose interest soon.  Where are the fish?!  The treehouse and sandbox saw plenty of action, and many a maple bar were eaten.  Way too many treats at Nana & Pops house!  And while I apparently didn't capture any pictures (how did that even happen?!), there was lots & lots of cousin time!  A couple dinners together as well as a night at the lake house.  We may have even found some fireworks leftover from last summer and had a little mini show from the deck before bed.

In the evenings the boys anxiously waited for Pops to arrive home (again, how did he not make it any pictures?!), and closely watched the news every night, sitting right on his lap.  Liam has a newfound love for the weather as well as breaking news.  So.  Many.  Questions.  I don't like to shelter him too much, but wow does he absorb it all in.  The backyard was a mini oasis, with the temps finally being warm enough for some sprinkler action.  There were late night icecream runs, & lunch dates with Pops.  I also got to visit with my Grandpa who is 97 years old!  Love seeing him and taking the boys to his house!

A seriously wonderful visit that I am so so thankful for.  Our time together is never enough, but memories are constantly being made.  I know the boys already do, and will continue to, look back on these visits so fondly.  I want their childhood to full of some of the same things that made mine.  Somehow Nana & Pops give better baths & read better stories.  And this pregnant mama couldn't appreciate the help more!  And lucky for us, we'll be back again in early July for another visit!  Cannot wait 'til then!

 On another note, my children were the absolute best travelers.  Which was a complete relief since I was doing it all solo.  I'm not sure how I'll do this when there are three of them, but I'm sure I'll find my groove.  Because goodness, a newborn is so so worth it!

Monday, May 8, 2017

23 & 24 Weeks (Bump #3)

Today you get photos from week 23, but info from week 24.  All the traveling we've been doing has been making it hard to find time to document.  I'm still in that sweet spot of pregnancy, but definitely feeling pregnant!  Climbing out of the boys' beds or out of a low couch or chair already takes that extra oomph!  It's been a good couple of weeks, even though it was also exhausting with Conor away on business travel. Sorry for the blurry photos... Conor doesn't always nail it.. ;-)

Total Weight Gain:  15 lbs.  A tad more than I would like to see, but I still feel good & know that I'm eating great, so I'm just rolling with it.

Symptoms:  Still feeling light headed occasionally, but I know it's due to my super low blood pressure.  Just trying to take things a bit slower when I feel this way.  I'm also really feeling this baby in my hips.  Sleep without my pregnancy pillow for two weeks was a little rough.  Not to mention that insomnia has set in.  Typically in the early morning if I get woken up by one of the boys.  After, I find it impossible to get back to sleep.  I was up for the day at 3:45am recently, ugh.  Also, I feel like I'm carrying this baby a tad higher than my others, which are usually ridiculously low.  Gonna need to do a comparison picture soon.

Food Cravings/Aversions?  The cotton candy grapes have been found!  Bless it!  Other cravings have been soup & sandwiches (the healthy option) as well as french fries & milkshakes (trying to limit this one).  No real aversions except for the smell of fish.

Maternity Finds:  I have a new pair of full panel white shorts that I love!  They are super stretchy making them extra comfy, but I also feel like that makes them run just a tad big.  Having said that I still bought them in my usual size (small).  I also bought full panel white jeans, since I'm on a white trend.  These are a little tight around the ankle, but otherwise good.  I had to size up since they were out of my size and therefore I may need to grow into them a bit.  Which is ridiculous since summer is nearly upon us, and I won't be wearing jeans much...

Baby Finds:  My sweet friend Desiree sent an unexpected package for baby this week from two adorable shops: Fin & Vince and Bannor Toys, check them out!  I love finding new places to shop for baby boy, especially since we will have so many hand me downs.  I also bought a couple new cloth diapers (even though we don't need more), because the prints were too too cute!  Thirsties new outdoor collection is amazing!

Movement:  I can definitely tell that baby boy's kicks are cushioned by my placenta.  It's just a totally different feeling than with my first two.  I will admit that it's not nearly as much fun, but I'm trying to enjoy the calmer movements and not being woken at night nearly as often.

Liam's Thoughts:  We met my best friend's 8 week old baby this week, and Liam was smitten!  He took so much pride in holding the baby, in having him look at him, grasping his hand.  Liam told me that he wished our baby was already here.  The excitement is building.

Finn's Thoughts:  Finn was also mesmerized by my friend's baby too.  He loved holding the baby as well, but obviously lasted a much shorter time than Liam.  Finn's also been showing an interest in baby doll's again, so perhaps we'll get him one to love on when our baby arrives.

We have more travel coming up, but fortunately Finn will have his own seat this time.  Lately, it feels as if there is barely room for either boy to sit on my lap for books!  Any nesting has been put on hold for a bit, but I'm hoping once all this travel settles down, I'll get more organized for baby's arrival!
Happy Monday friends!

Friday, April 28, 2017


It's been a long time since I've shared some random favorites, or really popped in on a Friday at all.  So hi!! Conor flies home from a business trip today, and we are just thrilled to see him.  Then we'll be at the lake house, so consider me checking out!  Here's some recent favs...

I have a deep love for the seasonal Mrs. Meyers hand soaps!  Peony & Lilac!  So so perfect for spring.  I'm currently waiting for own peony bush to bloom, which usually happens the first week of May!  It's one of the plants I totally plan on digging up and bringing to our new house when we move.

For a few years now I've been trying to find a natural deodorant that works for me.  I realized that I needed one with a smaller amount of baking soda, otherwise it would cause me to break out.  Finally, I found the perfect one, Primal Pit Paste (such a terrible name I know... I swear all natural deodorants have bizarre names).  They have tons of amazing scents (or unscented for the boring type).  I find mine at Whole Foods, but Amazon always has my back too!

I've been holding off on placing some small shop orders because I'm really hoping there will be some Mother's Day sales!  One thing in particular I'm eyeing is a Wildbird ring sling in Owlette, but they typically sell out as soon as they restock!  It's really looking like my Mother's Day present should just be a small shop shopping spree for me and the new babe!

I jumped on the bandwagon and listened to S Town recently.  While I loved the podcast as a whole, and thought John B. was quite the character, I don't know that I loved how it ended.  I wanted more?  Regardless, it's a good listen!  I pop in a headphone at night when I'm laying down with the boys to put them to sleep which helps prevent me from falling asleep.  It's a good way to wind down at the end of the day. 

I'm really loving these poplin poppy sleep shorts.  But I'm doubtful they will work with my pregnant belly.  And by the time that is gone the days of long pj pants will be here.  Still, that poppy print is speaking to me!

Happy Friday everyone!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

22 Weeks (Bump #3)

For a few days, I actually thought I was 23 weeks.... third baby problems.  Since my hair & make actually happened to be done on Sunday, and the light was shining in perfectly, I had Conor snap a few photos for this week.  Last Thursday, we had a midwife appointment where she shared many of the details from our big ultrasound.  I seriously love my midwife!  She is such a wealth of knowledge herself and is always so open with me.  I love how she shares all the little details; I find it all so fascinating.  So this week, I bring you some midwife tidbits.  If you don't want some TMI facts about my pregnancy, feel free to skip this post!

Tidbit #1:  I have a lot of amniotic fluid!  It's still in the normal range, but on the upper end.  This explains why my belly seems to be so so large for this point in my pregnancy.  My midwife said that I'm carrying around roughly an extra half gallon of amniotic fluid compared to most moms!  The good news with this, is that it creates more space for the baby, making a breach baby far less likely.

Tidbit #2:  I have an anterior placenta, which means it's attached in the front.  My midwife's exact words, "So if you thought this baby was calmer, he's not!"  I totally thought this baby moved around much less, but apparently it's all due to that placenta he has to kick me through.  And now that I know this, his kicks do feel different, as if there is a big cushion between us!

Tidbit #3:  I have a really long cervix!  This only serves me & my large babies well!  Sometimes you will hear of a woman with a short cervix needing it sewed shut, because it can't support the weight of the baby.  This will never be a problem for me.  Thank goodness, because I'm fulling expecting this baby to hit the 10lb mark!

I love learning more about this pregnancy, my body, and birth as a whole.  I cannot say enough good things about our midwife and this experience.  I feel like all the extra knowledge is empowering, and it helps me to process any birth trauma that still exists from Liam.  I'm already looking forward to our next appointment!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Weekend Recap

We had a first in our house this weekend!  Both boys slept through the night!  It was as if God smiled down upon us and decided "I shall give these two parents the gift of sleep tonight, and I won't even make the pregnant one have to pee!"  Finn strolled downstairs and into our bed around 6 am, Liam followed an hour later.  But after crawling in bed with us, they kept on sleeping!  So not only did they last the whole night, but then they still decided to sleep in!  8:30am has become our new wake up time, and I am loving it.  It was the perfect way to get our weekend started.

Saturday was for soccer; a game which Finn actually watched most of from my lap.  Huge success there!  House projects (Conor is still working on some shelving for the nursery).  And fishing!  It was a somewhat last minute plan due to the gorgeous weather, so we didn't want to travel to far that evening.  Meaning, it wasn't a drive into the mountains event.  But I had heard of a well stocked local pond, so we ventured out there.  A mere 15 minutes from our house.  It was a pretty spot among some wetlands.  Lots of fisherman, not so many fish bites.  Only one actually.  So no fish were caught.  Finn was ridiculously loud (he gets this from my side of the family), so that couldn't have helped.  We'll be working on quite voices and a titch more patience next time.  Regardless, it was good peaceful family time as the sun was setting.  Finn was all about the worms, while Liam was hesitant at first but not to be outdone by little brother.  We liked the spot and will surely be back.  Liam has hopes we're going to get him his own fishing pole!

Sunday was for brunch up at Snowbird.  Conor is traveling much of the next month, so we wanted a big last breakfast together before all our time apart.  It was one of those meals where our children actually behaved wonderfully.  Table manners were top notch.  And Finn ate his weight in bacon and then proceeded to literally drink the maple syrup.  So much syrup, everywhere.  We emptied my pack of wipes.

We also stopped by one of our local greenhouses to pick up a few starters.  Conor insists upon getting the garden going early, while I'm a wait until Mother's Day kind of gal.  So we compromised with just a few essentials.  I promised Liam he could pick out whatever plant he wanted, to plant wherever he wanted.  Once he laid eyes on the pumpkin plant, there was no going back.  We grew pumpkins our first fall in Utah, and while I love them, they take up so. much. space.  But I promised, so we'll have a pumpkin patch again this year.

While getting the garden ready for summer and planting our few things, we found some worms!  They were immediately added to the container in the fridge and will be used for our next fishing adventure.  Freshly dug worms are always best!  I can already tell that I have will have some wonderful helpers in the garden this year and can picture the many hours we will be spending outside.  Our strawberries are blossoming, or raspberries have tiny buds.  Ooh, I just can't wait!

After an absolute crazy Monday of trying to get all. the. things. done., I'm packing up the boys and heading up to Washington to visit family for a bit tomorrow!  Hoping for lots of relaxing at the lakehouse & quite possibly getting the boat in the water for the season!  Wish me luck on the solo flight.  Finn's last flight before he is two.  Which means he's sitting on my lap.  Even though he's huge.  And even though my pregnant belly is huge.  And Finn isn't really one to just sit.  So yeah, wish me luck!

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