Monday, February 6, 2012

16 Weeks

16 Weeks

Total Weight Gain:  0 lbs (I'm assuming...I don't have a scale in my house at the moment so I didn't get weighed this week.)  Although my appetite is starting to increase so I'm sure the weight gain is coming...

Maternity Clothes?  Still loving the few maternity items I own, but I wish I had a whole wardrobe!  It can be very frustrating to get dressed each day as I realize less and less of my clothes fit.

Have You Started to Show?  Getting bigger each week!  Still haven't had a stranger notice yet.

Stretch Marks?  They are currently staying away.

Sleep?  Not so great this week.  Although, I'm usually not a good sleeper, so this is no surprise.

Best Moment This Week:  Going to a UW basketball game with Conor.  I had not been since we were seniors, and it was so fun to be back.  Also, a completely new experience to not be in student section...with wedding rings on our fingers...and a baby on the way!  I need to purchase a "future husky" t-shirt ASAP!

Miss Anything?  Sushi!  Conor & I went to Umi (one of our favorite sushi spots) and I was very limited on what I could get since it needed to be cooked.  I also had to pass on the lychee martini which I love! 

Movement?  Still waiting...and not so patiently.  I just cannot wait for that first little kick!

Food Cravings:  I made Conor "funfetti" cupcakes for his birthday and ate my fair share!  I've also had gumbo on my mind all week, so I drove to multiple grocery stores looking for my favorite brand of mix.  Still haven't found it, but I think I'll settle for something else and make it this week.  I'm also enjoying a significant amount of Frank's hot sauce.  I'm putting it on everything!  I think it's time I start purchasing the two-pack at Costco!

Food Aversions:  Still meat, but it's not grossing me out nearly as much as it was before.

Symptoms:  I feel great!  No complaints this week.

Staying Active?  Joining the gym this weekend, I swear!  Yesterday was such a sunny day that I walked/jogged at Alki Beach.  I am loving West Seattle life and how close we are to Alki.  There were so many moms & babies out; I just can't wait to be taking Baby K there everyday!  I might have over done this little excursion though because I am quite sore today, ugh!

Belly Button:  Still "in" but I swear it's on its way "out"...

Happy or Moody?  So happy 99% of the time!  I did have a small meltdown once this week, but nothing that some tears and husband to calm you down can't fix!

Nursery Progress:  It is so hard not to buy anything, but I am holding out til we know the gender.  Some more diapers arrived this week which I get very excited about.  Cloth diapering is addictive...I want them all in every design and color!

Looking Forward to:  Feeling Baby K move!  I hope this coming week it happens!

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