Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Baby K is a Boy!

Our beautiful baby boy at 17 weeks 4 days!

I had been anxiously awaiting our gender scan since I made the appointment!  Although I think it would be wonderful to have the big surprise come at the birth, I am way too much of a planner to wait!  I took the first appointment of the day which was at 7:30am.  It was perfect since I knew I wouldn't be sleeping much the night before anyway.  I stayed up late reading that night because I was just too excited.  I finally fell asleep after midnight but tossed and turned all night.  I kept thinking my alarm would go off at any moment....but the moments kept passing.  I eventually decided to look at the clock...only 3am, ugh!  I was pretty much awake from 3am on, with baby names running through my head.

I tend to get a little anxiety about being late for things, so I allow for plenty of time.  In Seattle you never know how bad morning traffic is going to be or how long it may take to park.  Nervous we would be late, I was pushing Conor out the door at 6:30am.  There was hardly any traffic and we found street parking right outside the doctor's building...of course!  We arrived before 7am, so the office wasn't even open yet!  I'm lucky Conor is so patient with me, because I'm sure he knew this is exactly what would happen.  The minutes slowly ticked by as we waited for the office lights to turn on!  I was, by far, the first patient in their office that day.

I drank a bottle of apple juice and had some early morning candy (not a hard task for me) to make sure Baby K would be moving around lots during our ultrasound!  And that he was!  It was so amazing to see not only his hands and feet moving like crazy, but his whole body!  After the ultrasound tech took some of her necessary measurements she announced: "There is the penis!"  Conor & I were thrilled; we had been hoping for a boy.  The image was very obvious, no second guessing that this was a baby boy!  He is healthy and measuring right on schedule.  We could not be happier!  I have my actual doctor's appointment tomorrow, and I'm sure I'll get a little more information about our growing baby boy then.

Conor & I have been talking about names for awhile... we have a few favorites but are still undecided.  Can't wait until we choose one and can share it with everyone!

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