Thursday, February 2, 2012

We Came Back From Paris With...

We Are Expecting!!!
Baby Keenan will be arriving in July of 2012!

Conor & I are so excited to welcome the new addition to our family!  This has been such a fun and exciting time. We truly are enjoying every minute.  I can't believe how fast the weeks have flown by. Too fast it seems!  I have loved being pregnant!  I guess we will see if I feel the same way when I'm 35 weeks....


Total Weight Gain:  0 lbs (as of week 14).  My doctor says this is fairly common in the first three months, but by my next appointment I should have put on some pounds.  I told her it's because I'm not drinking wine anymore! :-)

Maternity Clothes? Yep!  I am slowly acquiring a maternity wardrobe.  I have a few long sleeve t-shirts from Target that I wear constantly because they are so comfy.  I also bought a Bella Band to help keep my non-maternity jeans up as I have been using the hair tie trick to keep them buttoned.  Definitely not as comfortable as my maternity jeans though!  I splurged on a pair of Citizen's and LOVE them!  I've also bought a few things from Motherhood Maternity, but nothing too special.  Most of my regular clothes still fit!

Have You Started to Show? I definitely think so, but no strangers have said anything yet.  Conor looks at my belly lots and will remind me: "You're pregnant!" as if this is a new discovery.  It's very exciting watching the bump grow (albeit gradually at this stage) from week to week.

Stretch Marks? Not yet, and hopefully never!  I have been religious with lotion and rubbing oil on my belly in anticipation for some serious stretching...we'll see if it works!  (Though I've heard that stretch marks tend to be genetic)

Sleep? Not the best through the first trimester.  However, my wonderful husband bought me a Snoogle (maternity pillow) when I was 6 weeks pregnant and that has really helped!  This week I've slept like a baby; it has been so nice, I hope I have turned the corner on this one.

Best Moment This Week: Getting the house painted!  This isn't particularly baby related, but it's all part of my "nesting" phase, which is really coming on strong!  I just want the house neat, organized, and just how we like it.  The nursery will be painted next, once we find out the gender.

Miss Anything?   I obviously miss a nice glass of wine at the end of the day, as well as on occasional Saturday morning cocktail...  But over the months, I've easily adjusted to an alcohol free life! :-)  I also miss my spin class and more vigorous exercise... we'll touch on that later.

Movement? Not yet, but I am anxiously waiting.  Most women feel the first movement between 16-20 weeks, so any day now!

Food Cravings: Fruit & Dairy!  Since the very beginning of my pregnancy I just can't get enough.  I have been going to Jamba Juice on a regular basis and eating lots of ice-cream sandwiches.  I've also had a big thing for donuts lately.  The little cinamon and sugar ones in the Pike Place Market are so good, as is an original Krispy Kreme, with a tall glass of milk of course!

Food Aversions: Meat!  It's been unfortunate, but my entire pregnancy I have not wanted meat.  I still eat it since I need the protein, but it's sure not my favorite thing right now.  I can't even imagine cutting into a steak or chicken breast, so most of the meals I've made contain "shredded" chicken.  For some reason, that makes a BIG difference.  I haven't had much of an appetite, but that is slowly getting better.  I can't wait to be excited about food again.  I used to plan my day around meals and cooking, but lately I have been dreading the chore. 

Symptoms:  Every week seems to be a little different.  Early on I was having lots of tailbone pain, but more recently I have had "round ligament pain" (from everything in my abdomen stretching in preparation); nothing too painful thus far.  I was also so cold early in the pregnancy, and then found out I was slightly anemic at my 10 week appointment.  Taking extra iron has made me feel a lot better and I haven't been nearly as cold since starting on the supplements.

Staying Active?  When we were still living in Arizona, I was going to the gym and walking 4 miles a day.  I got a heart rate monitor so as to make sure I stayed under 140bpm.  Since moving, I haven't been as active...oops!  But this week I plan on getting my pregnant butt to a gym here in West Seattle.  I really want to start swimming and might even try some prenatal yoga.

Belly Button:  Still "in" but really starting to look different.  It's much wider and not as deep as before.  If I had to guess right now, I  think it will pop out during my pregnancy.  I'm excited yet weirded out by that thought!

Happy or Moody?  Very happy most of the time!  I do have some occasional random tears, but it's just hard to control with all these hormones.  A crazy guy at Costco banged on the trunk of my car since I didn't stop for him to cross the parking lot (granted he didn't cross at the crosswalk like everyone else I waited for, then jumped out in the middle of the street right after)...HE made me cry.

Nursery Progress: We have a matching crib & changing table thanks to my wonderful parents!  We absolutely love the chocolate brown furniture.  I also have a few baby outfits and blankets that I got for Christmas.  Santa also snuck Sophie the Giraffe into Conor's stocking!  I really want to acquire some great children's books too.  So far we have Mike Mulligan and the Steam Shovel as well as The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  I am anxious to get a glider in the nursery, because I already find myself walking into the room throughout the day just wishing I had somewhere to sit and take it all in.  Conor & I have also decided to cloth diaper our baby, so I am slowly working on that investment.  We got our first shipment this week and I already have them stocked in the dresser.  They are too cute!  I'm so excited to be diapering....less than 6 months to go!

Looking Forward to:  Feeling the baby move!  In the evenings I put my hand on my belly and really focus on it, but nothing yet.  It better happen soon though, 'cause it's all I can think about right now!

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