Saturday, March 3, 2012

20 Weeks

20 Weeks
Oh, we're half way there!

Total Weight Gain:  5 lbs.

Maternity Clothes?  Warmer weather needs to start heading my way because my coats are getting hard to button or zip, and I don't want to purchase a new one!  I'm also in desperate need of some new workout gear because having my belly peek out of my tops is not cute. 

Have You Started to Show?  Got asked my due date by another stranger this week!  It is definitely obvious now, yay!

Stretch Marks? No, no, no!

Sleep?  Absolutely awful this week!  I have been sick which has made sleeping quite difficult.

Best Moment This Week:  To be honest, it wasn't a great week.  Nonetheless, the best moment was feeling baby boy's "possible" hiccups!

Miss Anything?  Wine!  There were many many moments this week that I simply wanted a glass of that goodness.

Movement?  All the time, I love it!  He sure is a busy boy.

Food Cravings:  I was really excited to get a Shamrock Shake at McDonald's this week, since they are now available, but I was very disappointed!  It came with whipped cream & a cherry which almost made me cry.  Who wants whipped cream on their milkshake?! Gotta love hormones.  Needless to say, it did not hit the spot, but they were advertising sweet tea which got me super excited.  I used to drink these all the time in Delaware, but they are hard to come by on the west coast.  I have feeling it will not be my last sweet tea... 

Food Aversions:  Still meat, half the time.  Conor made a delicious pasta dinner this week, but the chicken just disgusted me...yuck!  My appetite is still gone which makes deciding what to cook each night quite the challenge.

Symptoms:  I'm having some round ligament pain & tailbone pain again, but nothing too awful.  I also had some random rib pain the other day.  Not sure if my little man is already digging into my ribs or if it was just a coincidence.  We will see...

Staying Active?  I love exercising!  It has been so great for me this week, especially since I've been a little grumpy.  I met with a trainer one day and did some boxing which really got some aggression out!  I've also really enjoyed running!  I'm finally experiencing that "runners high" that some people talk about.  At 20 weeks pregnant, I've been running/walking 5 miles in an hour!  I am pretty impressed with myself. 

Belly Button:  Keeping its "in" status but sure is shallow.

Happy or Moody?  I have to admit this week I was quite moody.  Being sick definitely did not help things either.  The post office lost a package of mine for a couple days, and I was furious!  Even went to two different post offices trying to render the issue.  The wrath of a pregnant woman!  Next week can only get better.

Nursery Progress:  Bought some more clothes & more diapers!  Never thought I would be so excited about diapers, but it is possible.  I've really done my research and bought every thing on sale.  I can only imagine all the money we're going to save by not using disposables. 
Looking Forward to:  Meeting my new niece!  Kanyon is going to be born via c-section Monday morning!!! My other brother & his fiance are expecting another baby girl, Hadley, in May. Yes, that's right....three babies are on the way in this family!

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