Monday, March 12, 2012

21 Weeks

21 Weeks

Total Weight Gain: 5 lbs.

Maternity Clothes?  I did some shopping with my mom this week and bought a few non-maternity shirts that are really long and fit my bump!  I'm excited to have a couple new things to wear! 

Have You Started to Show?  Oh yes, everyone is noticing now!  Strangers always want to know when I'm due and if it's a boy or girl.  Curious people, I suppose!  I'm starting to get the "you're so big" comments, which I appreciate right now.  However, I know once I start feeling big, those comments won't seem so great.

Stretch Marks?  No, but I'm still rubbing lots of lavender oil into my belly!

Sleep?  Pretty great!  My snoogle is my favorite thing.  I was in the car a lot this week for road trips and it was great in there as well!

Best Moment This Week:  Meeting my new niece, Kanyon!  She is just the cutest little thing.  It was such a great experience being at the hospital with my family as we welcomed the new addition.  I will post a few pictures at the bottom.

Miss Anything?  I went to such a fun wedding this week, but wished I could have participated in the festivities a little more with a glass of champagne!  The wedding was in Sun River, so I also would have liked to ski but that will have to wait til next winter.

Movement?  Constantly!  He's most active when I'm laying down though.  After a busy day, he will start moving around like crazy within seconds of me finally relaxing.

Food Cravings:  All things lavender is where my cravings were this week.  This coffee shop is Sun River had lavender lattes, oh my goodness it was the best thing ever!  We also had dinner at a restaurant with a lavender lemonade on the menu, mmm!  I'm going to have to hunt down some lavender at the grocery store this week and make some of my own concoctions!

Food Aversions:  Meat is still not my thing; however, this week I did okay with red meat.  It was the chicken that made me wanna gag.  I think I've finally accepted the fact, that while pregnant my appetite is just never going to be the same.

Symptoms:  Still having ligament pain, tailbone pain, and some rib pain.  Nothing too painful though, more just an uncomfortable feeling.  However, these little woes definitely make me feel more pregnant.

Staying Active?  I was so busy this week between my trip to Spokane and then Sun River that I didn't make it to the gym once, oops!  This next week will be better.

Belly Button: Kinda "in" I suppose.  Looking different every day.

Happy or Moody?  So happy this week!  I got to spend lots of time with family, nothing is better!

Nursery Progress:  I went to the Carter's Outlet in Bend, OR and may have gone a little overboard.  But at such great prices, how could I possible resist all the cute outfits!  Baby boy has already got quite the wardrobe and I still have 4 months til he is here!  I'm starting to research chairs/gliders/recliners for the nursery, because I'm getting more and more anxious for a place to sit and wonder in there!

Looking Forward to:  Sharing the name with everyone!  Baby K officially has a name...we will announce soon!

Here are a few pictures of Kanyon's Birthday:

Jon (Dad) & Pops before the c-section

Shalan (Mom) & Kanyon

Me & sweet little Kanyon

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