Sunday, March 18, 2012

22 Weeks

22 Weeks

Total Weight Gain:  7 lbs.

Maternity Clothes?  No new clothes this week.  However, I did rediscover a pair of scrubs in my closet that have been perfect for around the house!  My belly has thanked me for not wearing my sweats with tight waistbands. 

Have You Started to Show?  Yes!  Even the mom helping her daughter sell girl scout cookies felt the need to comment that I'm eating for two!

Stretch Marks?  Luckily no, my belly is still looking great!

Sleep?  It was okay this week.  Not as wonderful as it has been.

Best Moment This Week:  Watching Liam's kicks from the outside.  It's so fun to lay on the couch with Conor and just watch him move!

Miss Anything?  I pretty much miss wine every week.  And lately I've been wanting to devour some of my favorite cheeses that aren't pregnancy friendly.

Movement?  Liam is a busy busy boy.  He moves throughout the day, and I love it.  Conor was using the doppler on my belly the other day, and little boy kicked right at it.  Too funny!

Food Cravings:  I'm pretty sure grape laffy taffy makes up at least one of the pounds I've gained!  I actually bought my local grocery store out of them.  Lucky for me, they just restocked!  I'm also back on a fruit & dairy kick.  Whole Foods had champagne mangos on sale this week, and they are my favorite!  Almost better than candy.  I also made some lemon poppy seed pancakes this weekend, and they were absolutely incredible!  I can't wait til next weekend to make them again.  I see myself being obsessed with these for weeks.  If only I could have a Ramos gin fizz along with them!

Food Aversions:  Meat, ugh!  This week I asked my friend, Pam, for two of her vegan recipes so I could make some good meals without meat.  Huge success!  Maybe there will be more vegan meals to come.

Symptoms:  Nope, I have felt great this week!  And as an added bonus, most of pregnancy acne has disappeared, yay!

Staying Active?  Oh yes!  I've been back in the gym this week and really enjoying it!  I'm still able to run/walk 5 miles in under an hour while heading into my six month of pregnancy!  I know all this exercise will really play off when it comes time for labor.  I am planning on having as unmedicated of a birth as possible.  Yes, that means no pain meds!  Now that this is officially written down, I can't go back!

Belly Button:  It's "in" but very wide and shallow.  I'm not convinced it's going to pop out anymore...we'll see.

Happy or Moody?  I wouldn't say moody exactly but definitely emotional.  Many tears this week over practically nothing.  One day I decided that my car is just too dirty to being putting a baby in and then burst into tears.  Silly me.

Nursery Progress:  I'm still looking for bedding but haven't decided on anything yet.  Haven't decided what we'll paint the walls either.  Getting anxious to work on it though.  Exciting find of the week: five Berenstain Bears books in one at Costco! 

Looking Forward to:  Registering!  I would love any help from other moms on things they couldn't live without and things that didn't end up needing/using...


  1. love following your update given you are only a few weeks behind me...but a word for an anesthesiologist you can always go back on your word and get an epidural don't feel bad (I am yet to meet the woman who regretted it!). My "birthplan" consists of two words...Early Epidural...haha the joys of

  2. joys of pregnancy is what I ment to say!

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