Sunday, April 29, 2012

28 Weeks

28 Weeks

Here's a few different looks at my pregnant belly!

Total Weight Gain: 16 lbs.

Maternity Clothes?  Finally had the opportunity to wear a sundress this week!  I will have a hard time holding myself back from buying a bunch of cute maternity summer clothes, but with less than three months to go, it doesn't really seem worth it.

Wedding Rings On or Off? On, still no swelling here!

Stretch Marks?  No, thankfully I have still escaped them! 

Sleep?  It's been okay.  My numerous bathroom breaks during the night aren't helping.

Best Moment This Week:  My doctor's appointment!  So many good things came from my appointment.  I got the approval to start running again, albeit shorter distances.  My belly is measuring at 28 inches (right on schedule).  And....I passed my glucose test!  Guess that massive serving of baklava the night before wasn't a problem! :-)

Miss Anything?  Happy hour on a sunny afternoon. 

Movement?  Liam is one strong little boy!  He even gave my doctor a few good punches while she was trying to listen to his heartbeat and kept "swimming" away.  My doctor couldn't tell exactly how he is positioned quite yet, hopefully at my next appointment!  (We go every two weeks now)

Food Cravings:  Breakfast!  I made my own granola this week and have been devouring it everyday.  I'm still making lemon poppy seed pancakes every Saturday, and I don't envision a day anytime in the near future when I won't want them!  I also got a hankering for some wafer cookies this week, so Conor set off on a wild goose chase to find me some after work one day!

Food Aversions:  Nope, I still have a monstrous appetite!

Symptoms: Heartburn is becoming a more regular thing, although it still hasn't become bad enough to prevent me from eating spicy foods.  I had few more braxton hicks contractions which are such a weird feeling every time.

Staying Active?  Oh yes!  Even though I can run again, I'm still keeping up the swimming but only every other day.  On the days I swim: I run/walk 2 miles and then swim for 40 minutes (about 1500 meters).  On the days I just run: I run/walk 3 1/2 miles and do some light weights for 20 minutes.  It feels so good to continue to be active!  I hope to keep it up until the very end!

Belly Button:  "In!" Although this week Conor asked me, "What's going on with you belly button?!" Umm...nothing is going on with just looks funny!  Thanks for the positive words! :-)

Happy or Moody?  Oh my, what a week!  I really am a happy girl,but these days I also have the ability to get very angry in a heart beat.  Therefore, this section should be changed to "hormonal breakdown of the week!"  This week there were three...and they are so funny (in hind sight) that I have to share:

(1) "Get out of my lane!"  Sometimes the pool is so busy that I have to share my lane with someone.  Etiquette would say that you should wait at the end of someone's lane and at least ask or let them know you're joining.  Well not the mean old lady I had to deal with!  Here I am enjoying the back stroke when bam, I just attacked a woman!  Where did she come from?!  Thanks for the heads up.  I was a little upset, but continued on.  After my next lap, I turned around and now there is another mean old lady in my lane!  Seriously?!  Three of us are not sharing one lane, this is ridiculous.  They proceeded the chit chat and the end of my lane for a few minutes and then began a workout together!  You. Have. To. Be. Kidding. Me!  I was beside myself!  Right when I had mustered up the courage to scream  talk to them, a lane opened up.  They were no longer my problem, phew!

(2)  "My Parking Nightmare" The next day the gym was packed, so I had to parallel park on the street.  Not a big deal.  When I returned to my car, there was a car parked behind me... 2 inches (no exaggeration) behind me!  How on earth am I supposed to get out of my parking spot?!  I could not believe whoever parked this close to me...they either had to get out of the car and inch their way into this spot (there was a red loading zone behind them) or tap my back bumper as they pulled that close!  Well I was pissed, and normal reasoning had completely left me.  So without a second thought, I proceeded to pull out of my spot... Reverse, go a few inches, stop.  Drive, go a few inches, stop.  Reverse...  and each time I reversed I hit the damn car behind me!  Yep, I had no reservations about it.  If you're going to make it impossible for me to move my car, I'm going to bump yours...repeatedly!  I'm still angry typing this....

(3)  "R.I.P. tea kettle"  Thursday morning I woke up and went to make myself a much needed cup of tea.  I have an electric tea kettle that I love 'cause it boils water so stinking fast!  Well of course, it decided to stop working.  While this doesn't seem to be a big deal, it was devastating!  I tried to fix it  continue pressing the on button for about 5 minutes til I conceded that it was not going to work for me.  I immediately decided that I was going to buy a new one!  We have a few random gift cards left over from our wedding, so I figured I would use one of those.  Well, they were no where to be found!  I frantically texted Conor (on his work phone no less) because this was obviously an emergency! 

He of course didn't respond to this ridiculous text; he figured I needed some time to cool down.  I then proceed to boil a pot of water for my tea...I could have been an infomercial for an electric tea kettle at this point while I pouted about how awful boiling water in a pot is, and how terrible pouring water from a pot into a mug is!  "Oh what a CHORE a normal blanket is! If only I had a Snuggie, I could be a useless couch-potato without intolerable discomfort and those dreadful cold arms!..." Hard stuff!  Conor shared this story with my mom later that night... walking her through his mind upon reading this text in the middle of his busy day. We were all laughing so hard about it!  That is, until I started uncontrollably laugh/crying!  Crying because I'm a crazy woman at the moment, crying because I miss my tea kettle, crying just because.  What a week!

Nursery Progress:  Nothing new in the nursery.  I'm trying to hold myself back from purchasing things until I've had my baby showers.

Looking Forward To:  My Spokane baby shower!  It will be so wonderful to be surrounded by family & friends celebrating together!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sunset Walk on Alki Beach

I just had to share this beautiful photo my husband took!  Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day in Seattle, and I took full advantage of it.  We had a doctor's appointment in the morning, which I always look forward to since it's an opportunity to make sure baby boy is growing and healthy!  I also talked to my doctor about easing back into running, and she seemed relatively okay with it.  Although she called my previous 5 mile routine excessive at this point, she approved me for some shorter distances!  I was so happy to hear this news!  So last night, Conor & I went to Alki Beach when get got off work for a walk/run at sunset.  It was a gorgeous evening and the perfect temperature!  I absolutely cannot wait for Liam to be here and joining us for moments like this! :-)

Monday, April 23, 2012

27 Weeks

27 Weeks

Total Weight Gain: 14 lbs.

Maternity Clothes?  Haven't bought any new clothes!  Still finding items in my closet to squeeze into.

Wedding Rings On or Off? On!

Stretch Marks?  No!  My mom bought me some new Mamma Mio tummy butter this week, and I absolutely love it.  It smells great and absorbs quickly.  I'm using it multiple times a day now. 

Sleep?  Interesting.  I'm moving around lots at night and having some pretty strange dreams.  I'm still having a love affair with Snoogle which continues to get more and more cozy each week!

Best Moment This Week:  My trip to Spokane!  I had the chance to spend plenty of time with friends as well as both my brothers!  I had lots of snuggles with my new niece Kanyon, and am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my other niece, Hadley, in less than a month!

Miss Anything?  Being able to get out of a car like a normal person!  It takes a lot more "umph" to get out of Conor's car since it's so low.  Especially if it's parked on one of Seattle's many hills...a big challenge. 

Movement?  Getting stronger every day!  He really feels like a little person in there now.

Food Cravings:  I am currently obsessed with bakeries!  This has probably stemmed from my current love of breakfast!  While in Spokane, I went to Rockwood Bakery (one of my favorites) and had an incredible ham & cheese croissant with my chai tea latte...heavenly.  There is also a French bakery I've been wanting to try out near Pike Place Market.

Food Aversions:  Not at all.  My huge appetite is her to stay!

Symptoms: The symptoms are really starting to kick in.  This week I was blessed with the introduction of leg cramps while sleeping.  The really bad ones that make you get out of bed immediately, which is no easy task when I'm completely wrapped up in my Snoogle.  I've also had a little bit of heartburn...nothing bad enough to make me not want to eat though.  ;-)  And although I thought I was having Braxton Hicks contractions before, I wasn't.  This week I did have my first one and it was obvious!  I had no idea my entire stomach could get that tight!  Crazy things are happening.

Staying Active?  Still swimming laps.  Now that I've been in the pool for two weeks, I'm going to start setting some goals and making sure I'm getting the best workout possible.  Also, I go to the doctor this week, and I'm going to ask if I can ease back into some running...  I just miss it so much!  We'll see what the doctor says....

Belly Button:  The turkey timer is "in"!

Happy or Moody?  Happy, stressed, and everything in between!

Nursery Progress:  No new progress, I'm still admiring the great paint job!  I did find two Aden & Anais fitted crib sheets that I love and will go perfectly in the nursery, so now I need to decide on a bed skirt.  I'm going to keep it simple and forgo the a more modern look which I like.

Looking Forward To:  My glucose test.  A strange thing to look forward to...I know.  However, I am a huge sweets person and have been worrying about failing this test since the day I got pregnant!  It will be so nice to have it over with...assuming I pass! :-)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

26 Weeks

26 Weeks

Total Weight Gain:  14 lbs, eek this was a big week for me!

Maternity Clothes?  It's amazing that I can actually survive with just one pair of maternity jeans and lots of sweats!  Still waiting to break out the sundresses...might be another month though!

Wedding Rings On or Off? On!  And they are staying on, no matter what!

Stretch Marks?  Absolutely not!

Sleep?  I feel as though I'm tossing & turning much more at night.  However, I'm making up for it with the cat naps that have become a part of my daily routine!

Best Moment This Week:  Getting started on the nursery, more details below....

Miss Anything?  Running!!!  It has been so hard for me to deal with the fact that I will not be running for the next 3 or so months. 

Movement?  I never used to feel Liam move while I was exercising (they say the movements can "lull" the baby to sleep), but those days are gone.  He is constantly kicking when I'm in the pool.  He's also becoming more & more active while I'm sleeping and will definitely let me know if he does not like a certain position that I'm in.

Food Cravings:  Breakfast is still my favorite meal of the day and usually consists of about three courses.  Grape laffy taffy is still making a frequent appearance, but the stash at my grocery store is slowly diminishing again... 

Food Aversions:  Not this week, everything sounds delicious!  And I have a huge appetite to go with it.

Symptoms:  I went to Pike Place Market this week, but I had to park a few blocks up the hill from it.  On my walk back to the car some Braxton Hicks really kicked in.  Seriously? From a walk up the hill?  I feel extremely pregnant now.  Sometimes I don't even recognize my own body in the mirror.

Staying Active?  Yep, still active even though I can't run.  I've been in the pool this week swimming laps.  Boy, were my arms burning after the first couple days.  I'm learning to really enjoy this activity as a substitute for my previous workouts.

Belly Button:  "In."

Happy or Moody?  Pretty darn happy!

Nursery Progress:  After many hours spent gathering ideas (especially from Project Nursery), we finally made some decisions on the nursery this week!  My wonderful husband painted horizontal stripes using white & Benjamin Moore thundercloud gray.  It looks amazing, and I'm so happy with how it turned out!  It goes great in our modern house!  Now we can begin to choose some accent colors to brighten up the room.  Here's a sneak peak of the nursery:

Looking Forward to:  More work on the nursery!  Now that it's painted, I might finally be able to choose some bedding!  

Monday, April 9, 2012

25 Weeks

25 Weeks

Total Weight Gain: 11 lbs.

Maternity Clothes?  Really trying to hold myself back from buying more clothes since I have no idea how big I'll get!  So right now, my wardrobe is pretty limited!  Sunshine...I am still waiting for you so I can wear all my sundresses.

Wedding Rings On or Off? On, no swelling here!

Stretch Marks?  Not at all, still looking great!

Sleep?  I forgot to bring my snoogle with me during my trip home this week!  No idea how it got left behind.  Nevertheless, sleep has been okay with me, but I'm starting to have some strange dreams.

Best Moment This Week:  Celebrating Easter with my family!  Both of my parents had a chance to feel Liam moving around.  It is so wonderful to be able to share this experience with them!

Miss Anything?  This week I have just been dying to have a bagel with lox and cream cheese.  I really can't get it out of my head!  Right now, I think this will be my first meal after the baby comes and an ice cold pint of hard cider, mmm.  My mouth is already watering...

Movement?  He is always on the move.  I'm starting to be able to distinguish arms/legs from his head.  I'm also feeling his somersaults in there which is a whole new experience!

Food Cravings:  Still eating lots of oatmeal, but after three weeks of lemon poppy seed pancakes I took a brief break from them this weekend, for Conor's sake.  :-)  I made a batch of "puppy chow" this week and had to hold myself back from devouring it in one sitting!  Good thing I have the Costco box of chex I can keep making more! 

Food Aversions:  Appetite was great again this week.  I'm always hungry and eating everything.  The smells of some foods are still bothering me though...doing dishes is no fun.

Symptoms:  There is a slight chance I've had a few braxton hicks contractions, but I'm not positive.  I'm also afraid to admit that I may have a slight waddle at times, oh no!

Staying Active?  Yes!  However, I had a little health scare this week and my doctor has recommended that I take it easy on the running since it's high impact.  He said the elliptical, walking, or swimming should be fine.  This news was so upsetting to me, more so than I would have thought.  I don't get the same "high" from being on an elliptical...  My pregnancy hormones got the best of me on Friday: I cracked my favorite water bottle on my way into the gym and then almost found myself in tears watching all the other girls run while I'm was stuck on the elliptical...poor me!   Swimming is going to become my new addiction and I'm hoping it will give me the same great workout as running has been for me. 

Belly Button:  Still "in" but getting flatter, although Conor says I've been saying this for weeks...  My old belly button ring hole is becoming more noticeable as everything stretches.   I took it out long before I was pregnant, so hopefully that helped in making it not as noticeable.  I'm still regretting the decision to ever get it pierced!  Yes mom, you were right...

Happy or Moody? I am always happy!  But, pregnancy does allow me to feel a wide variety of other emotions in a given week!

Nursery Progress:  Still oogling all the options!  Hoping to make some decisions this week.

Looking Forward to:  Everything!  Each day I get more & more excited to meet Liam, but I'm still enjoying the process of being pregnant.  

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