Monday, May 28, 2012

32 Weeks

32 Weeks

Total Weight Gain:  21 lbs.

Maternity Clothes?  Nothing new, I've still held off on the shopping.

Wedding Rings On or Off? On, maybe even a little loose.

Stretch Marks? No, I think I may actually make it through this entire pregnancy without a single one!  I was even brave enough to show off my bare belly in a bikini this weekend!

Sleep?  Absolutely awful, ugh!

Best Moment This Week:  Realizing I am two months away (hopefully) from Liam's arrival!  I'm getting so excited.  I really want to know what he looks like!  My doctor has had a difficult time telling what position he's in, so she mentioned that I may have an ultrasound at 36 weeks....I can only hope for a little sneak peak!

Miss Anything?  With all this sunshine and some boating, I am really missing my adult beverages!

Movement?  Constantly!  He's still hitting my nerve, although not as frequently so that is nice.   Little hands & feet are starting to become distinguishable, so cute!  I really feel like there is two of us now.

Food Cravings:  Anything sweet!  I got some frozen yogurt with Conor this weekend, and immediately after finishing my bowl I wanted another!  I'm trying to keep the cravings in control, but it is mighty difficult.

Food Aversions:  No.

Symptoms:  The back pain has really started to kick in.  I might need to schedule myself a prenatal massage... ;0)

Staying Active?  "Just keep swimming... Just keep swimming."  I was in the pool lots this week.  My endurance is still getting stronger.  I'm swimming about 2700 yards in an hour, which is about 1.5 miles!  I'm feeling great and really enjoy my daily workouts. 

Belly Button:  I would say it's more flat than "in" these days.

Happy or Moody?  Another very happy week!  I suppose I've had my emotions in control lately.

Nursery Progress:  Lots of progress this week!  I finally found a rug for the nursery (which we really needed since that level is all hard wood floors.)  It's simple, but exactly what I was looking for.  Conor & I also picked out Liam's bedding!  However, it doesn't come in crib sizes... so we bought the queen size set and my wonderful husband is going to convert make it into crib bedding for us!  It's white, with simple gray leaves and already looks great in the nursery!  Pictures to come once it's finished.  I also received some great gifts this week from people who can't/couldn't make it to my baby shower.  It's so great to have more & more of the necessities!  Liam is such a lucky boy already!

Looking Forward To:  My Seattle baby shower!!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

31 Weeks

31 weeks

Total Weight Gain: 19 lbs.

Maternity Clothes?  I am now on the hunt for a swim suit!  Nothing I have is going to quite cover enough this summer...

Wedding Rings On or Off? On!

Stretch Marks? No, I'm so happy about this!

Sleep?  Lots of readjusting to find comfortable positions, but it's been pretty good.

Best Moment This Week:  The birth of my niece Hadley Annabelle!  Since Conor was out of town on business this week, I decided to take a trip home in anticipation that she may be born.  Well after 4 days of waiting,  I got in my car to drive to back to Seattle.  About 30 minutes into my drive, I got the call from my brother that Chelsea was in labor.  So, back to Spokane I went! It was great to be there.  Hadley is such a sweet & beautiful baby!

Miss Anything?  A few different cocktails come to mind...

Movement?  I am not kidding when I say Liam's moving all the time!  He has very few periods of rest.  Unfortunately, this week he's been in a rather uncomfortable position and keeps hitting a nerve of mine, ouch!  He's literally getting on my nerves! :-)

Food Cravings:  Breakfast & dessert!  My sweet tooth is starting to get the best of me.  This week I had my fair share of cupcakes and cookies.

Food Aversions:  No, still hungry as ever!

Symptoms: Heartburn, that's it.

Staying Active?  Swimming, I love it!  Conor & I also fit in a couple walks when he got home from work.  This is one of favorite things to do with him during the week.  Hoping for more nice weather so we can keep it up!

Belly Button: "In," but feels like it might pop out again...we'll see.

Happy or Moody? Happy!  Surprisingly enough, I was just full of patience this week.  No crazy hormonal outbursts here. (Conor says it was because of the string "patience bracelet" he gave me...)

Nursery Progress:  I received a baby shower gift from sister-in-law Marissa this week!  And I have to say, she is a great gift giver!  She gave me a Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag filled with all sorts of goodies!  Her husband Sam had made two onesies that were included.  One has a bird on it, while the other is a skunk.  So cute!  Can't wait to show you all pictures of Liam in them both!

Looking Forward To:  The three day weekend with Conor!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mommy-to-be Day

While this wasn't my first official Mother's Day, I feel like a mom already!  Conor was so sweet and made the day special for me!  It was a beautiful sunny day in Seattle, so we decide to have a picnic at Alki Beach.  Conor went to the store, and put a basket of goodies together as a surprise.  We found a perfect spot on the point where we had a view of the city as well as the sound.  I just love watching all the ferry boats & barges go by.  There, we basked in the sunshine while munching on different cheeses, bread, fruit, & alcohol free champagne!  Oh how life has changed! :-)  We even brought along the backgammon board for a little afternoon competition.

Conor surprised me with a precious homemade card with one of our ultrasound pictures on the front! I can't wait to kiss that little Liam nose! He also bought me an "L" charm for Liam to go on a necklace he made me last Christmas.  I love it!  Can't wait for the little man to be here!  It's lazy days like this, that make me more & more excited for his arrival.  I have loved being back in Seattle, and know that Liam will love it too!  I see many trips to the park, beach, zoo, etc in our future!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

30 Weeks

30 Weeks

Total Weight Gain: 18 lbs.

Maternity Clothes?  Warm weather this week, which meant pulling out more summer clothes that fit my belly!

Wedding Rings On or Off? On, in fact they are lose if anything...

Stretch Marks? No, and the linea nigra has stayed very very faint!

Sleep? I would say pretty darn good this week!

Best Moment This Week:  Babysitting my 10 week old niece Kanyon!  My sister-in-law, Shalan, was in Seattle for a bachelorette party so Conor & I got to take care of Kanyon on Saturday.  She is quite an easy baby and so very cute!  We really enjoyed our lazy day with her; it made us even more excited for Liam to make his appearance!

Miss Anything?  Bending over. :-)  It gets more & more difficult to pick things up off the floor...

Movement?  More & more hiccups!  He's also really moving into my ribs as he keeps growing.

Food Cravings:  I'm still making my weekly pancakes, which calls for the zest of two I'm left with a lot of lemons!  This has led to a new love for lemonade.  One week I made lemongrass lemonade; this week I made lemonade with lavender tea.  Conor added vodka to his...jealous!

Food Aversions:  Nope!  Everything sounded great this week.

Symptoms: Only heartburn, really can't complain too much!

Staying Active?  My running days are officially over.  However, I'm still in the pool almost everyday and I've increased my distance and time.  It's so motivating to know I can stay active while pregnant.  Since we had great weather this week, Conor & I took a few walks when he got home from work.  Alki Beach was beautiful as always, and we ventured to a new spot, Lincoln Park, this week.  Our walk was a little hilly, but I fared okay.

Belly Button:  "In," barely.

Happy or Moody?  Happy, with a few tears mixed in! :-)

Nursery Progress:  Conor put together the snug-a-bunny swing & bouncer we got as shower gifts, so they are ready to go.  Clothes are starting to fill his closet, and the dresser is stuffed with cloth diapers.  We might start hanging some things up in his room if I can commit to where I want them...  Still need his bedding & perhaps a mobile or cool light fixture, but we're getting there!

Looking Forward To:  My niece Hadley being born... I'm hoping this is the week!!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Baby Shower

This past Saturday I had my baby shower in Spokane (my hometown).  My good friend Christina & her mom hosted it at Luna, one of my favorite restaurants!  The shower was beautifully put together making for such a fun afternoon.  I was overwhelmed by all the generous gifts I was showered with.  Liam & I are so blessed!  I haven't gotten the pictures off of my mom's camera yet, but I couldn't wait to post about this great event so the photos I have will have to do for now!

The Invitation:

Tiny prints makes the best invitations, and the one Christina picked out was just too adorable!  She also snuck in an insert telling everyone how much I loved books and asking them to help me start Liam's library.  This was a huge surprise!

The Dress:

About a month before my shower, I had a fun shopping day with my mom and found my dress for the shower!  It's a Jessica Simpson dress I came across at, where else...Nordstrom.  It's not maternity, which is great because I love it so much I plan on wearing it all the time.  Maybe even to my Seattle shower!  Unfortunately I don't have any great pictures of the fun cut-out back of the dress!  I wore it with some nude Coach peep toes (yes, I'm still wearing heels) which were a perfect compliment!

(My mom, the two lovely hostesses, and I)

The Venue: 

The shower was held in a private back room at Luna.  The table was set beautifully with vases of gorgeous flowers.  Also, Christina's youngest brother made the cutest "Liam" banner!  The food at Luna is always to die for and there were plenty of options!  While I sipped on water, all the other ladies got to enjoy a few afternoon glasses of wine!  And for dessert, a lemon chiffon cake from Chaps.  This cake was light, fluffy, & perfect. :-)

The Books:

Liam has quite the collection of books now!  Amazingly enough, nobody gave me the same book or one that I already had.  Some of the books were already favorites of mine either from my childhood or from working with kids over the past few years: Pat the Bunny, If You Give a Moose a Muffin, Brown Bear Brown Bear, Are You  My Mother, Corduroy, Blueberries for Sal, Berenstien Bears, Hop on Pop, and Go Dog Go.  A very special book was from Conor's mom, a copy of Make Way for Ducklings that has now been passed down 3 generations! Others are new to me, but after reading them once already they are sure to become quick favorites:  Lyle Lyle Crocodile and Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site.  I also got many touch 'n feel toddler books that will be perfect for Liam while he's little.  I also enjoy getting in on the "touch 'n feel" action!  All his books are neatly organized in a bin in a corner of the nursery just waiting for Liam's little hands to start turning the pages...

The Presents:

I now feel a little more prepared for Liam to arrive since we received so many gifts at the shower!  I  have many of the necessities along with lots of outfits that are just plain cute!  I won't bore you all with each and every gift, but I will mention the "mommy present!"  I opened a card that read, "This is a mom gift to make your life a little more easy.  Because when you are spending all that time boiling water, how can you get anything else done!!"  I started laughing hysterically which turned into tears...  I knew instantly I was about to open a brand spanking new electric tea kettle!!!  My mom is the best!  After two weeks of morning the loss of my tea kettle and using a regular pot, I now have a new one.  Making tea is once again a fun experience! :-)

I also had a couple presents to bring back to Seattle because they were for Conor & Liam!  Conor got to do a little present opening himself...and is now the proud owner of a Carhart hat with a little matching one for Liam!  So darn cute, I'm really excited about having a baby boy!

I also received a surprise gift in my email a few days after my shower....  The mom I used to work for in Arizona, Pam, who is also a great friend, sent me a gift card to pick out my own Mei Tai baby carrier!  This was her favorite carrier when her kids were little, and she always raved about it.  I was so excited to pick out my own and find one that I thought Conor would wear too.  The one I picked is exactly our style:

The People:

Saturday was an incredible day!  I loved being surrounded by friends & family who were all celebrating the coming arrival of baby Liam.  I wish I had had more time to spend with everyone, it seems like that is always the case for me at parties.

Monday, May 7, 2012

29 Weeks

29 Weeks

Total Weight Gain: 17 lbs.

Maternity Clothes?  Nothing new.  I've gotten to the point where I would rather buy things for Liam instead of myself!  I did have a chance to dress up a few times this week which is always fun.  After battling my wardrobe almost daily, it was refreshing to feel pretty & proud of my growing belly.

Wedding Rings On or Off? On!

Stretch Marks? No, but....the linea nigra (dark line) has made an ever-so-faint appearance on my belly.  My doctor says it shouldn't get very dark since I have fair skin.  I can only hope! :-) 

Sleep?  I have my good nights and my bad.  However, I have been waking up much earlier these days which I am not happy about.  I'm going to be waking up early for the next umpteen years of my life, I would like to enjoy sleeping in for just a bit longer!

Best Moment This Week: My baby shower!  There is so much to say and many pictures to share, so I'm going to do a separate blog post about it! :-)

Miss Anything?  Celebrating Cinco de Mayo!  I love tequila and really missed it this week.

Movement?  Liam did a full flip the other day and it almost made me sick to my stomach, but I loved it at the same time.  He's also had the hiccups quite often lately which is fun for us both!

Food Cravings:  Still on my lemon poppy seed kick.  This week, I added petite lemon poppy seed scones from Whole Foods to the mix.  They are the perfect little snack to go with my daily cup of tea!

Food Aversions:  Mashed potatoes!  This is typically a favorite food of mine, but for the last few weeks the thought of them makes me gag.

Symptoms: Oh the heartburn!  Tums are my best friend...

Staying Active?  I'm afraid I may be hanging up the running shoes soon.  I still got in some 2 mile jogs this week, but they are becoming increasingly uncomfortable.  However, I'm loving the pool!  I've increased my distance and am now swimming a mile in 45 minutes or less.  I've decided that I really want to do a sprint triathlon after Liam is here.  It will be motivation to get back in shape! :-)

Belly Button:  I'm going to say it's still "in," but getting mighty close to absolutely flat.

Happy or Moody?  Happy, happy, happy!  No hormonal breakdowns this week, thank goodness!  Well maybe one small one...

Nursery Progress:  Lots of new things in the nursery that I received at my shower!  More details to come!

Looking Forward To:  Our birth classes!  Our first one is this Tuesday.

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