Monday, May 21, 2012

31 Weeks

31 weeks

Total Weight Gain: 19 lbs.

Maternity Clothes?  I am now on the hunt for a swim suit!  Nothing I have is going to quite cover enough this summer...

Wedding Rings On or Off? On!

Stretch Marks? No, I'm so happy about this!

Sleep?  Lots of readjusting to find comfortable positions, but it's been pretty good.

Best Moment This Week:  The birth of my niece Hadley Annabelle!  Since Conor was out of town on business this week, I decided to take a trip home in anticipation that she may be born.  Well after 4 days of waiting,  I got in my car to drive to back to Seattle.  About 30 minutes into my drive, I got the call from my brother that Chelsea was in labor.  So, back to Spokane I went! It was great to be there.  Hadley is such a sweet & beautiful baby!

Miss Anything?  A few different cocktails come to mind...

Movement?  I am not kidding when I say Liam's moving all the time!  He has very few periods of rest.  Unfortunately, this week he's been in a rather uncomfortable position and keeps hitting a nerve of mine, ouch!  He's literally getting on my nerves! :-)

Food Cravings:  Breakfast & dessert!  My sweet tooth is starting to get the best of me.  This week I had my fair share of cupcakes and cookies.

Food Aversions:  No, still hungry as ever!

Symptoms: Heartburn, that's it.

Staying Active?  Swimming, I love it!  Conor & I also fit in a couple walks when he got home from work.  This is one of favorite things to do with him during the week.  Hoping for more nice weather so we can keep it up!

Belly Button: "In," but feels like it might pop out again...we'll see.

Happy or Moody? Happy!  Surprisingly enough, I was just full of patience this week.  No crazy hormonal outbursts here. (Conor says it was because of the string "patience bracelet" he gave me...)

Nursery Progress:  I received a baby shower gift from sister-in-law Marissa this week!  And I have to say, she is a great gift giver!  She gave me a Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag filled with all sorts of goodies!  Her husband Sam had made two onesies that were included.  One has a bird on it, while the other is a skunk.  So cute!  Can't wait to show you all pictures of Liam in them both!

Looking Forward To:  The three day weekend with Conor!

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