Saturday, June 30, 2012

37 Weeks

37 Weeks: Full Term!

Total Weight Gain: 24 lbs.

Wedding Rings On or Off?  They are staying on, however I do have a little bit of swelling in the evenings with the warmer weather we've been having.   

Stretch Marks? No; so happy about this!

Sleep?  Most nights are not so mind is constantly running which makes it hard to sleep.  Lots of weird dreams recently!

Best Moment This Week:  Two great date nights with Conor!  We're squeezing in all the fun we can as a family of two.  Sunday night we walked around Greenlake and then had an early dinner at Greenlake Bar & Grill.  This was one of our favorite activities in college.  I'm so excited to have Liam with us next time....  Later in the week we had happy hour & dinner at Palace Kitchen in downtown Seattle.  Everything was delcious was particularly the cheesy fries and the coconut creme pie for dessert, mmm!

Miss Anything?  I'm actually starting to think I'll miss being pregnant!  As excited as I am to meet Liam, I have really enjoyed this time and will be sad when it's over.

Movement?  Oh my busy, busy boy!  Even the doctor couldn't believe how much he was moving around while she was trying to examine me.  She still thinks he is a big I'm hoping we makes an early arrival!

Food Cravings:  All things breakfast & dessert!

Food Aversions:  Pretty much eating everything.

Symptoms:  The heartburn has decreased a tiny bit, so that has been a relief.  Liam has "dropped" although you can't really tell since I've carried him low my whole pregnancy.

Staying Active?  This was a hectic week but I still managed to stay active.  Conor & I walked Greenlake on Sunday & Alki on Monday.  Walking is really tough to do these days!  It was nice to get back in the pool for the rest of the week.  I'm still swimming 1.5 miles, but I can't quite get that distance in under an hour anymore.  I've added a few minutes to my time...

Belly Button: Half in, half out.

Happy or Moody? Oh so happy!

Nursery Progress:  No new progress this week.  I need to figure out what pictures I want to put in there and then find some frames.  Pictures are still to come, I promise.

Looking Forward To:  Maternity photos tomorrow!  I absolutely cannot wait for this.  Also, if my doctor approves me for travel on Monday, we are headed to Spirit Lake for some 4th of July festivities!  Keeping my fingers crossed!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

36 Weeks

36 Weeks

Total Weight Gain:  24 lbs.

Wedding Rings On or Off?  On!  Although, I've started to take them off when I go swimming because they are still a little loose and I'm worried about losing them!  Also,  this week has the marked the beginning of my feet swelling... 

Stretch Marks? No!  I think I'm in the clear, but we'll see what happens after baby is here...

Sleep?  Absolutely terrible.  I just cannot turn my mind off at night!  Also, Liam is constantly in my ribs (especially when I'm sleeping) and moving around like crazy, so we lay awake together....all night long!

Best Moment This Week:  Tuesday night date night!  We went shopping for a chair for the nursery and made the big purchase finally!  Followed by mexican food, mmm (margarita would have made it better).  Then, we finished the night by going to see What To Expect When You're Expecting!  Although it didn't get great reviews, we both thought it was hilarious!  However, I will say it is quite difficult to sit in a movie theater chair when you're this pregnant...very uncomfortable.

Miss Anything?  Laying on my belly!

Movement?  He is so rambunctious!  I can't wait to see the little face of that busy boy inside of me.   When I jump in the pool each day, he definitely reacts with a surprised stretch as I hit the cold water, so cute!   My ribs have officially become his kicking target...I'm hoping he won't be popping any of them out of place!  I can't even imagine what it will feel like if he stays in there for another month just getting bigger & stronger...

Food Cravings:  To keep with my recent love of breakfast foods, I have been on a cinnamon roll kick.  Saw a picture of some while flipping through my Cooking Light magazine a couple weeks ago, and I haven't stopped thinking about them since.  So now we have Pancake Saturday & Cinnamon Roll Sunday in the Keenan house!

Food Aversions:  Nothing that I can think of.  Appetite has decreased a little bit.

Symptoms:  Rib pain, back pain, & heartburn.  I now have the Costco size container of Tums!  Assorted berry are the best, and are being consumed like candy these days.  I'm also starting to have a contraction here or there...quite exciting!

Staying Active?  Oh yes!  Still in the pool 5 days a week and getting my 1.5 mile swim in under an hour!  I'm really hoping to keep this up until the very end.  Conor asked my doctor if I should be slowing down (a lot of people actually ask me this question,) but she said that as long as I'm comfortable and staying well hydrated it is fine and, in fact, very good for me & the baby!

Belly Button: The strangest looking thing I ever did see! But no "turkey-timer".

Happy or Moody? Very happy, especially as Liam's arrival gets closer.  However, I did have an issue with a banker at Wells Fargo over a stupid fee and almost started crying in front of him!

Nursery Progress:  As mentioned earlier, we purchased a chair for the nursery.  We ended up buying a rocker/recliner because they are so comfortable!  I've already put some good time in on the chair looking through all the books I'll soon be reading to Liam.  Conor finished refurbishing the piece of furniture we got off the side of the road.  The nursery is almost complete except for a few picture frames I want to put on the wall.  Then I will finally post pictures of the finished product!  I also washed all of Liam's clothes and cloth diapers this week, so everything is prepped and ready.

Looking Forward To:  Finishing up our birth classes & taking a tour of the birthing center at the hospital.  These may not seem super exciting to anyone else, but they will make us one step closer to welcoming little Liam to the world! :-)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

35 Weeks (Father-to-Be Day)

35 Weeks (Father-to-Be Day)
In honor of Father's Day, I asked Conor to share his perspective on things...
"It's My Turn!" -Conor

Total Weight Gain: I'm sitting pretty at 195 lbs, no sympathy pounds here! Oh... and Laura is weighing in at a solid +24 this week and couldn't be more fit!

Wedding Rings On or Off?  No interest in taking mine off these days ;0). As long as she'll have me, I think I'll stick around. Laura should just delete this category, hers aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Plenty of room to balloon, but I just don't see that happening.

Stretch Marks? So, I ate a really big burrito the other day... Just kidding. No stretch marks for the Keenan Fam'. At the rate Laura applies belly oils and lotion, there is no chance!

Sleep?  The last couple nights Laura seems to be a bit more restless, I think she's starting to feel the weight of our big, little monster. I don't get as much shut-eye as I'd like with my early schedule but that is probably preparing me well for when Liam gets here.

Best Moment This Week:  Just being home after a long week abroad! Laura and I have had more and more special moments on the couch all this week feeling and watching Liam wiggle around in there. I just can't wait to get home from work and teach him how to nap through an hour or so of SportsCenter!

Miss Anything?  A couple of my socks... dryer monster I'm guessing. I do miss meeting up with Laura for happy hour after work on the occasional Friday. But life has really been about the same for the two of us. We aren't ones to slow down anyway, we still find ourselves heading out with friends or on some adventure to check out a new part of the city.

Movement?  A whole lot of running-in-place in there! He's been working out; Get big in 2012 little man! Maybe I should start Laura on supplements to give him a head start?... ;)

Food Cravings:  My affinity for soft cheeses has taken a hit lately... and weekend bloody mary's... and I just can't justify making a pitcher of Ramos Gin Fizz's, for one... I'm easy when it comes to food so I've let Laura "just follow [her] nose". Although she's lucky that those poppy seed pancakes are so good or else I would have had to put my foot down weeks ago.

Food Aversions:  That isn't in my vocabulary. I frequently ordered "plat du soir" (dish of the evening) in France last week and found myself with all sorts of fun stuff! A boat of marinated and baked veal kidneys probably took the cake... Laura is still holding us back from steak, but I'm sure she'll be craving a big juicy steak sometime in the near future so I will patiently wait.

Symptoms: I got pretty darn excited about getting an entire Jogger travel system (carrier, car-base, and matching jogger) for only $16 out of pocket the other day at Babies-R-Us... I'd call getting excited about things like that a "symptom" of becoming a dad. Laura has been getting more "uncomfortable" these last few days as Liam really starts to pack on the pounds. This means she has been cashing in more back-rub coupons but overall we have been SOO lucky with how well she has taken to being pregnant. I still can't believe she hasn't lost her cookies once this entire time! What an all-star!

Staying Active?  If by "active" you mean actively drowning on work email, then yes! I practically call my gym membership a donation at this point. Laura has just been Killing It! in the pool. She hasn't informed me of any new "PR's" (personal records...) lately, but I think she's just not telling me anymore as I started to get worried she needed to do less "training" and more just "exercising"...

Belly Button:  I don't think she is going to get the baby "Joystick" also known as the "Turkey timer". It is flatter and flatter these days but looks to be in to stay.

Happy or Moody?  Trick question?... I'm not going there. Political answer: Laura had some really happy/joyous moments this week that makes this experience all the more special for the both of us! We are building up plenty of Love to share with our little guy!

Nursery Progress:  We continue to be showered with gifts from friends and family. So grateful for all the great things and generosity shown our way. Highlights this week: Gift pack of red, white and blue outfits from Q & K in MD. God Bless America! And, an awesome looking children's book "Skippyjon Jones" from Abby and Trevor. Also, I found a neat piece of furniture with a "Free" sign on the side of the road the other day. I'm refurbishing it right now and should have it ready for Laura to share on the next post. Too, Laura surprised me with this great "man's" diaper bag for Father's Day.

Looking Forward To:  Everything about having Liam in our lives! As we get closer and closer to "Go-Time!" I am getting more and more excited to be there at Laura's side to help welcome him to the world. We are ready!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

34 Weeks

34 Weeks

Total Weight Gain: 22 lbs.

Wedding Rings On or Off? On, still loose.

Stretch Marks?  No; fingers crossed I have escaped them completely.

Sleep? It's getting worse each week.  Just getting prepared for all the sleepless nights to come I suppose.

Best Moment This Week:  An entire week with my mom (and other family & friends in Spokane)!  The highlight was a prenatal massage at Spa Paradiso followed by lunch at Clinkerdagger's!  It was such a relaxing day; I felt so pampered! 

Miss Anything?  Not this week, pregnancy is treating me well.

Movement?  Lots of it!  My doctor was finally able to get an idea of how he is positioned.   Feet are right where I thought they were (in my right rib), and he is head down!  I was so excited to hear this news.  My doctor also told me that she thinks I already have a 5 1/2 lb baby, oh my.  I sure hope I don't go past my due date, giving Liam even more time to grow.

Food Cravings:  My sweet tooth has completely taken over!  This week was full of maple bars & palmiers!

Food Aversions:  No particular aversions, but I'm slowly losing my appetite again...

Symptoms:  I seems as though many of my first trimester woes are making a comeback.  Slight nausea and a lack of appetite are no fun.  My back & feet get sore easily throughout a busy day.  And the heart burn, ugh!  Nobody warned me about this before I got pregnant!  I have tums stashed in the kitchen, in my purse, & on my bedside table since this affects me all day long!  My stomach feels like it's in my throat, which makes me never feel hungry.  Okay, rant over!  I still love being pregnant.  :-)

Staying Active?  I had a very busy week, but still managed to get a few swim workouts in!

Belly Button: Flat, with just a teensy part still "in."

Happy or Moody?  Happy, happy, happy!  Except Conor was out of town all week, and I really missed him!

Nursery Progress:  Lots of nursery progress!  We finally have curtains, and Conor finished the crib sheets!  Conor also brought back a present for Liam from France.  It is the cutest little, yellow rain coat ever!  Can't wait to put him in it.  Pictures to come, I promise.

Looking Forward To:  Maternity photos!!!  My friend, Haley, in an absolutely incredible photographer.  She's coming to Seattle for a visit and to do my maternity photos at the very beginning of July (note to Liam:  you can not arrive until after Haley's visit)!  She has some wonderful ideas; you'll have to stay tuned to see how it turns out!

Seattle Baby Shower

When my friend, Karina, offered to throw me a baby shower, I was delighted!  Since moving back to Seattle, I have reconnected with many old friends.  I was looking forward to having a small shower with some close girlfriends and celebrating baby Liam.  Karina told me she had never thrown a shower before, but you would never have known.  The party was perfect; everything I had hoped for!

The invites were made my Tiny Prints (I just love that website)!

The lovely hostess & I

Karina did an awesome job with the food & drinks!  Every tasted delicious and was safe for "little miss prego" to eat!  I loved her signs that said what everything was so there was no guessing involved.  The slightly picky eater in me loves this!  While all the guests got to enjoy wine & procescco, I sipped on a blueberry lemonade.  Mmm, can't get enough lemonade right now!  I loved the mason jars and blue striped straws!  The cupcakes came from Trophy and were to die for!  Lately, I've really been into these little cupcake stores.  Next time I'm in the U-Village, I will definitely be stopping in!

I loved how small & intimate this shower was.  It gave me a chance to actually spend time with everyone!  It was a perfect mixture of family, family friends, & friends!  Everyone was so generous, showering Liam & I with many wonderful gifts!  I got some more "too cute for words" outfits along with some great necessities!  A stuffed dinosaur & a soothing giraffe also made an appearance.  Both are hanging out in Liam's crib right now.  I received a handmade quilt, which was particularly special!  I love anything homemade.  My mom gave me another "Mommy" gift, which was a Kathy's bag filled my all of favorite things, individually wrapped of course!  I was like opening my Christmas stocking!!!  There were lots of hair & makeup goodies as well as all things lavender (even lavender I can cook/bake with).  And for my sweet tooth: sea salt carmels & campfire mints!  I will try to limit myself to one-a-day.  The surprise, was a gift card to Spa Paradiso for a prenatal massage followed by lunch with my mom already scheduled for the next week!  I am such a lucky girl! 

Some of the girls with blue "cupcake" smiles! :-)


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

33 Weeks

33 Weeks

Total Weight Gain: 21 lbs.

Wedding Rings On or Off? On, loose.

Stretch Marks?  Thank goodness, still not a a single one!

Sleep?  It's been okay.  However, Liam does NOT like it when I sleep on my right side; so, sleeping positions are limited.

Best Moment This Week:  My baby shower!  Separate post to come.

Miss Anything?  Not really, still loving pregnancy.

Movement?  As always.  His feet have found their permanent place in my right rib.  Very uncomfortable, but so darn cute.  Can't complain!

Food Cravings:  Desserts are starting to take over.  I made a massive amount of brownies on an impulse this week, and I ate half the batch by the next day (with a little help from Conor of course)!

Food Aversions: No, everything sounds good.  Although my once enormous appetite is decreasing a bit which is nice.

Symptoms:  No, but Liam is getting heavy.

Staying Active?  Still getting my pool workouts in!  However, the pool heater at the gym was broken all week, so the temperature just kept dropping.  It was 74 degrees at it's lowest, brrr!  It took a lot of motivation & dedication to get in the pool this week! 

Belly Button:  Flat-ish.

Happy or Moody?  Oh so happy!!!

Nursery Progress:  I received so many cute things at my baby shower, and I've already put them away in the nursery.  More details to come.

Looking Forward To:  Being in Spokane for the week & a prenatal massage!!!

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