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35 Weeks (Father-to-Be Day)

35 Weeks (Father-to-Be Day)
In honor of Father's Day, I asked Conor to share his perspective on things...
"It's My Turn!" -Conor

Total Weight Gain: I'm sitting pretty at 195 lbs, no sympathy pounds here! Oh... and Laura is weighing in at a solid +24 this week and couldn't be more fit!

Wedding Rings On or Off?  No interest in taking mine off these days ;0). As long as she'll have me, I think I'll stick around. Laura should just delete this category, hers aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Plenty of room to balloon, but I just don't see that happening.

Stretch Marks? So, I ate a really big burrito the other day... Just kidding. No stretch marks for the Keenan Fam'. At the rate Laura applies belly oils and lotion, there is no chance!

Sleep?  The last couple nights Laura seems to be a bit more restless, I think she's starting to feel the weight of our big, little monster. I don't get as much shut-eye as I'd like with my early schedule but that is probably preparing me well for when Liam gets here.

Best Moment This Week:  Just being home after a long week abroad! Laura and I have had more and more special moments on the couch all this week feeling and watching Liam wiggle around in there. I just can't wait to get home from work and teach him how to nap through an hour or so of SportsCenter!

Miss Anything?  A couple of my socks... dryer monster I'm guessing. I do miss meeting up with Laura for happy hour after work on the occasional Friday. But life has really been about the same for the two of us. We aren't ones to slow down anyway, we still find ourselves heading out with friends or on some adventure to check out a new part of the city.

Movement?  A whole lot of running-in-place in there! He's been working out; Get big in 2012 little man! Maybe I should start Laura on supplements to give him a head start?... ;)

Food Cravings:  My affinity for soft cheeses has taken a hit lately... and weekend bloody mary's... and I just can't justify making a pitcher of Ramos Gin Fizz's, for one... I'm easy when it comes to food so I've let Laura "just follow [her] nose". Although she's lucky that those poppy seed pancakes are so good or else I would have had to put my foot down weeks ago.

Food Aversions:  That isn't in my vocabulary. I frequently ordered "plat du soir" (dish of the evening) in France last week and found myself with all sorts of fun stuff! A boat of marinated and baked veal kidneys probably took the cake... Laura is still holding us back from steak, but I'm sure she'll be craving a big juicy steak sometime in the near future so I will patiently wait.

Symptoms: I got pretty darn excited about getting an entire Jogger travel system (carrier, car-base, and matching jogger) for only $16 out of pocket the other day at Babies-R-Us... I'd call getting excited about things like that a "symptom" of becoming a dad. Laura has been getting more "uncomfortable" these last few days as Liam really starts to pack on the pounds. This means she has been cashing in more back-rub coupons but overall we have been SOO lucky with how well she has taken to being pregnant. I still can't believe she hasn't lost her cookies once this entire time! What an all-star!

Staying Active?  If by "active" you mean actively drowning on work email, then yes! I practically call my gym membership a donation at this point. Laura has just been Killing It! in the pool. She hasn't informed me of any new "PR's" (personal records...) lately, but I think she's just not telling me anymore as I started to get worried she needed to do less "training" and more just "exercising"...

Belly Button:  I don't think she is going to get the baby "Joystick" also known as the "Turkey timer". It is flatter and flatter these days but looks to be in to stay.

Happy or Moody?  Trick question?... I'm not going there. Political answer: Laura had some really happy/joyous moments this week that makes this experience all the more special for the both of us! We are building up plenty of Love to share with our little guy!

Nursery Progress:  We continue to be showered with gifts from friends and family. So grateful for all the great things and generosity shown our way. Highlights this week: Gift pack of red, white and blue outfits from Q & K in MD. God Bless America! And, an awesome looking children's book "Skippyjon Jones" from Abby and Trevor. Also, I found a neat piece of furniture with a "Free" sign on the side of the road the other day. I'm refurbishing it right now and should have it ready for Laura to share on the next post. Too, Laura surprised me with this great "man's" diaper bag for Father's Day.

Looking Forward To:  Everything about having Liam in our lives! As we get closer and closer to "Go-Time!" I am getting more and more excited to be there at Laura's side to help welcome him to the world. We are ready!


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