Sunday, July 15, 2012

39 Weeks

39 Weeks

Total Weight Gain: 28 lbs. Whoa, either Liam had a growth spurt, or I'm retaining lots of water with all this heat!

Wedding Rings On or Off? The rings are on, but very fingers and toes definitely get a little chubby when I'm out in the warm weather! It's weird...I don't so much care for it.

Stretch Marks? Not a single one, but if he stays in much longer...I have a feeling some might start to appear...

Sleep? Terrible, just terrible. I can't get comfortable...not on the couch, not in bed.

Best Moment This Week: Celebrating two years of wedded bliss with Conor! We had a fun night out at the Golden Beetle in Ballard! It's a Mediterranean restaurant with amazing food by Iron Chef Maria Hines! The best part was dessert: Spiced doughnuts rolled in cardamom and cinnamon with a honey dipping sauce, mmm. I love relaxing nights like this with Conor, but absolutely cannot wait for Liam to join us!

Miss Anything? Just being comfortable in general. The only relief I've had from the back pain I have been experiencing is in the pool. But if I stayed in there all day I would get awfully wrinkly! ;-)

Movement? I can tell Liam is pretty darn cramped in there, because all he does now is wiggle and stretch out his feet (still into my right rib).

Food Cravings: I brought a bunch of fresh mint back from my parents cabin, so I've been making mint infused lemonade (still on the lemonade kick) and today I plan on making mint chocolate chip icecream (Conor's favorite). I wish I were making mojitos...!

Food Aversions: Oh no, I still have my big appetite.

Symptoms: Starting to have contractions on a daily basis! Hope this means by body is beginning the process. At my doctor's appointment on Monday I still wasn't dilated at all. Fingers crossed for this week!

Staying Active? Yes, more so than ever! I'm getting my 1.5 mile daily swim in (and my time is under an hour again), and I'm walking about 3 miles with Conor in the evenings. Hoping this will bring on the labor! (Lots of people have asked what I wear to here is a picture of me in my awesome "Grandma" swimsuit from the clearance rack at Target! It has stretched with my belly as it has grown. While I find it to be hideous, lots of the sweet older ladies at my gym are constantly complimenting it and asking where I bought it! Too funny!)

Belly Button: Top half out, bottom half in... so strange. At least from my angle...

Happy or Moody? Couldn't be happier! I am just soaking up these last few days (or weeks) of being pregnant!

Nursery Progress: Soo excited about the zinc letters from Anthropologie that we now have above Liam's crib! Everything is ready except for a few photos to hang, but I'm going to wait on those until he is born. So, I will officially be posting pics of his nursery this week!

Looking Forward To: Labor! I would really like Liam to arrive this week. Preferably Tuesday since that is when my doctor is on call! However, I am trying to stay patient since I know we could still be long way away from his birthday. I have no plans of being induced, and my doctor will probably let me go until 42 weeks... but hopefully we won't be waiting that long! :-) 

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