Monday, July 30, 2012

Liam Has Arrived!!!

With full hearts, we are so very excited to introduce...

Liam Robert Keenan
July 24th, 2012 11:17 pm
8 lb 2.6 oz 19inches

Conor & I are so in love with him, and think he is just perfect!  Being a family of three is the best thing to happen to us!  Life couldn't be better as we soak in every minute of Liam being in our lives!  The days are going by much too fast already!

Liam's birth was very long & difficult for both myself and Conor. I have looked forward to sharing my birth story all throughout my pregnancy. I think that writing about our ambitions, realities, and struggles through the birth will be good therapy for me. Although there were many times throughout the labor where we had unanticipated struggles, we are so blessed to have been given such a beautiful and healthy little man. I have a long road ahead for my recovery, but I am healing quickly and my days couldn't be filled more with love and smiles.

For now, we hope you enjoy these pictures of our new family and little Liam:

We arrived home to this sign & blue balloons from my parents! 
Such a special moment!

We tried to get a picture of him in his adorable "coming home" outfit,
 but he was a little sleepy and grumpy at this point!

We have been hearing some mixed thoughts as to who he most looks like, but we think he definitely has at least Conor's nose & lips!

Conor introducing Liam to weekend afternoon ESPN.


  1. Savor every single moment! They fly by much too quickly!

  2. Congratulations Laura!!! He's perfect!

  3. Congrats ! He seems perfect & wish you three nothing but the best! :)

  4. He is perfect!! Congratulations to your little family of 3 - cannot wait to meet him!!

  5. What a beautiful child and what a beautiful family. My prayers are with you all. Blessings, M...

  6. Congratulations to you and your little family! Loved reading along through out your journey & can't wait for the birth story! Wishing you guys lots & lots of happiness!


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