Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Favorite Things: Pregnancy

Since I am two days away from my due date, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to share some of my favorite things that helped me along this pregnancy.  I relied on advice from "mommy" friends throughout this nine months, so hopefully this will help out some of my currently pregnant friends!

Belli Elasticity Oil:  This lavender oil smells absolutely amazing!  It worked for me because my belly is still stretch mark free.  :-)  It's also nice to have on hand when you're tempted to scratch your stomach so aggressively as the skin gets tighter and tighter over the months.

Citizens of Humanity Maternity Jeans:  This was my one big splurge on maternity clothes, and it was so worth it!  I wore them from beginning to end, and they will still be in great condition for my next pregnancy! :-)

Timex Personal Trainer Heart Rate MonitorConor bought this for me right when we found out I was pregnant.  I knew I wanted to keep exercising throughout my pregnancy, but was a little nervous at first.  Being able to accurately track my heart rate gave me piece of mind during my workouts.    Although I didn't exactly follow the old "keep it under 140 bpm" did help keep me check and let me know when I should probably slow down.  I did my research and thought this was the best (Health Magazine thinks so too)!  It's also waterproof, although I never took mine in the pool...

Assorted Berry Tums:  Once I started having bad heartburn on a daily basis, these were stashed everywhere in my house, car, & purse!  Although any flavor works, this was my favorite...taste almost like candy!  Added bonus: Costco carries this flavor in the big pack!

Lifefactory Water BottleStaying hydrated while pregnant is tough least for me!  I'm not a big water drinker, but if I have a fun water bottle, it tends to get used more often.  I love Life Factory bottles because they are glass and therefore never smell funny.  I plan on using their baby bottles as well!  When I was running, I used a Continga water bottle that had a place for my car key and credit card built in!  Gotta love the little added features!

SnoogleI cannot say enough great things about this maternity pillow!  It has been a lifesaver.  Although it's a massive pillow, I take it with me when we travel.  I cannot sleep without it, and am already getting sad about putting it away once Liam is here.  I recommend on getting it early in pregnancy because it takes a little while to "break in".  There are also lots of cute covers for it!

Dry Soda:  This was one of my go-to drinks when everyone else was drinking alcohol!  I think the best flavors are lavender (big surprise) and vanilla bean.  It is definitely not your typical soda, so don't expect anything too sweet.  Each bottle even tells you what types of foods it goes well with.  It's a Seattle company, but can be found almost anywhere now.  Some bars & restaurants are even starting to carry it!

Mama Mio Tummy Rub ButterThis is another stretch mark product I used.  This one is a lotion which I preferred over the oil at times.  This one is very light and absorbs quickly!

One thing I wished I would have purchased was maternity workout clothes.  Squeezing into my pre-pregnancy stuff got very tricky at the end, and I'm sure I've stretched out half my wardrobe!  I just recently came across these tanks & tees and thought they were adorable:

Hope this was helpful!

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