Wednesday, August 29, 2012

1 Month Old

1 Month Old

Eating: Liam is still an excellent eater!  I am so happy that we have had no issues with breastfeeding, I absolutely love it.  He will also take a bottle of pumped breast milk which is great to leave with someone when Conor & I go on the occasional date night or I have an appointment.  So far I've only been away from Liam twice for just a couple hours.  I like having my little guy with me all the time!  The bad news: he has had a few big throw-up's recently, yuck!  He absolutely covered me in milk a few times...I have some heavy duty burp clothes in the mail as we speak.  :-)

Sleeping: Luckily, we have a pretty great sleeper!  Liam has been giving us a good 4-5 hour stretch (roughly 11pm-4am) almost every night!  Mom & Dad are so proud.  :-)  The best part is that the long stretch of sleep has been in his pack 'n play!  We continue to make great progress on getting him to sleep in there for most of the night although it is sometimes hard for us to put him down alone as we just want to snuggle him.

Diapering: Cloth diapers are still working great!  I'm figuring out the best wash routine for us, and it hasn't been a hassle for me at all.  We are going to be traveling to Montana for a long Labor Day weekend and I can't decide whether or not I want to bring our cloth diapers...  The idea of temporarily going back to disposables is not appealing...but right now I wash diapers every other day, so that sounds like a lot of work while we'll be on "vacation."

Health:We still have a happy & healthy baby!  He seems to be growing like crazy.  No health concerns whatsoever; we haven't had to call our pediatrician once, yay!  I'm anxious to see what he weighs and measures, but his next appointment isn't until he's 2 months old.

Likes: Being outside!  Liam loves the fresh air, plus there is so much for him to look at.  He's also starting to like kicking his little legs and practicing his standing.  As he continues to get stronger, he likes to do more of this "standing;" however, we can only do that for a short while because he is working on his head control.  I have a feeling this guy is going to need a bouncer here in the next couple months.

Outings:  We have been busy!  Liam & I have taken a couple long walks on Alki beach and had some coffee dates at Starbucks together!  Such fun days with my little boy.  Conor & I also took him to the Boeing Classic golf tournament two days in a row.  I love that he is such a good baby, making it easy for us to take him places.  We also braved our first restaurant with him, which was a success!  Liam and I went to the La Leche League meeting where he got his first experience with other babies...he was fascinated by all the people and sounds.

Visitors: Liam has met lots of new friends!  We had a fun dinner at my house with some great family friends, Katie & Abby.  Conor's aunt and uncle, Ann and Steve stopped by to say hello. Our friend Holt from Delaware was in town on business last week so he joined us for dinner & got some Liam time in!  Conor's roommate and good friend Micah came with us to the golf tournament and rode back seat with Liam. (He was introduced to a couple of Liam's favorite songs, next time it's his turn to sing him calm!)  :-) Even Keenan family friend Pam and her sister stopped by the house while she was in town. Lots of action in the Keenan household and we are so grateful for all the generous gifts!

Best Moment:  Our outing to the golf tournament!  Both days were perfectly sunny with a light breeze.  It was fun being together as a family of three and having Dad with us all day.  Conor & I always said we would continue to do the things we love, even with kids... Maybe easier said then done,but we're definitely pulling it off.  This first adventure was not without some quick thinking moments, but overall very successful and proof that Liam will easily adjust to fit our lives and we to his.  I can't wait for all the fun things we'll get to do together as a family! :-)

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