Thursday, August 2, 2012

1 Week Old

1 Week Old

First of all, thank you to everyone for your kind wishes, thoughts, & prayers for our family!  There has been an overwhelming amount of love for us and little Liam.  We are trying to touch base with all our family & friends as much as possible, but life is so busy now! :-)

I'm a few days behind on blogging, but this picture was taken when Liam was exactly 1 week old!  He is changing so quickly right now; I want to capture every single moment!  I've had lots of questions on whether or not I will keep up this blog...  As of right now, my plan is to blog weeks 1-4 and from then on out do every month.  I also plan on doing a few postpartum posts as I get my body back into shape!

Eating:  Breastfeeding has been going great for Liam & I since the day he was born!  This is what I was most excited about when I was pregnant, so I am thrilled that it has come easily to both him and me! :-)

Sleeping:  Liam is an excellent sleeper...when in our arms!  Right now, we have a pack 'n play next to our bed (since his nursery is upstairs), but he has only slept in there a handful of hours.  I ordered a lambskin which should be delivered soon; I'm hoping this will make the pack 'n play a little more cozy and inviting for him.  In the meantime, he's nursing so often that he falls asleep in my arms most nights.  Dad takes his turn snuggling the little man too and he and Liam sleep so soundly together!

Diapering:  We are still waiting for Liam's cord to fall off so we can start cloth diapering.  He also might need to get just a little bit bigger since I only bought one size diapers.  Until then, we are unfortunately using newborn disposables.  In hind sight, I wish I had bought newborn cloth diapers...because he goes through them so often and because I want to get started right away! Maybe next time around.  ;-)

Health:  We went to the pediatrician when Liam was 3 days old for a check-up, and he was healthy as can be except for a very slight jaundice that was developing.  The doctor told us to keep an eye on it and call them the next day.  On day 4 we went back to the doctor, and he was looking a little better already, phew!  Added bonus: he put on 5 ounces in one day (my milk came in that night) and he was only 2 ounces shy of his birth weight!  Wow my little boy is growing fast!  Next appointment isn't until he's 2 weeks.

Likes:  We are still getting to know Liam, but we have figure out a few things already.  He loves his swing and sleeps great in doesn't even need to be swinging most of the time!  :-)  He likes being swaddled as long as his hands are out and have a little bit of freedom.  And I just know that he loves Conor & I so much already!  The feeling is mutual!!! Conor adds that he really seems to like noisily dirtying a freshly replaced diaper... that little rascal! We have been pulling double-duty at times these first few days.

Outings:  He has been a busy boy in his first week of life!  He's already made his first trip to Costco (slept through it), Ikea (slept through it), and the grocery store (slept through it).  He's been so easy to take out of the house, I'm hoping he keeps this up!

Visitors:  Friends, family, & neighbors have all been by to see the little guy.  My parents were in town for his birth, so Liam got to meet Nana & Pops right away!  A few days later he met our good friends The Tinkers and Mikael & Arza.  There has been lots of toasting with champagne to celebrate... his mom is happy! :-)  Our college friend Jamie also made his way over to meet Liam one evening and brought delicious enchiladas!  We've even had a couple neighbors stop by.  Liam would like to send out a very special thanks to all those who have brought dinner his mom and dad!!!  It is much appreciated and has made our days just a little bit easier. We very much encourage all those in town to give us a call if they want to come by and meet our little sweetheart! We love having visitors and hope to have the opportunity to introduce Liam to each of you soon.

Best Moment:  Waking up together on a Saturday morning with nothing to do other than snuggle our little one!  We stayed in bed for a few hours just watching Liam and his different expressions...trying to soak in every little bit of him.  He's usually pretty alert in the mornings so it's my favorite time of the day with him!  We even continued on the tradition of pancake Saturday!

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  1. I really love my daughter, son in law and grandson!


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