Wednesday, August 8, 2012

2 Weeks Old

2 Weeks Old

Eating: Liam is still a breastfeeding champion! He eats all the time, so he must be growing big & strong! I on the other hand need to get more snack foods in the house... I don't always have time to make myself a meal, so I need some easy foods I can quickly grab and take to the couch for our marathon nursing sessions. When my mom visited, she left me with three batches of cookies (snicker doodle, ginger snaps, & oatmeal chocolate chip/raisin) which have been wonderful to have on hand! I can't live off cookies forever though... :-)

Sleeping: His lambie arrived this week which has made his pack 'n play a little more enticing! Right now, I'm trying to put Liam in it for the first part of the night. Then when he wakes for his first feeding/diaper change I keep him in bed with us. Both mom & baby tend to doze off while he's eating, so he never quite makes it back into the pack 'n play just yet. This is fine with us; both Conor & I love snuggling with him!

Diapering: His cord fell off on Saturday so we are officially in cloth diapers!!! It was such an easy transition, no different for me than disposables. So far he's been in Dinkledooz, Rumparooz, Bum Genius, & Charlie Banana. We've only had a few leaks, and I'm attributing that to his little legs... They don't fit perfect yet, but are still usable. And the best part: no blowouts!!! Once I've been cloth diapering for awhile, I'll do a post all about it and which ones are working best for us.

Health: Liam is healthy as can be! I'm looking forward to his pediatrician appointment on Thursday; it will be fun to see how much he has grown!

Likes: Tummy time! He has great head control already! He's also loving his swing even more now that I've turned it so he can look out the window! And I think he's starting to like bath time... The first few times he cried the entire time, but now he stays calm and seems to like being sprayed with the warm water. I'm hoping he starts to love it so bath time can become a part of our nightly routine!

Outings: The little man made his first trip to Nordstrom!... We had a fun day of shopping with Nana, and he actually stayed awake most of the time. I loved that Nordstrom had a "mother's room" where I could easily nurse & change him. I see many future trips back there in our future! :-) He also made a couple visits to my favorite bakery, where he slept and never made a peep! It has been so easy to take him out, I love it. My doctor even commented on how impressed she was that I got Liam & I out of the house all by myself and arrived on time to my appointment! That was a little confidence booster! She says I'm such a calm person...hmmm, not exactly the word I would use to describe myself, but I'll take it!

Visitors: This week Liam had a chance to meet my friend Karina! She came over at the perfect time, because Liam was awake & very alert for her! He also met my friend Hillary, who he quickly greeted by peeing on her. Oops, Hillary was a victim of one of the leaky diapers!

Best Moment: I have to say, putting him in his first cloth diaper! Not only are they adorable on his little bum, they are oh so soft! I'm sure he loves them just as much as I do!  Other favorite moments:  seeing Conor & Liam together...warms my heart! ;-)

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