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2 Months Old

2 Months Old

Height: 24.75 inches (99th percentile)  Our boy is long...

Weight: 13 lb 2.5 oz (64th percentile) ...and lean!

Head:  39.8 cm (65th percentile)

Clothes:  Liam is already into his 3-6 month clothes!  He is growing out of his wardrobe way too fast.  I will have to do some serious shopping in the near future because after he outgrows his current size, his wardrobe options are fairly limited.

Eating:  I am still exclusively breastfeeding and it's going wonderfully!  I really enjoy the bonding time with Liam and don't mind his long nursing sessions at all!  He's still a messy eater, but he has improved over the last month.  Thankfully, I'm not changing my shirts nearly as much!  I think there's a chance I have a bit of an oversupply, but I'm managing it just fine.  I got some help from the lactation consultants at a Le Leche League meeting.  I will say that I love these monthly get togethers!  I've gone every month since my last month of pregnancy.  It's such a great group of women and fun for Liam and I to see other moms & babies.  I highly recommend it to other mommies!

Sleeping:  One night (around 7 weeks old), Conor & I spontaneously decided to put Liam to bed in his crib for the 1st time!  It wasn't a big planned event, it just happened.  Liam was sleepy early one evening, but we weren't ready for bed yet... So we put him to bed in his own room and he slept for 6 hours straight!  While this was so exciting, Mom and Dad weren't quite ready for this.  :-)  I checked on him twice that night even though we had the baby monitor!  From that evening on, Liam has consistently slept 4-6 hours in his crib each night.  We have since developed a nighttime routine that is working really well for us!  Around 8pm we give him a bath which he loves; we do lots of splashing, playing, singing songs...anything that gets him engaged and smiling!  Then, we put Liam in his jammies and (sometimes) read a bedtime story. I think I enjoy the story much more than Liam at this point!  His My favorite is Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site.  Around 9pm I nurse Liam to sleep, and Conor swaddles him and puts him down in his crib for the evening.  Once he wakes up after his first long stretch of sleep, Conor gets Liam and brings him to me for a feeding & diaper change.  Then he stays in bed with us for the rest of the night and early morning when Conor gets up for work... We just love that snuggle time with him! Especially Conor as Liam likes to curl up and snooze against his chest.

Diapering:  I am still loving his cloth diapers!  I wish I could have a diaper budget and keep buying all these cute prints & colors and new brands as I discover them.  But for now, my current stash is doing just fine.  We rarely have any blowouts, and Liam hasn't had any diaper rash!  I decided to bring our cloth diapers with us for our trip to MT and was so happy I did!  It was just as easy as using them at home, since we had a washer to use when we needed it.  However, I do think it would be hard to fly with cloth (the diapers would need their own piece of luggage), so unfortunately I might have to use disposables for a few upcoming trips, yuck!

Outings:  Life for Liam has been exciting lately!  In the last month, we have taken Liam to a wedding on top of Schweitzer mountain, a visit to Spokane & Montana, and he has even accompanied us for a little wine tasting!  He loves being outside and is stimulated by just about everything.  We took him with us on a trip to Pike Place Market where he was so alert, engaged, and enjoyed all the sights & sounds.  It was fun seeing him so interested in the world around him; I see lots of fun market trips in our future!

Likes:  Stretching: he'll spend a good 5 minutes stretching out his body when he wakes up in the morning.  Bath time:  he gets those little legs kicking like crazy and doesn't stop moving the entire time!  Faces: he's still much more entertained by people and their expressions than he is with toys at this point. Telling stories: Liam is becoming such a chatterbox! He loves to be propped up facing Mom or Dad and just smile and talk up a storm! He goes on and on with his coos and other funny sounds. We can't wait to hear his little giggles for the first time.  Tummy time by the window:  Liam is fascinated with these huge sunflowers growing in our neighbors yard, so we put him on his tummy so he can hold his head up and look outside!  He also likes to pull his knees to his chest during a diaper change, making it impossible to get a clean diaper on him.  And he's also a big fan of giving open mouth kisses, the more slobbery the better! :-)

Milestones:  As said above, he's sleeping in his own crib!  He's also holding his head up so well, that I think I'm going to try putting him in his bumbo a little bit this week!

Best Moment:  Liam meeting lots of his extended family!  In Montana, he met his Gram & BK (Conor's parents), Aunts & Uncles, his cousin Aria, & his Great Grandfather Fred!  It was nice to finally introduce him to Conor's side of the family.  In Spokane, he met Great Grandfather Bob, more Aunts & Uncles, & his cousin Kanyon!  It is so fun to see the babies together; I can't wait until he is older and they can actually play together! 

**Once again, here are more cute pictures of Liam from the past month.  If you want to follow me on instagram (keenanlauram), you can get even more of his cuteness on a daily basis!**



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