Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Favorite Things: Newborn

These are a few of my favorite things that we have used in the 1st month.  Obviously there are no newborn necessities here; these are just a few extras that made life with Liam a little bit easier.

Carter's Gowns:  These were perfect for all those late night diaper changes!  No one wants to deal with snaps when their eyes are barely open and they are sleep deprived.  Plus, they are so stinking cute....they practically scream out: "snuggle me!"  I only had two, but I wished I would have had about 7 so I could put one on him every night.  I even went to Carter's the other day hoping to buy some in the 0-3 month size but they only come in newborn, bummer!

Planetwise Wet bagThese are popular with cloth diaper mommas to store dirty diapers when you're out & about; however, they are also great for soiled clothing!  Instead of always carrying plastic bags around, I have one of these in my diaper bag at all times.  When you get home, the bag goes in the washer right with the dirty clothes!  So easy, and this way you aren't using plastic bags all the time.  I only have one, but will be purchasing another one soon.  That way I'll always have one on hand while the other is in the wash.  So many cute prints to choose from too!

Swaddle blankets:  The aden & anais swaddle blankets are my absolute favorite.  We were given two sets as gifts and use them for everything!  They are light weight and gauzy which is perfect for a summer baby.  Not only do we use them as swaddle blankets, but we also use they to cover Liam when we're out in the sun or as a nursing cover.  Instead of hauling around a specific "nursing cover," I simply tie two ends together before we leave the house.  This makes it quick & easy to slip over my head to nurse Liam on the go.  It's light enough that neither of us get too hot underneath it while nursing.

Night light:  We were given the Cloud B Twilight Turtle as a gift and have already gotten plenty of use from it.  In the first few weeks, I needed some light for evening diaper changes & nursing sessions.  This turtle is so easy to turn on and gives off just enough light for me to see him. It still keeps the room dark enough for Conor to sleep and doesn't shine right into Liam's eyes as I'm trying to get him back to sleep.  It turns off after 45 minutes which is the best part!  We can fall right back to sleep and not worry about leaving a light on, especially handy when we fall asleep nursing.  And for those nights that Liam decides it's time to play, the colorful turtle shell projects stars on the ceiling to keep him engaged until he starts to nod off again!

Sleeping nursing bra:  I found this inexpensive nursing bra at Target, and it is so comfy!  I don't just use it for sleeping...I use it all day long, it's my go-to bra now!  I only bought one before Liam was born, which was a big mistake because it would get dirty so quickly from leaks or Liam spitting up.  I wish I had about 3 to rotate through the laundry.  The washing machine is a little rough on it, but when you have a newborn, there is no time for hand washing!  Good thing it's cheap, so I won't feel bad when it only lasts me so long.

Soap:  I had the hardest time deciding what soap to use on Liam.  I wanted something without a ton of nasty chemicals and artificial additives.  After lots of research, I decided on Dr. Bronner's baby mild soap.  It's wonderful for baby's sensitive skin.  It's a highly concentrated soap that you need to dilute, so we literally only use a drop during bath time and only during every other bath!

Coconut Oil:  This stuff has so many uses, just google it!  For baby, I use it as a diaper rash cream (it's cloth diaper safe), for cradle cap, & any dry skin.  I buy a big jar of it, and then just stick a small amount in some Tupperware.  I have it in my diaper bag and on the changing table at all times.  No need to wipe your hands off after using it, just rub it into your hands, lips...whatever!  It's also a wonderful nipple cream during the early days of breastfeeding.  And since it's edible (great to cook or bake with) you don't have to wipe it off before each feeding!  Our Costco just started carrying it (Nutiva brand) or Trader Joe's has it for cheap!

**Extra exciting news: at 6 1/2 weeks, Liam slept in his own room for
 the first time and stayed asleep for 5 1/2 hours, yay!!!***


  1. How do you put all of your favorite things in one image like that? I've seen it done on other blogs too and am curious how it is done? Thanks!

    1. I put the image together in Power Point. Not sure how familiar you are with that program, but it's quite easy (although my husband helps me a lot, he is much better with computers than me!)

      On other note, congrats on baby Kenya! I have been following you as well. I've been thinking about your little family! :-)


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