Wednesday, October 24, 2012

3 Months Old

3 Months Old

Height, Weight, & Head:  No doctors appointment this month, so unfortunately I don't have any new stats on Liam.  He's definitely filling out though, especially in his cheeks! :-)

Clothes:  Liam is still hanging out in his 3-6 month clothes, thankfully!  I'm sure another growth spurt is right around the corner, so I have happily been buying him all sorts of cute clothes.

Eating:  Liam is still solely drinking Mama's milk!  I'm still struggling with a bit of an oversupply, but I seem to be managing it just fine.  I love breastfeeding and being able to give him the best!  It's a big part of my relationship with him, and I truly enjoy snuggling up with him every couple of hours for a nursing session.  I especially love when he looks up at me with a big grin while he's eating!

Sleeping:  We are some of those lucky parents you hear about that have an awesome sleeper!  Liam is now sleeping for a solid 7-9  hours straight!  I would consider that sleeping through the night!  Although we've been trying to put him to bed a little bit earlier, he typically goes down around 10pm and stays asleep until somewhere between 5 and 7am.  This new trend started when we put a humidifier in his room.  He had a bit of a stuffy nose after our trip to Salt Lake City; so we ran the humidifier when we got back home, and he slept for 9 hours for the first time.  The humidifier has been running every night since.  We still give him a bath before bed and sometimes read a bedtime story if he's up for it.  His My new favorite is Skippyjon Jones, it's a great read aloud book...ridiculously fun for Mom to read! :-)  I still nurse him to sleep every night, but I'm really hoping that one of these days we'll be able to put him in his crib awake and let him drift off to sleep.  He's outgrown his swaddle, but I worry about him getting too cold at night.  Might have to invest in one of those sleep sacks, especially since the next size up of most of his jammie's don't have feet on them.  His little hands seems to get so cold too, makes me sad!  Suggestions are welcome!

Diapering:  We love our cloth diapers and are sticking to them!  However, we used disposables for our trip to SLC and absolutely hated them!  They don't do nearly as good of a job and just smell horrible.  Both Conor & I were so excited to get home and put an oh-so-soft cloth diaper on his little butt.  We've also started using cloth wipes as well!  I know you will all think we're crazy, but most cloth diapering parents using cloth wipes as well.  It just took me a little while to jump on board with that one.  Now that we use them, I can't imagine it any other way.  I put them in my wipe warmer, so Liam gets a nice warm towel on his butt at every diaper change... who wouldn't like that!  Many people have asked me about cloth, so I promise to do a whole post about them.  Especially for those who are interested...just need to find the time!

Trips:  This month we traveled to Salt Lake City for 5 days; Liam's 1st airplane ride!  It was a pretty short flight (1 1/2 hours), and he did awesome.  I was pretty much either nursing him or he was sleeping the entire time.  We checked his carseat (the airlines do this for free!), but wished we would have attached it to the base so we could have brought that too.  It was such a pain to use the seat belt to hold down his carseat every time we got in and out of the car.  We didn't bring his stroller, because we didn't want to deal with it; I think that was a good choice.  However, I do wish we would have brought a carrier for the airport (instead it was put away in one of my checked bags).  We have a moby wrap & a mei tai...not sure which one I prefer yet...I'm still trying to master tying them both and Liam isn't a huge fan yet.  The most interesting part of the whole "flying with a baby experience" was changing his diaper in the airplane bathroom!  Talk about difficult...I was just praying there would be no turbulence while I was trying to get the job done, no easy task!

We also took a road trip to Spokane!  Liam is a pretty good passenger, but much prefers to have Mom sit in the back with him.  It's a little cramped for me (we have small cars) but keeps the little boy happy.  Added bonus:  I can actually nurse him in his carseat while both of us are buckled in!  Breastfeeding level: Master! :-)  Spokane was wonderful as always, just great time spent with family & friends.

Playtime:  Now that Liam is getting older, I feel like I can do so much more with him.  We spend lots of time in his nursery reading "touch & feel" books (he tries to help turn the page), sitting in his bumbo while he grabs onto different toys, and singing songs.  It's fun to see Liam starting to grab toys and become interested in them.  I try to introduce him to different textures and colors so he never gets bored.

Likes:  Grabbing Mom's hair.  Standing on our lap.  Seeing his daddy as soon as he gets home from work!  Looking at his feet (especially if there is a funny animal face on feet).  Tummy time, bath time, story time...pretty much all the "times."  Cooing Talking loudly.  Looking at himself in the mirror.  The color green (or at least he looks so darn cute in it)!  Watching our cat, Charlie, & when he flicks his tail against Liam's face.  Slobbering all over his shirt and hands!

Milestones:  No major milestones, but lots of little things.  He's now sitting up with assistance, either in his bumbo or if we're holding his hands he'll pull himself up.  He's officially laughing now, and it is the sweetest thing ever.  Melts my heart every single time!  He's starting to show interest in rolling over (front to back) but needs a little help doing it.  He's also teething... early, I know!  He puts everything in his mouth and is an absolute drool monster; however, I still think he won't actually "cut" a tooth for awhile.

Best Moment:  His 1st laugh!  Conor was having a little playtime with him while I cooked dinner.  Liam loves it when you grab his hands and make him "box"...with fun sounds of course!  He was just loving it and gave out the cutest little squeal.  This move is almost guaranteed to get a little laugh of him.  Each & every time he laughs it just makes our day! He is so loved.

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Pumpkin Patch

The last weekend of September, we drove to Spokane to see family & friends!  We had hardly spent any time there since Liam was born, so there were plenty of people to still meet!  Plus, I really wanted to go to Green Bluff to check out a pumpkin patch and pick up some freshly made cider.  I know this was a little early to be hitting the pumpkin patch, but I knew our October was busy so this was really the only weekend that worked!  Going early actually paid off too; it wasn't that crowded and I found one of the rare & coveted white pumpkins!

My family's annual trip to Green Bluff was one of my favorite fall activities!  I loved the experience of picking apples, getting pumpkins right off the vine, and enjoying some fresh apple cider & caramel apples.  Even when I lived in Seattle for college, I always drove home for a trip to Green Bluff each year.  I have really missed this place over the last four years while we have lived too far away.  This year, I was so excited to bring Liam with me!  He's obviously too young to remember it, but he loves being outside and new sights; so, he enjoyed the little things!  Jon, Shalan, & Kanyon joined us for the adventure; so fun to have the cousins together!

Liam seeing his very 1st chicken!

The Sorrentino's

The Keenan's

We finished off our wonderful day with dinner with my other brother's family!  This was the 1st time Liam & Hadley had a chance to meet.  While neither one looks very happy in this picture, they loved each other! :-)  We had such a fun evening together; I love having little one's practically the same age.

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