Friday, November 30, 2012

4 Months Old

4 Months Old 

Height: 26.5 inches (91%)

Weight:  15 lb 4 oz (42%)  Still long & lean!

Head: 42 cm (55%)

Clothes:  This little boy is all over the map.  6-9 month jammies, 3-6 month onesies, 6-12 pants & coats.  He is a tough guy to shop for!  I've also started putting some shoes on him when we go out.  Completely unnecessary, but they are so darn cute and keep his toes just a wee bit warmer!

Eating:  Still loving Mama's milk!  I am no hurry to start Liam on solids.  Our pediatrician told us that we can introduce a few things once he's sitting up completely on his own, so we will wait til then.  However, I am having a little bit of a hard time eating enough calories to keep up with breastfeeding (sounds like a terrible problem, I know) so let the holiday feasting begin!

Sleeping:  Liam just so happens to be an amazing sleeper!  He now regularly sleeps for 9-12 hours straight!  He must know how much I enjoy my sleep!  My only complaint is that he has to be nursed to sleep; there is no putting him in his crib until he is completely knocked out and even then it takes a little finesse.  His bed time is between 10 and 10:30 and I would like to make that a little earlier too.  Regardless of what time I attempt to put him to sleep, this is when it actually happens.

Diapering:  Loving all his cloth diapers!  I have been working on a post about this, but Liam is a busy boy and hardly leaves me anytime to blog these days!

Trips:  We visited friends in Delaware this month!  Here's the post if you missed it!  We also went to Spokane for Thanksgiving.  I plan on blogging about this separately so it gets the attention it deserves!  I do love the holidays, and even more so this year as I get to start new traditions with Liam.

Playtime: Playtime is "all the time" now!  My little Liam is so busy, wanting to play with anything & everything.  Right now, any object is a toy in his mind!  I'm trying to help him with certain skills, so we have lots of tummy time and are practicing his rolling over.  He is getting so close....I think it could be any day now!

Likes:  Touching people's faces (this is so adorable...also kinda gross if he's just been slobbering all over his hands.)  Watching our cat Charlie (and all other animals.)  Getting dressed (his favorite part is when I pull a shirt over his head!)  Anything that crinkles: paper, toys, wrappers, etc.  Being scared (boo!) or startled...but there is a fine line between fun and actually being scared so we don't get him too excited!  

Milestones:  He had his 1st cold which was no fun at all!  He absolutely hates the nose sucker and throws a little tantrum the moment he sees it coming at him!  He has also discovered his feet, but can't quite grab them yet!  He loves when I put pants on him that have animal faces or something over his feet.  Like I said above, we're still waiting for him to roll over...he is trying so hard and sometimes gets very frustrated with himself.  He of course had his 1st to come when I find the time!

Best Moment:  This had to be Thanksgiving!  The holidays take on a whole new meeting now that we are a family.  Liam brings a whole new joy to absolutely everything.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Liam's 1st Hurricane

The last week in October, we flew to the East Coast to visit our friends in Delaware!  Liam had done so well on our flights to and from Salt Lake City; however, our flight to Philly was 5+ hours so I was still a little nervous about it.  I like to think that Conor & I pack rather light, but with a baby there is really no such thing!  We had: Conor's work bag (laptop, etc.), diaper bag, pack 'n play, car seat, Conor's suitcase, & my suitcase (huge since Liam's stuff goes in mine!)  You should see us walking through an airport before we check our bags.  I will have to get a picture of that next time.  :-)  As many of you know, I tend to have terrible luck when it comes to flying... almost every flight I'm on is delayed or has maintenance issues.  Our flight there was no exception!  The worst part was they didn't realize our plane had issues until we were on the tarmac, so we sat on the plane a good extra hour before taking off, grrr.  So we ended up being on that plane for close to 7 hours, eek!  Luckily Liam was a champ and slept for most of the flight on Dad's lap!

Our time in Delaware was just amazing!  Fall is one of the best times of the year to be on the East Coast; the trees were so colorful, it made me miss living there a little bit!  The 1st half of our trip we stayed with our friends the Koellhoffers!  During our stay, we had delicious food and even better drinks!  Of course, I kept my drinking in check since I'm breastfeeding the little man! :-)  We usually play a lot of games with Steve & Jessica, but that can be harder to accomplish now that we're busy with Liam.  Lucky for us, he took an extra long nap while we played a game of Pinochle.  Conor & I won, whoo hoo!  We also had the chance to see our friends the McAllister's who came up from Maryland and our friends Jen & Holt.  Most of these people we hadn't seen in 2 years so it was very exciting!

Unfortunately, Liam had a little bit of a tough time during our trip.  The 3 hour time change made putting him to bed at a decent hour difficult, and he had started teething even more!  He was much fussier than usual which made me so sad.  He's also started to be so much more aware of his surroundings and sometimes has a difficult time nursing if there is just too much excitement going on.  I had to take him to a quiet, dark room just to nurse him sometimes.  However, he was still the most adorable little boy ever!

The day before we left, the news was really starting to talk about Hurricane Sandy and its potential impact on the East Coast.  To be honest, I wasn't too worried about it.  Panic mode didn't hit me until Sunday....the day before the hurricane was supposed to hit!  I woke up thinking: do we have enough diapers (since we were traveling I was using disposables instead of cloth)? Should I wash his clothes in case we're stuck here without water? Are trees going to fall on the house and crush us?  I quickly became a protective Mama!

The 2nd half of our trip (and where we spent Hurricane Sandy) was with my best friend on the East Coast Alison & her boyfriend Pete!  They live in an old brick townhouse which has withstood many a storm.  I felt like we were gonna be pretty safe there; no big trees to worry about, and we were protected by houses on either side of us.  In preparation, we bought food to make some yummy meals even if the power went out and a ridiculous amount of alcohol since we were gonna be cozied up inside for a few days.  We also filled the bath tub with water, just in case.  Liam found his happy place in their papasan where he took many many naps!

Luckily, where we were in Delaware was not hit by Hurricane Sandy too bad.  There was plenty of wind & rain, but we never lost power.  We were beginning to think that the hurricane was not a bad as predicted until we started watching the news.  It was incredibly sad to see how hard areas very close to us were hit.  We were definitely lucky to be in a safe & cozy house that night.  We were supposed to fly out Tuesday morning, but our flights were cancelled twice.  We were eventually rebooked and flew out Wednesday night, Halloween! 

Unfortunately, I don't have any super cute pictures of Liam dressed up for Halloween...we missed the holiday completely due to our trip being extended.  I had all these big plans of sewing him his 1st Halloween costume and passing out candy for the first time in our new house.  I wanted to carve pumpkins together...I even bought a little one just for Liam.  But we were so busy with this trip and our impending move (more on this later) that Halloween just got lost in the mix.  At least the house was decorated, and I had purchased Liam the book Goodnight Goon!  I felt like such a bad mom and that I had failed his 1st holiday, even though he won't remember it! :'(  With how much I love all holidays, this was very upsetting for me.  I will not be dropping the ball on Thanksgiving & Christmas, trust me!

On another note, Liam has become quite the traveler!  At only 3 months old he has already visited 6 states; I can't wait to keep growing that list!  Preferably when he'll remember his visits!  :-)
1. Washington
2. Idaho
3. Montana
4. Utah
5. Pennsylvania
6. Delaware

We were sad to leave our friends in Delaware, but will hopefully visiting again soon!  I can't let another two years go by before we see everyone again!  I was terrible about taking pictures... but hopefully I'll start improving on that as we head into the holidays as well.  I'm going to start taking more videos too, stay tuned!  Here's an adorable one of Alison & Liam in their matching stripes!  If only Ali was in a romper too!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Favorite Things: Months 2 & 3

Burp Cloths:  I searched for the perfect burp cloth for quite some time.  I tried many different types/brands and finally settled on the perfect one!  These diaper burp cloths really are the best!  They are much thicker & more absorbent than the standard burp cloth (worthless in my opinion), but not as bulky as an actual cloth diaper.  My sister-in-law recommended these to me, and I'm so glad she did; now, my burp cloth woes are over!  I currently have one set, but I think I might be getting another pack as Liam really gets into his teething phase.

Lambie:  I grew up with a lambie, so I was excited to get Liam one too!  I'm sure there are plenty of naysayers out there to tell me that nothing should be in an infant's crib, but I did my research and felt comfortable with my choice!  I decided to get a shorn lambskin, but it's really a personal choice.  I wanted to make sure it was something that I could wash and not have to dry clean, so some of the cheaper options (like the one from IKEA) weren't for me.  Liam's lambie fits perfectly into his pack 'n play when we are on the go and makes it that much cozier.  I love how it helps to regulate his body temperature, because Liam tends to want his hands free at night and they get cold!  I've also had many parents tell them that a lambie is a must because you can bring it with you wherever you go and your child will still sleep great because they are used to it!

Multi-Use Pads:  I was a little bit skeptical about these when my mom first suggested them, but now I use them daily!  The pads are very absorbent but also thin, so they are super easy to tote around.  I keep one on my changing table to catch those mid-change wees; this way, I don't have to wash the changing pad cover nearly as much.  I also keep one in our bedroom for when I need to change Liam downstairs.  And the third one goes in the diaper bag.  Then, if there happens to be a big mess, it's on the pad instead of my diaper bag!  They are washable and dry fast; I can't say enough good things!

Teethers:  Liam recently started teething (crazy early I know!), but most teethers are still too big or heavy for his little hands & mouth.  I love these rings from Lifefactory!  They are made of silicone, have different textures, and are made in the USA.  I really just love all Lifefactory products in general!  I keep one in the diaper bag & one at home.

Humidifier:  The one pictured isn't the one I have (I have an ugly Walgreens one), but the one I would like to have!  I think it looks sleek, which is something I appreciate if it's going to be in Liam's nursery all the time.  A humidifier has really helped Liam sleep longer and make sure his little nose doesn't get too dry.  The white noise it makes is perfect for when Conor & I are still awake watching a movie or have company over and might be making a little extra noise!  The first night we used it in Liam's nursery he slept 9 1/2 hours straight; we've used it every night since!

Hooded Onesies:  These are the cutest things ever!  Aside from the fashion aspect, I love that these keep my little guy extra warm as the colder months are approaching.  They are have been hard to find, so I only have this one.  It comes as set... but even if you aren't a fan of the pants & other shirt, it's still worth it for the cuteness that is this light blue hooded onesie

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