Monday, December 24, 2012

5 Months Old

5 Months Old

Height,Weight, & Head: No doctor's visit this month, so no updated stats  

Clothes:  He is now fitting in 6-9 or 6-12 months in everything.  

Eating:  100% Mama's milk! I am extremely proud of my exclusively breastfed baby who is growing wonderfully!  I still love nursing just as much as I did when we started!  He has begun to rub my arm while he nurses and it just melts my heart.  I do plan on starting to introduce solids towards the end of the month, once we are settled in Utah and Liam is sitting up by himself (he's so close!)

Sleeping: My amazing little sleeper has disappeared...  Literally the day after he turned 4 months old, Liam went from sleeping 9-12 hours straight to not sleeping consistently at all.  This little monster wakes up every couple hours now.  I never thought I could go back to that, but here we are a month later... and surprisingly, I'm still functioning.  No matter what you call it: 4 month sleep regression, a stormy wonder week, the 4 month wakefuls... I'm hoping it passes soon!

Diapering:  We love cloth! Here's the post about them if you missed it!

Trips:  Once again, we had a busy month!  We traveled to Spokane for Thanksgiving, and then Liam & I joined Conor in Salt Lake City for a week (where we bought a new house)!  Liam has now been on 6 flights before he turned 5 months old, busy little traveler!  Currently, we're in Spokane for Christmas and will be driving to Montana the morning after.  It has been a fun & crazy month (Liam & I haven't been in any one place for more than a week), but I am getting anxious to be settled down in Utah.

Playtime: Liam is go-go-gadget-go right now!  I absolutely love watching him explore this world each day.  He is super busy and wants to be played with nonstop.  I am looking forward to him being able to sit up by himself so that he can do a little more solo play while I get things done around the house.  We finally caved and bought him a jumparoo for Christmas; I have a feeling he will love it!  It'll be under the Christmas tree tomorrow morning with a big ol' bow on it. Shhhhh! Don't tell him!  He also has a slight obsession with wrapping paper, so he will surely be in baby-mind-stimulatin' heaven tomorrow!

Likes:  Making new noises (right now he's figured out how to grunt, growl like a dinosaur, and he's discovered a few higher screeches).  Falling asleep with things in his hands (usually a toy which I'm trying to swap out for a lovie, that seems a little more appropriate than a crinkly toy for naptime).  Blowing bubbles (this is a loud & messy activity, he is such a boy)!  Grabbing his toes and putting them in his mouth (especially during diaper changes)!  How the Grinch Stole Christmas (this is his favorite book of the moment, especially the shiny red cover!  We usually make it about half way through the book before he loses his patience, so I have the first half memorized.  "All the Whos lay a-snooze" is our favorite line)!

Milestones:  We have a roller!  Liam has rolled from his tummy to back multiple times...but only for me! :-)  I'm hoping the little bugger will show Conor sometime soon.  He is also so darn close to sitting up by himself, but still wobbles a little bit.  Liam wants to be mobile so bad; it will be interesting to see when the little man starts crawling.

Best Moment:  Watching Liam give big smiles to all his favorite people!  When Conor gets back from a week away on business, Liam greets him with the biggest smile and is so happy to see him!  His dad really gets the grins and giggles out of him. He also recognizes Nana & Pops (my mom & dad) now and shares some smiles with them as well! We cannot wait to get him to Bigfork so that he can get to know all his Keenan fans too.

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