Monday, December 10, 2012

Fa la la la la...

As much as I love the Christmas Season, I always wait til after Thanksgiving to deck the halls & listen to Christmas music; one holiday at a time people!  What makes this time of year so exciting is all the anticipation!  Having said that, I most definitely am purchasing Christmas presents early, picking up some new holiday decor, and choosing this year's wrapping paper/ribbon combo long before hand.  I just consider that my "prep" work!

Normally, Conor & I kick things off with a Christmas movie after Thanksgiving dinner, then hit the sheets because Conor gets up early for some Black Friday shopping.  Then we get drinks & go cut down a Christmas tree and spend the rest of the day decorating.  Since we were in Spokane this year, things went down a little differently.  After Thanksgiving dinner, I had a little surprise for Liam (and Conor)!  I had purchased some Christmas jammies for all three of us!  I had always liked the idea of giving your kids new pajamas every year on Christmas Eve, but I wanted to make the tradition my own.  I thought it would be much more fun to get Christmas PJs to kick off the whole holiday season!  Who doesn't want brand spanking new jammies while decorating the tree and house the next day?!  So I wrapped them up with a little note that said:

Keenan Family,

Here's something to help you get "prepped" 
for Santa's visit come Christmas Eve!  Enjoy!

Love, Wayne & Lanny

Prep & Landing is one of our new favorite Christmas movies; so, I thought it would be hilarious to get a gift from Santa's Prep team!  It took Conor a second to figure out who Wayne & Lanny were, but he eventually figured it out!  And a tradition has begun!  Liam was asleep for most of the action, but when he woke up in his new outfit he was pretty excited about it!

The traditions continued that evening, with Nana (my mom) giving Liam his 1st Christmas ornament!  My Grandma gave my brothers & I an ornament every Christmas.  This was something I really looked forward to receiving; I loved being able to put up my own ornaments on our tree!  I have quite the collection now and my Grandpa continues to get me an ornament every year even though my Grandma has passed away.  This being the first year for Liam, Nana bought his a Baby's 1st Christmas Ornament.  I absolutely love it, a great addition to our tree!

The next morning we piled into my parents station wagon car and headed to the Christmas Tree Farm!  Cutting down your own real tree is a Christmas must for me!  I don't understand fake trees, and I absolutely hate them!  The last few years, my parents have been going to Camden Ranch to get their tree and have been very pleased with them!  Typically, Christmas tree farms provide saws, and then they'll shake and bale the tree for you!  It really doesn't get much better than this!  My parents house has high ceilings, so we're usually in the market for an 11 footer!!!  Before we made it to the tree farm, we made a pit stop at my brothers' bar for some to-go mimosas & bloody marys!

 Jon & Shalan as well as baby Kanyon joined us!  It was a sunny day and just tad bit nipply nippy out!  Liam loved being outside and walking between all the trees.  It took awhile, but Conor finally spotted the perfect one!  While she's only a 10 footer, she's a beaut!

That weekend, we had the Christmas music blaring while decorating the tree!  My family has an affinity for the Rod Stewart & Dolly Parton version of "Baby, It's Cold Outside," so you know that was put on repeat a time or two!  The little guy had a blast, but it also wore him out... some babies just can't handle all that Christmas fun!

Pictures of the decorated tree to come and so much more!  I haven't even gotten into December yet!


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