Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Liam's 1st Thanksgiving

I was so excited to kick off the holiday season this year!  Everything is better now that Liam is a part of our family!  We did things a little bit different this time around... obviously we have a baby now, but our upcoming move to Salt Lake City has really thrown a wrench in all of our holiday plans.  Here's the brief post about our move, in case you hadn't heard.  Conor is now commuting to SLC weekly, so he's only with us on the weekends.  Initially, we were going to spend Thanksgiving with the Keenan Family in Montana, but that was going to be a lot of travel for Conor in a short amount of time.  Plus, I was going to be in Spokane so my parents could help me out with Liam, so we decided to do Thanksgiving there this year.

Conor & I have been living all over the country the last four years, so we have just stayed put for Thanksgiving.  It was so nice to be back with family this year!  Conor & I have started some of our own traditions over the years, so we incorporated those in with my family's traditions.  Wednesday, my Mom & I (and of course Liam; because where I go, he goes) gathered up all the fixings for our big feast the next day.  I like to refer to this day as Thanksgiving-Prep-Day and it's one of my favorites... the anticipation of the day to come and then the beginning of the Christmas Season is so exciting!  Conor flew into Spokane Wednesday night and we surprised him by greeting him right outside the gate.  We had missed him lots; it felt so good to put Liam back in his arms!  I may have gotten a little teary eyed...the holidays will do that to ya!  That night we brined our turkey, cubed bread for stuffing, and rested up!

Thanksgiving morning, Conor, my Mom, & I started prepping food as soon as we woke up!  We also made a tasty little breakfast to fill our bellies til dinner time.  Since it's Thanksgiving dinner, we eat at dinner time!  Personally, I don't understand the people who have their Thanksgiving meal at 2 o'clock... but to each their own I guess...  Don't they get hungry again?!  Of course there has to be a morning cocktail to go with breakfast, so this year we made a batch of Ramos Gin Fizz to go with our eggs & cinnamon rolls, yummm!

After breakfast, we all went on the 3rd Annual Keenan Family Christmas walk!  Because you have to sneak some exercise into the day of feasting.  Liam is now loving the baby hawk so I wear him everywhere!  No need for a stroller!  I also bought him the cutest fleece body suit to bundle him up in the cold weather.  It was cuteness overload, I just can't get over him in this outfit!

The rest of the day was spent in the kitchen getting everything ready; although, we were able to squeezed in a little parade watching and some football of course.  As per Keenan tradition, the turkey was cooked in an oven bag which I think my Mom was a fan of!  It keeps the turkey so moist without having to baste it constantly.  We also had the standard side dishes: stuffing & mashed potatoes...then we mixed it up and made green bean asparagus casserole per Conor's request.  Conor also threw together some cheese pinwheels instead of just a boring dinner roll.  They are little bits of cheesy goodness.  Normally, we make a pumpkin chiffon pie...but I had already have my fair share of pumpkin this year (had it for my birthday as well as Friendsgiving), so we stuck to just Pecan Pie which is my Dad's favorite.

This year, our Thanksgiving group was small.  Both of my brother's did their own dinners with their respective families and my cousins went to their lake place for a more intimate dinner this year.  So it was just us three Keenans, my parents, my Grandpa, two aunts, & an uncle!  I missed the chaos of a big group just a little, but this year was much more relaxing.

I was excited to dress Liam for the big day, but it wasn't nearly as much fun as it would be to dress up a girl.  Oh well, maybe with the next one... (Not anytime soon, no Irish twins for this family!)  While my little man looked so handsome, I never got a great picture of him.  He was a little toasty that day, so his cute boat shoes & socks were off most of the night, and it was a rough teething day for him so there was drool all over the place!  A light gray sweater may have been a poor choice in hindsight!  This also wasn't his most photogenic day.  But we were having too much fun to worry about pictures!  Luckily, my Mom snagged one of three of us... again, not our best! (I should really just start instagram-ing all photos)

Liam added a whole new element to the day, as we passed him around to whomever had a spare hand at the moment, since we were all busy cooking.  While he tends to slow me down a little bit, he makes everything & every day so much better!  The holidays are no exception.  I'm looking forward to all the Thanksgivings to come... especially next year when Liam can actually eat all the tasty foods.  And almost forgot to mention one of my favorite things from this Thanksgiving...the book "I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie!"  Nana & Pops gave this cute book to Liam!  It's a Thanksgiving version of "There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly."  I love a good holiday book; we enjoyed reading this one all of November! 

Once dinner was finished, and the dishes were put away (except the wine & old fashion glasses)... Christmas Season had officially begun!  I can't wait to share all of our fun!


  1. Oh you Keenans are just too much! Love it! Happy Holidays to you all :)


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