Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Favorite Things: Month 4

Boogie Wipes: These wipes are the softer thing ever!  I even like using them on myself when my nose is running.  Liam has a runny nose pretty frequently now that he's teething, so I use these all the time.  He isn't a huge fan of having his nose wiped, but they get the job done.  And the grape scent is amazing... makes me want to lick them (don't do it!)

Infantino Rattle Pal:  This is Liam's absolute favorite toy right now.  It's easy to grab, it crinkles, has a mirror, and it's a rattle!  What's not to love?!  He plays with this mostly in the car or when I'm trying to shower... the two times I need it most and can always count on it to entertain him!

Chewbeads:  Mommy chic & baby safe.  Both Liam & I are huge fans of these.  They come in all sorts of colors and are super cute.  I get lots of compliments on them, and most people don't know they are teethers.  As far as chewing goes, Liam prefers the bracelet (which I have in turquoise but it's really more of a mint green color).  But I also love the necklace as something for him to grab onto (instead of my hair) while nursing or just being held.  It keeps him a little more focused.

Baby Hawk Mei Tai:  Love this carrier!  I also have the Moby, but really prefer this one.  It supports your baby from their bottom, so there is no strain on their crotch.  Instead of legs dangling they wrap around your stomach.  It's really easy to tie on & off so I use it every where.  No more lugging around his car seat or trying to do some holiday shopping with a massive stroller!  Liam loves it too, because he's close to me but gets to see everything around him.  Plus, this chevron print is so stylish!

Infantino Links:  These are awesome for attaching toys or teethers too!  I always have them on his car seat and just switch out different toys every once awhile.  The links themselves are fun too, since they have different textures and colors.  They are super easy to link & unlink... almost too easy... sometimes Liam yanks on his toys so hard he pulls them off his car seat!

Jellycat Touch & Feel Books:  My little man loves looking at books already.  Mama is so happy!  The Jellycat brand is his favorite of the sensory books.  He just now exploring the different textures on each page, but he loves all the colors and just the book itself.  He'll hold it, try to manipulate it, and just stare at one page for quite awhile.  We have three, but my favorite is "If I were a duck!"


  1. Thank goodness I have you to check out all the hot items for me :) Can't wait to see you and your sweet little man!

  2. What carrier are you using here for Liam?


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