Friday, December 21, 2012

Santa, I know him!

Last week, we finally took Liam to see Santa!  I had been putting off doing it for awhile because I really didn't want to go to a mall and stand in line forever to pay $30 for one picture.  All I really wanted was to put Liam on some jolly ol' fellow's lap and take my own picture!  So while reading our local news on Sunday morning, I saw that Santa was going to be visiting the Catholic grade school right by our house from 9am til noon, and anyone could stop by and take their own picture for free....perfect!  Well except the fact that it was 11:30am and nobody in our house was dressed yet!  I had yet to even plan out the perfect outfit for Liam's first time meeting the big guy, but I was not about to miss this opportunity.  So I got Liam dressed as quickly as possible (realized his adorable boat shoes no longer fit, tried to jam them on his feet anyways, settled for cute tennis shoes) and we flew out the door!  I didn't worry about myself, since I was not planning on being in the picture...

I thought Liam would be all about Santa, since he seems to really be into people with facial hair and glasses these days; however, he really could have cared less.  He was happy to be with Santa, but he simply gave him a once over and then was more interested at looking at Conor & I.  At least there were no tears... because there is absolutely no place for crying where anything Christmas is concerned!  Santa was wonderful and such a nice man; but then, he insisted that Conor & I also get in a picture!  Santa's glasses must be broken, because he obviously didn't give me a once over!  I looked like the disheveled Mom who had yet to brush her hair or even take off yesterday's make up; not to mention, that I was still wearing my glasses, since there was no time to put my contacts in!  I quickly ripped my glasses off my face, but I could barely see whoever was taking our picture!

So here is my cute little boy full of excitement at his first meeting
 with Santa and the hot mess that I was that morning:

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