Friday, January 25, 2013

6 Months Old

6 Months Old

Height: 28 inches (92%)

Weight: 17 lbs 4 oz (47%)

Head: 44 cm (58%)

Clothes:  Oh how my boy grows.  Still in 6-9 or 6-12 month items, but some of them are starting to get snug's ridiculous!

Eating:  Still loving on Mama's milk; I love how he engages with me during our nursing sessions.  This time has only become more & more special, even with how busy he is!  In addition, last week we started introducing solids!  We are using the baby led weaning method, so we skipped purees are went straight into finger foods.  I'm going to post about this separately because there is just so much to share!

Sleeping: Sleep...who needs it?!  Liam is still not sleeping well.  It's very hard to put him down for the night, and he wakes up almost every hour.  We have had a few rare nights that he has slept for 4 hours straight, but that is definitely not the norm.  We've been trying out a more strict bedtime routine, but unfortunately that hasn't helped.  We are still putting him in his crib to start (most nights we're successful with this), but for most of the rest of the night we are back to co-sleeping.  My only saving grace is that Liam & I stay in bed til around 8:30 or 9; unfortunately, Conor doesn't have this luxury.  I feel so bad for him when he wakes up early for work each day.  Still hoping this is a phase and that it will pass... Our pediatrician wants us to sleep train him, but I'm just not sure that's for us.

Diapering:  Only cloth on this baby's bum!  Now that we are in Salt Lake City, I've had to adjust my diaper wash routine a bit.  The water is very hard here which complicates things a bit.  We're going to install a water softner, but in the mean time I'm adding Calgon to my diaper laundry and that seems to be doing the trick and keeping them nice & clean!  I'm also gonna be purchasing a diaper sprayer soon since Liam has started on solids and I'll need to start rinsing some of his diapers now.  I'll definitely be posting about this experience!

Trips:  We spent a week in Montana right after Christmas.  Liam has been quite the trooper during our long car rides, we are lucky!  We also officially moved to Utah, so that was a long road trip as well.  Yes, we drove... seemed much easier than flying with a baby AND a cat!  To break up the drive we stayed the night in some teeny tiny town in Oregon.  Adding that to Liam's states list, he's been to 7 states at only 6 months old!
1. Washington
2. Idaho
3. Montana
4. Utah
5.  Pennsylvania
6. Delaware
7. Oregon

Playtime:  Liam is still constantly moving/wiggling.  I can't even imagine what it will be like when he starts to crawl & walk!  He loves the jumper when got him for Christmas, but is more interested in all the fun toys on it than the actually jumping part.  Although, this past week he has started to get those legs moving up & down a little bit more.  Another new toy of his is the Playskool take apart truck.  This originally belonged to his Grandpa and then to Conor; now, it is Liam's.  I love the fact that this is a vintage, wood truck!  So special to the family.  He's still super into books (turning the pages and putting them in his mouth)!  Our current favorite for bedtime is Little Hoot!  I just crack up when the owls practice pondering and staring, too funny!  His new thing he loves to do is push a ball back and forth with Conor or I.  Now that this little man can sit up that is all he wants to do.  Sit, sit, sit!  Our new house has an extra 1000 square feet, so Liam will have an official playroom here!  I can't wait to design it...the ideas are already brewing.  I'm also in the process of re-doing his nursery.  Can't wait to post about these new projects!

Likes:  Tickles!  Oh my goodness, Dad really gets Liam howling with laughter during some tickle sessions.  Sometimes just the anticipation of tickles to come sends him roaring into laughs.  And it is the absolute sweetest sound I have ever heard.  I can't get him to laugh nearly as hard as Conor can, but when I do my heart just melts.  He's also a big fan of trying to stand in the tub, even though I continually tell him the number 1 rule of bath time is "No standing in the tub"!  Liam has found a new obsession for buttons and zippers and anything of the like on our clothing.  Sometimes he gets a little frustrated that those buttons won't come off!  Another thing that really gets him laughing is being tossed in the air.  I count to three before I do it, so he knows what is coming.  By 3, his little body goes limp as he prepares to be tossed up high and he does a funny tuck mid-air and giggles.  So stinking cute!  Little L is pretty awesome!  And his absolutely favorite thing has to be our cat Charlie!  If the cat is in his sights, he has both hands out reaching for Charlie and talking to him like crazy.  Charlie really likes Liam too and comes and snuggles us throughout the day.  He is very patient and doesn't seem to mind when Liam pulls his tail...or takes a big chunk of fur with him...

Milestones:  Liam is officially sitting up on his own and hasn't looked back since!  He actually did it for the first time on Christmas Eve at exactly 5 months old, but of course did it after I had written that post!  He's still rolling over tummy to back, but only for my eyes.  I have yet to see him go back to belly though.  Liam is much more interested in sitting to do any rolling.  All in his own time I suppose!

Best Moment:  Finding out Liam is going to have a new cousin in July!  We are more than thrilled!  I'm secretly hoping it's a boy because we don't have any nephews yet...


  1. My baby girl sleep habits sound exactly like Liam's. She is up every hour until I give in and bring her to our bed! Tired cry it out one night. It wasn't fun. There is a no sleep solution book - going to try and follow those strategies. Her bad sleep habits have been going on for quite a while. Lots of options for sleep training- not just cry it out;)

  2. I have heard about that book from a couple people. I've already started reading it and am hoping for some amazing insight. Until then, Liam & I both will remain clinically sleep deprived!


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