Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hop-a-long Boots & A Pistol That Shoots

The day after Christmas we were in the car and driving to Montana for Christmas with the Keenan Family!  We had not spent much time there since Liam was born, so we were looking forward to spending an entire week there.  Everyone was excited to see Liam and there was plenty of baby oogling as soon as we walked in the door.  Liam was loving on all the new faces!

The evening was full of gift giving, good food, and plenty of cheer.  Liam was more than spoiled by all his aunts & uncles and Grandparents!  He even received his 1st pair of Carharts... can't wait til he fits into those!  Throw on a flannel shirt and he'll be the cutest little Montana boy ever!  Unfortunately, Uncle Kyle was in Hawaii for Christmas this year, so we missed him during our visit.  Luckily, we had plenty of quality time with the rest of the family.

Conor's parents own an apartment unit right in downtown Bigfork, so the three of us had our own little place to stay.  It felt like a home away from home since we all had been traveling so much that month!  I had my own washer & dryer to do all our laundry (which there is plenty of with a baby) and keep up with Liam's cloth diapers.  The apartment is also just one block down from Conor's parent's restaurant.  Each morning Conor would take Liam there early in the morning to spend time with the Grandparents, and let me catch a few extra zzz's.  Then, I would meet them there later for breakfast. Conor loved being back in the BFI kitchen where he grew up with a saute pan in hand. It was so wonderful to be moving at a much slower pace and just enjoy our time together with family.

I was treated to amazing meals that week, choosing something different off the menu at their restaurant almost every night!  I always know I'm going to eat well in Montana.  :-) Liam even helped Grandpa in the kitchen on occasion!  I had my fair share of ice cream during our visit!  Conor's sister Marissa and her husband Sam own Sweet Peaks where they make the most delicious ice cream; it's unbelievable!  Shameless plug I know, but I literally have no self control when it comes to Sweet Peaks.  This visit, I was particular obsessed with their Coffee Traders Espresso ice cream and still can't get it out of my mind.  'Tis the season... Eat. Drink. Be Merry.

In between all the family fun, Conor & I did a little car shopping!  My honda had a bad transmission, and we were worried it was going to just fall out at any point.  This made me so nervous, especially when I was driving around with Liam.  I was also ready to upgrade to an SUV.  Now that we have Liam, we have a lot more "stuff"!  We desperately needed a bigger car for our growing family and all the road trips we take.  After looking around a few test drives, we decided on an Audi Q7!  I love it; finally, Liam & I are driving around in style! :-)

Our last night in Montana was New Years Eve!  In years past, we've hit the bars pretty hard with Sam & Marissa in Whitefish.  Although that still sounds enticing at times, we enjoyed a much more low key evening with our little boy!  We had another amazing meal at the Bigfork Inn (the Keenan Family restaurant) and then went back to the apartment on Main Street for a game night!  Shortly before midnight everyone headed back to the restaurant to ring in the new year, but Little L was done for the night.  I stayed behind and nursed him to sleep, and reflected on what an incredible year 2012 was.  To my surprise, Conor walked back with two glasses of champagne just in time to give me a kiss as the clock tower at the library struck midnight and began playing Auld Lang Syne in bells echoing down the street!  Perfect end to the evening and the year!

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