Saturday, January 26, 2013

My Favorite Things: Months 5 & 6

H & M Hat and Mittens:  These have by far been the most warm & cozy of all Liam's winter accessories!  Not to mention the adorable factor.  He pretty much wears this hat on a daily basis right now.

UGG Bixbee BootiesThese are only the shoes Liam wears right now.  They are so easy to put on, and again are super warm!  Liam has pretty big feet so I bought him the 2/3 size which is technically 12-24 months but they have fit him since 5 months.  I love these so much I even bought a pair for one of my nieces in pink!

Luv U Zoo Jumperoo:  Liam is a huge fan of this!  At 6 months, he's just now getting into the jumping part of it.   But he loves all the doodads on it.  I like that it isn't a complete eye sore.  :-)  He spends half his time in here trying to grab the hanging monkey & hippo; I can watch him do this all day.  This jumperoo has also given me a little bit of hands free time to do things like cook dinner.  My only complaint is that the legs holes are a little bit small so getting him in and out is slightly tricky.  He can also barely touch the ground even on the lowest setting...and my baby is tall!  There is still plenty of room to grow into this

CJ's BUTTer:  I am most excited about this stuff right now!  While I love coconut oil as a diaper rash cream, it has nothing on CJ's BUTTer.  I had heard all about this stuff, but it took me awhile to give it a try.  It comes in some of the most amazing scents: Blueberry Crumble, Monkey Farts, My Pixie Pie, Lavender, Tea Tree...just to name a few.  I want to try them all!  I'm already waiting to run out of my current tube so I can buy some more!  Next time I'll probably buy the sampler pack just so I can have lots of scents!  During diaper changes, I'm literally looking for any possible redness on Liam, just so I can use it.  Most times I lather it on him simply for good measure.  I love everything about this stuff! :-)

Infantino Stick & Spin Monkey:  Liam is still loving all of his Infantino toys!  This little monkey is meant for the high chair, but Liam likes to play with it even when it's not stuck to anything.  Sometimes we even add it to his if that needs more things on it!  Sometimes he's able to unsuction it, but rarely.

Aden & Anais Burpy Bib:  Love all our Aden & Anais products as well!  This bib is by far the best one we have.  It's quite big, so it covers his entire front, as well as his shoulders.  This one catches all his crazy drool and some!  Plus I love all the fun prints.


  1. Thanks for the suggestions. I am going to try the BUTTer. Love the different scents!

  2. we have the luv u zoo too (my lady is 3 months) and she's tall too and she's no where near touching the bottom. I have books under it. But she loves sitting in the and looking at everything. Good to know she'll (hopefully) be liking it for awhile!


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