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7 Months Old

7 Months Old

Height, Weight, & Head: No updated stats.

Clothes:  Still squeezing into his 6-12 month clothes.  I'm trying to hold off on buying much 'til we get into warmer weather.  I desperately need some new pajamas for him, but I'm super picky about what I like.  I'm currently on the hunt!

Eating:  We're now a month into baby led weaning!  Here's the post if you missed it.  While Liam enjoys playing & sampling different foods right now, he still loves Mama's milk the best!  I nurse him on demand, which is multiple times throughout the day.  He literally squeals with delight when he knows he's about to get "nursies"!  I still love breastfeeding, although his brand new teeth have added a new dimension to the experience. ;-)

Sleeping:  Not much has changed in this department, although we've some slight improvement.  We definitely are not doing any "cry it out" methods; however, I did read the No Cry Sleep Solution book which provided a few nice insights.  On a typical night, Liam starts the night in his crib (after I spend up to an hour trying to every-so-gently place in him in there...).  Once he wakes up (after an hour or so),  he comes straight to our bed for the rest of the night to maximize the little amount of sleep we do get.  For awhile, he was waking up every 45 minutes, but now we're consistently getting 2 hour stretches.  Last night he got in a 5 hour stretch!!!  I hope this means we're turning the corner on this stage.  He'll nap during the day, but only for about 30 minutes, unless I lay down with him.  So, my Kindle has become my  new best friend!

Diapering:  I might have gone a little crazy buying new diapers this month; I just can't help myself!  I'm trying out some new nighttime solutions...  Since Liam is waking up so frequently, he is peeing a lot!  My regular diapers just weren't cutting it, so we've switched to using fitteds & covers at night with extra hemp inserts.  You should see how fluffy this boy's butt is when I get him ready for bed!  I also purchased some all-in-one diapers this month and are loving them, especially the owl print one.  Who knew a diaper could be so darn adorable.  They are slightly more expensive than the pocket style, but are well worth it.  I also decided to sell some that I just wasn't loving anymore.  I always heard about the incredible resale value of cloth diapers but was somewhat skeptical.  Well... I sold four of my diapers in one day (online) for just a bit over what I purchased them for new!  I had bought them at such a good sale price back when I was pregnant, that I was able to resell them above what I spent but below market value so those ladies still got a great deal!  Just another reason to start cloth diapering!

Adventures:  This month, we drove to Park City to watch the FIS Free Ski Halfpipe Competition!  Our friend Shannon gave us VIP tickets to watch the event on a beautifully sunny day! It just so happened to be Conor's birthday that day as well so that made it even more fun.  I helped myself to some free mimosas while enjoying the great outdoors.  It was such a fun event to watch!  Everyone was loving on little Liam while he flashed smiles left & right.  Shannon even gave us a little Visa ski bib for him, so he could feel like one of the competitors!

Also this month, Nana & Pops came to visit!  And that is always an adventure! :-)

Playtime:  We spent lots of time in Liam's playroom these days!  Although, I have yet to decide exactly how I want to decorate/organize it.  Right now, I'm just oogling all the different options.  Liam is really into books right now.  He loves to hold it himself and turn the pages, so we are mostly sticking to board books since they are much more durable.  His absolute favorites are Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See (we have the slide and find version which makes it extra fun) and Pat the Bunny (the deluxe edition is a must)!  His favorite pages are "playing peek-a-boo with Paul", "touching Daddy's scratchy face", and "looking in the mirror"!  He knows exactly what to do on each page.  He is so obsessed with this book right now that  I have to hide it after we read it so that he'll move on to some other books for awhile; if it's in sight, he wants it!  We read this book so often that I'm inspired to be Paul & Judy for our Halloween costumes this year... Liam as a bunny: adorable!

Likes:  Rubber ducks.   Well, mostly the beak part; he nurses/teethes on the beak through much of bath time or whenever he manages to get his hands on one.  For some reason they seem to be floating around the house!  Having raspberries blown on his belly.  This gets him howling like crazy during diaper changes.  He has become so squirrely while I'm trying to change his diaper, so blowing on his tummy keeps him focused on me while he anticipates my next maneuver!  Knocking over blocks.  I am always building towers of his blocks which he closely watches and then quickly attacks!  Rolling a ball.  This is one of our more mellow activities, but he seems to really love rolling a ball back and forth with us.  Sometimes he tries to catch it with his feet which is too funny!  I'm surprised how long I can make this activity last, especially with lots of clapping and praise in between.  Balloons.  Oh my goodness, this boy goes crazy for balloons!  He's perfectly happy to just sit and hold on to his dear balloon!  For Valentine's Day, I (was very embarrassed, don't ask why...) purchased him some red balloons to tie to his high chair!  Little did I know at the time, that these balloons would be a constant part of my day for the entire week!  The color red.  Liam is starting to show a preference for some toys over others, but he always goes for whatever is red.  Orange comes in a close second, but is nothing to him if red is nearby!  A sneaky Daddy.  Conor loves to sneak up on Liam and attack him with tickles.  Liam goes crazy for this little game.  I love watching from a distance at my two boys playing... some of the best moments!

Milestones:  Liam has two little teeth on the bottom row, and I think some more are not far behind!  His smile is even cuter now, if that is possible!  He's finally rolled tummy to back, but really this guy just isn't much of a roller.  He is slowly starting to army crawl, although it's really just to the side right now.  He can go in a full circle!  His new thing is to get on his toes in a push up position; he wants to stand so bad!  He's quickly getting over this whole sitting thing.  I think he's going to be very mobile quite soon!  He also received a mini haircut from Conor...the sides were just getting a little too long!  His hair is really coming in quickly now, and I am just in love with his blond locks!  In not as exciting news, Liam has also transitioned to sitting in a shopping cart!  It's nice to have that option now, but when I'm alone I really still prefer to wear him.  It's just easier and I love having his warm little body snuggled in close.  Now that he's bigger, I'm trying to master wearing him on my back... no easy feat!


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  2. Oh my goodness I love the picture of him planking and your shopping cart cover! If I ever have a little boy, I'm totally getting one too. What brand is it? I was just reading about how he is peeing a lot more. I tell you what saved us was fitted diapers and wool at night. I know it sounds crazy, but wool is such a lifesaver because it keeps the wet diaper at body temperature, so when they wake up at night, they aren't cold. My daughter started sleeping through the night after we made the switch. I wrote about it here:

    I hope you find a nighttime solution that works for you! You should also check out good momma diapers. They are a bit pricey, but they have an amazing nighttime fitted diaper! I can't wait to read your next blog post on all the new changes you've made in your stash! Yay for fluffy bums!

    1. The shopping cart cover is Infantino! Bought it on Amazon.

      I recently tried some cotton fitteds, but they weren't enough. So right now I'm waiting on some Sloomb OBFs. Then I think I'll try wool. It's just so intimidating!!!

    2. I was too, but it's totally worth the effort. If you have any questions let me know ! Disana covers are inexpensive and a great gateway into wool. Sustainablebabyish also has amazingly soft covers, but they are kinda pricey. I also have the kissaluvs which works well too. Once you lanolinze the wool, it's good for a month or two and works wonders! It got my fluffy butt sleeping through the night! My hubby actually prefers wool now. Weird, huh?!


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