Monday, March 25, 2013

Baby's 1st Easter Basket

I am so excited for Liam's 1st Easter!  I thought I would share what we're sneaking into Liam's basket in case some of you are still putting together baskets for your little ones.  I've slowly been collecting things over the past month, scooping up little goodies here & there.  Here's just a few of the items that Liam will be seeing on Easter morning.  No sweets this time, but next year I'll definitely be sneaking some candy in!  No one can turn away from those way-too-good Cadbury mini eggs.  No one!

Charlie Banana Swim DiaperI really want to start some infant swim classes with Liam, so I found him the cutest cloth diaper swim out there!  Of course I'm sticking with cloth, even for swimming.  Some targets starting carrying Charlie Banana diapers; here is the list to see if one of them is near you!

Peter Rabbit Book:  There are many versions of Peter Rabbit available; I just picked one that I liked the illustrations and that was a board book.  I wanted it to be age appropriate for Liam right now.  When he's a little bit older, he'll be finding the Velveteen Rabbit in his basket.

Sperry Baby Shoes:  Now that Liam has almost outgrown his Uggs and Spring is here, I decided it was time to purchase Liam a new set of kicks!  I absolutely love mine, and think they are adorable for a little boy.  I can't wait for him to be toddling around in these!

Baby Bunny Book:  Liam already has two other Priddy touch 'n feel books that he absolutely loves, so I thought one more couldn't hurt!  Plus it's a bunny book, so it was a must have for Easter.

Bubbles:  Bubbles are a big hit with Liam right now!  Any kind of bubbles will do...  Unless someone has some super fancy bubbles that they just love and think are more superior than any other bubbles...?

Basket, Grass, & Eggs:  While all the Pottery Barn Kids baskets are completely adorable, I wanted something a little less "cutesy" for Liam.  I found the perfect basket at Michael's along with some paper grass.  Much more natural looking than the bright colored plastic stuff you see every where.  I prefer a more toned down look; bright colors aren't really my thing.  Which is why I'm loving the eggs that Target is carrying right now!  They have a package of blue ombre eggs that will look perfect in Liam's basket.  This year he'll just be excited about the eggs themselves, so they will be empty.  Well...except for maybe a treat or two for Mama!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

8 Months Old

8 Months Old

Height, Weight, & Head: No stats until his doctor visit next month.

Clothes:  Liam has officially jumped into some 12-18 month clothes.  He is growing much too fast for my liking, but I sure do have fun buying new clothes for him all the time.  I'm actually quite picky about what I put him in.... I don't understand why all little boy clothes have to be covered in huge animals or stupid little phrases.
Eating:  Little L is all about Mama's milk and only likes to sample other foods.  His two bottom teeth are continuing to put a damper on our nursing sessions though.  He likes to nip at me, which is quite frustrating.  He even drew a little blood just yesterday, ouch!  Good thing I am completely dedicated to breastfeeding him; I'm powering through this little speed-bump in our nursing relationship.  We're still following baby led weaning, it takes some patience as he learns to eat at his own pace, but we are completely okay with that.  We've continued to introduce more foods and have discovered that Liam absolutely loves cottage cheese!  We preload it on to a spoon for him and help guide it to his mouth.  He is quickly becoming a pro with the spoon, and I'm sure won't need our assistance for much longer.  He's also taking to his baby cup quite well!  We aren't using a typical sippy cup; his doesn't have a spout.  More on this in another post.  :-)

Sleeping:  Unfortunately, Liam still isn't sleeping very well.  Every night as I fall asleep, I tell myself: maybe tonight will be the night he sleeps for 6 hours straight...maybe, just maybe... it will be tonight!  Then 45 minutes later, I am awakened by his little cries and realize that tonight  is the never the night!  Nonetheless, we have established a bit of a routine:  He "sleeps" from 9:30pm-8:30am waking up about every two hours.  He nurses and then goes back to sleep quite quickly.  He likes to keep both his hands on my face though, to make sure I won't be slipping away from him.  We're still cosleeping and that is working well for our family.  Although his new nursery is almost finished (post to come), so maybe he'll be excited and want to start sleeping in there again...  One can only hope! We will probably try a little harder for this soon.

Diapering:  Right now, I'm trying to figure out a night time diaper solution for Liam.  With him sleeping for 12 hours but continuously eating & peeing throughout the night, we have been having some leaking.  Changing his diaper in the middle of the night is not an option, because he wakes up completely when we do and thinks it's time to play.  I ordered some new fitted diapers (bamboo this time) to try, and sold the cotton ones that weren't working for us.  I'm hoping this will be the solution, otherwise I'll be giving wool a try and that intimidates me a little bit.  I'll be posting more about our cloth diaper adventures again soon, since my stash has changed quite a bit!

Adventures:  Liam & I made a trip to Spokane for my Mom's 60th birthday!  It was my first time flying solo with Liam; luckily, everything went fine.  I use my baby hawk every where I go; it is so nice to not have to deal with a stroller in the airport!  We had such a wonderful time with my family in Spokane celebrating my Mom!

While there, we had two fun play dates with one of my best friends (who happens to be Liam's Godmother) and her two year old little boy!  I love spending time with them; I only wish we lived in the same city.  It's always hard to leave, but we'll be headed back at the end of April for Liam's baptism!

We also took Liam to the some March Madness!!!  He made it through 3 games in one day very successfully!  And 2 games on the 2nd day.  He was completely mesmerized by being in a stadium and around all the people and sounds!  I love how so far we have been able to take him (almost) everywhere!

Playtime:  Books are still Liam's absolute favorite thing!  This month his favorite book is Count to 10 with a Mouse!  He is an expert page turner and just so darn cute with it.  I love having him curl up on my lap and want to read through stories together.  Some of my favorite times with him!  We've also started this new little game with him, where we put him in his crib and then let one of his swaddle blankets fall on top of his head!  He goes nuts for this!  It's similar to the ginormous parachute you used to play with in gym class, but baby sized...who doesn't love a good parachute sesh'?!

Likes:  Story time.  This month I started taking Liam to story time at the library.  He is fascinated by all the other kids and loves the books & music.  We go once a week, and it's actually something that I look forward to as well.  Trips to pet store.  Again, this is another activity that I love!  We spend lots of time looking at all the different animals.  He is just completely in awe and I love watching his little eyes light up!  So far, we haven't bought any  new pets... ;-) Tags.  Super exciting stuff here...  Give my little boy anything with a tag and he is interested.  Clothes, stuffed animals, blankets, toys, etc.  He goes right for the tag and chews it 'til it's sopping wet!  Hair brush.  I discovered this little gem trying to distract the little guy while getting ready for the day.  He loves playing with the bristles as well as me brushing his hair.  It completely calms him down!  Now we sometimes use this little trick if he's particularly worked up or we want him to go to bed.  He loves the tickling feeling on his head as you comb through his hair and it works like a charm in settling him down. On a couple of occasions, Conor has even been able to put him to sleep this way.  Bubbles.  Oh these are fun for Mama & baby!  If you have yet to introduce your babe to bubbles, I suggest you go out right now and purchase some.  I get so much interaction from Liam when I pull out the little blue bottle of fun!  Even our cat Charlie likes to get in on the action and chase down some bubbles! 

Milestones:  We officially have one clapping little man!  Out of nowhere he just started doing it one day and he hasn't stopped since.  The first week he figured it out, he clapped in the tub, clapped in his highchair, clapped before he fell asleep, & clapped first thing when he woke up.  I am one proud Mama of all this cuteness!  Another milestone.. drum roll please...Liam's 1st word...maybe...!  He's been saying "dadadadada" for quite awhile now, and then he picked up the "mamamamama", but as of this last week his "Mama" is very clear and he uses it when he's upset.  I really believing he is saying with purpose now.  So I'm gonna go ahead and say that "Mama" is maybe, just maybe his first word!!!

Other small moments of excitement: Liam has also graduated to the full tub, no more infant bath tub for him!  And he uses every little inch of the tub; he's always scooting around on that little butt of his!  In fact, "scooting" is Liam's main form of movement right now.  He still doesn't seem too interested in crawling; he scoots if he needs to go anywhere, and then spends the rest of his time trying to stand up or pull himself up on furniture.  I see some serious baby proofing in our future...  I am starting to imagine what it is going to be like when he is fully mobile... that will be a big game changer!  I would love to hear any & all product recommendations in the baby proofing department.  I have yet to do much research on this yet, and I always love to hear what other Mama's love.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patrick vs. Selection Sunday

Everyone knows how much I love the holidays...big & small!  I also happen to be a big college basketball fan!  So why oh why do St. Patrick's Day & Selection Sunday have to coincide this year?!  I would like to celebrate them separately and give them each the attention they deserve!  Nonetheless, we are doing some dual celebrating today.  I completely dropped the ball on taking Liam to a parade yesterday...  Being in a new city is completely throwing me off my game.  Come next year, we'll definitely be hitting up a parade as Liam will be old enough to gather up all sorts of candy for his Mama's big sweet tooth!

Today's festivities include watching Bracketology while our corned beef cooks in its bath of Guiness & Smithwicks!  I'll be throwing back some hard cider while anxiously waiting to hear the announcement of the #1 seeds... C'mon Gonzaga!  For Christmas, I bought Conor & I tickets to the 1st & 2nd round of the tourney in Salt Lake City, so we are particularly excited this year!  Good thing Liam has a couple Gonzaga outfits to sport to the games!

Last year on St. Patrick's Day, we announced Liam's name (post here)!  I remember trying to imagine what our lives would be like when the holiday rolled around again.  It is so incredibly better than I ever could have thought!  He brings an extra delight to every day and especially holidays!  I had a little fun dressing him in sorts of green...all the way down to his diapers!  A year can completely change things, and I'll never look back!  Tonight I'll be singing my little L to sleep with our new favorite song:  Too-Rah-Loo-Rah (an Irish lullaby)...and then he'll wake up 20 minutes later! ;-)  Life is so sweet; I am one lucky Mama.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

My Favorite Things: Month 7

Bib:  Since we started baby led weaning this is a must have!  Sometimes Liam likes to teeth on his bib instead of eat, but either way he's occupied!  It's super easy to clean and can even go in the dishwasher.  The bow tie only adds to the cuteness!  

Infantino shopping cart cover:  Big surprise... another Infantino product; they really need to start paying me!  I love the gender neutral look of this print.  It's super soft & squishy and holds a few Liam's toys too!  It's also a high chair cover which is necessary to avoid all the gross ones at restaurants.  This cover is bulky, but I just keep it in the back of my car until I need it. 

Blocks:  These are one of our favorite toys right now!  They squeak, float, & stack and are super soft!  Liam likes to teeth on them constantly.  Each block has a letter and corresponding about of animals.  So many learning opportunities with these!  Liam was also a huge fan of the bag they came in for awhile, of course!

Padagonia long underwear: These are super soft & cozy and have a unique design to make them fit for longer!  This outfit is his standard "lazy day" attire. 

Tub:  This is the same tub we've been using since we brought Liam home from the hospital.  I love how it has all the necessary parts to adapt with Liam as he grows.  Now we're only using the tub itself in our big bath tub so he has plenty of space to splash & play.  He'll stay in this 'til he graduates to the regular bath.  I love that we've only had to purchase this one item and it's worked so well for us.  We actually have the frog one which is so darn cute!

Fish nesting bath toys:  We have all sorts of fun with these fish in the tub!  They have different amounts of holes poked into the bottom, making pouring water out of them super fun!  I like different colors & sizes, and Liam loves to teeth on them (what doesn't he love to teeth on?)!

Frog bath toy:  We're obviously really into bath time right now.  This little guys sticks right on the wall and is perfect for little hands to play with.  When you pour water into the frog's head, it makes his feet wiggle and the circle turn and spray water.  Too much fun!

Northface:  This is the perfect jacket for every day wear.  It's somewhat light weight but still seems to keep him plenty warm.  I also like how it's not bulky, so he still fits into his car seat fine with it on.  It's been through the wash numerous times and is still quite soft. 

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