Monday, March 25, 2013

Baby's 1st Easter Basket

I am so excited for Liam's 1st Easter!  I thought I would share what we're sneaking into Liam's basket in case some of you are still putting together baskets for your little ones.  I've slowly been collecting things over the past month, scooping up little goodies here & there.  Here's just a few of the items that Liam will be seeing on Easter morning.  No sweets this time, but next year I'll definitely be sneaking some candy in!  No one can turn away from those way-too-good Cadbury mini eggs.  No one!

Charlie Banana Swim DiaperI really want to start some infant swim classes with Liam, so I found him the cutest cloth diaper swim out there!  Of course I'm sticking with cloth, even for swimming.  Some targets starting carrying Charlie Banana diapers; here is the list to see if one of them is near you!

Peter Rabbit Book:  There are many versions of Peter Rabbit available; I just picked one that I liked the illustrations and that was a board book.  I wanted it to be age appropriate for Liam right now.  When he's a little bit older, he'll be finding the Velveteen Rabbit in his basket.

Sperry Baby Shoes:  Now that Liam has almost outgrown his Uggs and Spring is here, I decided it was time to purchase Liam a new set of kicks!  I absolutely love mine, and think they are adorable for a little boy.  I can't wait for him to be toddling around in these!

Baby Bunny Book:  Liam already has two other Priddy touch 'n feel books that he absolutely loves, so I thought one more couldn't hurt!  Plus it's a bunny book, so it was a must have for Easter.

Bubbles:  Bubbles are a big hit with Liam right now!  Any kind of bubbles will do...  Unless someone has some super fancy bubbles that they just love and think are more superior than any other bubbles...?

Basket, Grass, & Eggs:  While all the Pottery Barn Kids baskets are completely adorable, I wanted something a little less "cutesy" for Liam.  I found the perfect basket at Michael's along with some paper grass.  Much more natural looking than the bright colored plastic stuff you see every where.  I prefer a more toned down look; bright colors aren't really my thing.  Which is why I'm loving the eggs that Target is carrying right now!  They have a package of blue ombre eggs that will look perfect in Liam's basket.  This year he'll just be excited about the eggs themselves, so they will be empty.  Well...except for maybe a treat or two for Mama!


  1. Just a thought about swim diapers. Since they aren't supposed to be absorbent, the ones with snaps in the front are better for when they poop. That way you don't have to slide a poopy diaper down their legs...I just use one of my covers, which isn't officially a swim diaper, but does the trick!

  2. Thanks for the tip! I hadn't thought about how hard they would be to take off!

  3. Hi Laura, If you have a minute, check out my latest post, 11 Random Facts About Me. Have you heard of the Liebster Award? I never had until a few weeks ago. Anyway, it allows fellow bloggers to nominate your blog and at the same time allows people to get to know you. I am nominating Tiny Toes, Little Nose. You get to answer questions about yourself and let everyone know what makes you the amazing person that you are. All the details are listed on my post if want to participate. I hope more people find your blog because of it! Participating was so much fun. Hope you are dong well!
    xoxo, Tamara

    1. Thanks Tamara! As soon as I find the time, I will definitely do this!


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