Wednesday, April 24, 2013

9 Months Old

9 Months Old

Height: 29.92 inches (93 %)

Weight: 19 lbs 11 oz (35%)

Head:  17.9 inches (57%)

Clothes:  I have been having way too much fun shopping for Liam lately!  Bring on the summer clothes!  He's still in the 12-18 months size and probably will be for awhile.

Eating:  Still a nursing champion!  I really can't believe how much milk this little boy eats in a day!  We're still introducing new foods to him all the time, and he'll try most things.  However, he still likes to play & squish his food and drop it off his high chair.  This month's favorites are blueberries & cherry tomatoes; he likes to suck all the juices out and sometimes eats the skins.  Silly boy.

Sleeping:  I would love to say we've made lots of progress in this department...but we haven't.  There have been some ever so slight improvements (he'll sleep slightly longer stretches without me) since he started crawling, but nothing significant.  We are still trying to power through this stage.  It will get better... it will...

Diapering:  We still love cloth & finally found a night time solution for my heavy wetting, belly sleeper!  Again, I still plan on doing an updated post on this.  But for now, at night we're using a S'bish Organic Bamboo Fitted with a hemp doubler all in a Rumparooz cover!  You should see the size of his butt once he's ready for bed! :-)

Adventures:  Lots of adventures & visitors this month!  Conor's parents & youngest brother came to visit us for a long weekend!  It was a treat to have them here.   The weather was amazing during their visit, so we went to Zion National Park & Bryce Canyon for a day!

We also had a visit from Conor's other brother, Kyle!  He came with us for Liam's 1st trip to the zoo, which he loved!  Salt Lake City's zoo obviously doesn't compare to San Diego, Portland, or Seattle's...but it still had a lot to offer.  We bought a pass so that I can take Liam whenever I want!  I see this becoming a weekly activity when the weather is nice.  Liam's favorite animal was probably the sea lions.  We sat right next to the glass, and he went nuts whenever the sea lions would swim by.  My favorite part: we saw a baby elephant nursing...too cute!

Playtime:  Now that Liam is on the go, any object within reach has "play" potential!  I give him different kitchen gadgets while I'm trying to cook dinner or this fun little toy idea from Pinterest.  However, books are still his number one go-to activity.  I keep them in a soft bin that he likes to empty on a regular basis.  Sometimes he looks through books by himself or just turns them over in his hands, but other times it's all about reading!  The other day he dragged a rather heavy copy of "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" over to me while I was folding laundry.  Love my little book worm!  Lately Costco has been carrying some awesome books, so I just keep on buying them...  We have quite the collection!  Our new favorite: LMNO Peas!  It's a fun read; keep your eye out for the lady bug hiding on each page!

Likes:  Hanging upside down.  Little L likes to "pop off" during nursing sessions and hang his head upside down frequently.  He thinks this is sooo funny!  We also "pretend" we are going to drop to the floor when we are holding him, and this really gets him squealing too!  Smacking his lips.  This is just hilarious!  Throughout the day he starts smacking his lips and then smiles at us.  "Lip smackin' good" has become a frequent phrase in our house.  He loves do anything for us that warrants a fun reaction.  Dropping things off the high chair.  This one NEVER gets old!  He takes whatever is in reach and sticks his arm way off his high chair, and then ever so gently watches it fall.  He likes to see what things roll, what makes a sound, etc.  Always a curious boy.  Luckily he doesn't do this with food too often....for now...  Ripping things apart.  My strong boy is always using his muscles!  Paper is his most favorite item to rip into lots of pieces, but he'll try his hand at anything including cardboard, clothes, books.  However, we have to keep a close eye on him, because too quickly those pieces of paper will end up in his mouth!  Paper is just too "lip smackin' good!"

Milestones:  Crawling!!!  He has entered a whole new world or exploring every corner of our house.  He likes to crawl under the kitchen table, but then frequently finds himself "stuck" under a chair.  Here's a cute video of him in action if you missed it!  He loves climbing all over us and "wrestling".  He is all boy and busy busy busy!  He's also pulling up on everything, but isn't quite cruising yet.  Liam also tries to stand up on his own in the middle of the room which results in a bear crawl until he gives up.  I'm interested to see if walking is in our near future... He definitely has some balance issues he still needs to work out before then!  He's also starting to give kisses, which is just the best!  He'll do it on command about half the time we ask.  I'm talking full-on, open-mouth, slobbering mess

I absolutely love the stage he is at right now!  Sometimes, I feel as though I'm always waiting for the next step or next milestone, but right now I am so content!  I just want him to stay this way forever.  His 1st birthday is still 3 months away, but I am already getting sad that my little boy is growing up!  Please slow down Liam, I am trying to treasure every little moment with you!  You won't be sleeping on my chest forever...   I remember saying this MONTHS ago... And guess what, he's still sleeping on my chest!  I love it though, I know it won't last forever and I'll be wanting these days back!


  1. SO cute!! He looks JUST like you!! Also, thank you for the Liebster, been a little crazy here, but will get on that soon :)

  2. oh and about the sleep... we are going through the same thing... I think you would enjoy this article :)

    1. Loved the article! My thoughts on sleep advice exactly. Also, nice to hear he looks like me...I get that every once in awhile, but most people think he is my husband's mini me.


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