Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Easter

This Easter was my favorite holiday with Liam so far!  I know it's hard to believe that anything could possibly top Christmas, but Liam is at such a fun age right now.  I enjoy every almost every second with him!  ;-) I have such fond  memories of holidays from my childhood, so I want to recreate all that fun for Liam.  I'm all about traditions, so why not start now!  This way I'll have a couple years to figure things out before he'll actually start remembering things...

On Saturday, I wanted to dye Easter Eggs and make & decorate some Easter sugar cookies.  I, of course, have an assorted variety of Easter cookie cutters that I have collected over the years!  Well life with Liam is busy, and unfortunately the cooking making was put off this year.  He wasn't going to be eating them anyways, so we moved on!  Then I wanted to do all natural dyes (thank you Pinterest) for our eggs this year; but again, time is important when an 8 month old is running the house so we went with the standard egg dye kit.  Next year, I will be more prepared!

Conor & I also spent Saturday planning our menu for Easter Brunch & Easter Dinner.  Even though it was only going to be the three of us (we have no family in Utah), we still wanted to go all out!  We both love to cook, so we like to eat our way through holiday goodness!  Plus, food is half of what makes up our holiday traditions!

Easter was an absolutely beautiful and warm day!  After putting Liam in his most Easter colored diaper (obviously I match his diapers to holidays!), we gave him his Easter basket!  Growing up, my mom the Easter Bunny  used to hide our baskets, which I loved!  But considering the fact that Liam is still barely mobile, we didn't make him search our whole house for it...this year!  The basket was a huge success!  It was so fun to watch him pull the different items out and play with the empty plastic eggs.  He loved those, so we even brought a couple to church with us...  he may or may not have loudly dropped them on the floor a few times during the service...  I can't even imagine how amazing next year will be when he's running around outside and searching for the eggs!  Eek, I can't wait already!

After all the Easter basket fun, my plan was to have brunch before Church...  Well, we spent so much time playing and not enough time cooking so brunch was going to have to wait til afterwards.  We quickly rushed to get ourselves ready for the day; Liam was sporting some red pants for Spring and his new Sperry's!  We quickly tried to snap a family photo before jumping in the car, but Liam was much to mesmerized by the blinking orange light on the camera to even think about smiling.  Not our best, we need to work on the group shot:

After Church, we could finally feast!  Conor had made quiche to go along with some blueberry maple chicken sausage from Whole Foods (incredible stuff), and a ginormous fruit plate.  And don't forget the champagne (I never do)!  Quiche has kind of become my new thing; new Easter morning tradition, boom!  With full bellies, we spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing and playing with Liam.  He absolutely loves having both Mom & Dad's attention!  Then it was time for our big Easter dinner.  Every year, I make a glazed ham with a raisin sauce (my Mom's recipe) that is one of my all time favorite meals!  Liam loved munching on a big hunk of ham as well!  And nothing goes to waste with this meal, because I use the leftover bone and meat to make lentil soup the next day, mmm!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter too!  With no more holidays in the near future, I'm ready for summer!!!


  1. Cute photos!! Yay for summer ... I'm with ya!

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