Saturday, April 20, 2013

Liam's Nursery Redo

When moved to Salt Lake City, I decided I wanted to redo Liam's nursery.  I loved what we did for him in Seattle, and it flowed with our house there perfectly; however, our new house was a completely different style, so I wanted to make a few changes (but of course keep the stripes).  Our new house is much bigger (about 1,000 square feet), so there's much more space for Liam.  Here, he pretty much has the entire top floor as his domain!  Upstairs is his bedroom, playroom, bathroom, & loft space (soon-to-be taken over by a teepee).  It's all a work in progress, but his nursery is finally maybe finished. :-)

Since he has a separate playroom now, I wanted the nursery to be a calm & cozy space that is just for sleeping and relaxing...  Pretty funny considering the fact that he barely sleeps in there right now!  Nonetheless, it's ready for him at some point!  I chose the smallest bedroom for his nursery because of the walk-in closet (hell ya!) and that way his playroom (where we spend most of our time) would be bigger.

Although I absolutely love it, his room will always be a work in progress for me!  We currently still use the changing table, but he is growing much too fast and will quickly outgrow it!  Then I'll be able to add some fun new things on top of his dresser.  I always keep my eye out for things that might make any of his spaces just a little more fun!  So... here is his warm & simple nursery:


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  1. We have the exact same furniture in my son's nursery! Love your striped walls!


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