Monday, April 8, 2013

My Favorite Things: Month 8

Pomona jeans: These jeans are amazing in so many ways!  They have lots of extra space in the bum, so they are perfect to wear over cloth diapers.  Also, they have an adjustable snap waist and cute cuffs so they will fit for much longer than most pants.  I have one pair for Liam right now, and will definitely be buying more!

Green Sprouts gum massager:  This has been great for Liam's bad teething days.  He can really get to the back of his mouth which he loves.  He does like to put the wrong end in his mouth most of the time, but that hasn't really been a problem. 

Itzy Ritzy snack pack: I absolutely love these reusable snack bags!  I try to avoid Ziplocs at all times.  Plus, I can't get over how cute the designs are.  In fact, this particular print was the color inspiration for Liam's playroom.  It is in the very early stages of being complete though....

B. Toys Zany Zoo: I love wooden toys & I love the B. Toys brand, and this one of their best!  Right now, Liam particularly likes the opening the doors.  I adore how the alphabet has somewhat unique animals, not just the typical ones you always see.  N is for narwhal?!  I'm in love!

Britax car seat: We moved Liam out of his infant car seat at around 6 months.  After reading lots of positive reviews from other Mommy bloggers as well as seeing the safety readings, we chose this one.  We have been very happy with our choice.  It's very roomy and easy to use.  On my last flight to Spokane, the Delta lady checking me in commented on it, saying: "this is the Cadillac of car seats!"  I couldn't have said it better myself!

Cars: Liam is still figuring out these toy cars, but he's definitely interested.  They are big enough that his little hands have an easy time grabbing them, and they each make a different sound.  They are super soft, so I don't have to worry about his head colliding with them (it collides with most things right now).  They are just the perfect first set of cars and are very gender neutral, which I always like as well!

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  1. What a fun post! My little man just turned 7 months not that long ago and I too am looking into a bigger car seat for him. I will check into this one! Thanks for the suggestion!


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