Thursday, May 30, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend in San Diego

We took advantage of the long Memorial Day weekend, to fly to San Diego for a mini vacation with friends!  TJ & Curt are Conor's good friends from college and their wives just happen to be pretty darn amazing too, so the 6 of us always have a great time together!  We haven't been to San Diego since we moved away from Arizona, so this visit was long over due.  TJ's wife, Erin, is 37 weeks pregnant and was such a trooper all weekend!  I loved seeing her pregnant belly and feeling little baby Madison kick.  Holy baby-fever!!!

In case you lost count, California is the 8th state, Liam has visited:
1. Washington
2. Idaho
3. Montana
4. Pennsylavania
5. Delaware
6. Utah
7. Oregon
8. California

The best part of the weekend was our fun day at the beach!  I was so excited to take Liam to see his reaction to the crashing waves and his first experience with sand!  It is so amazing to watch him soak in all the new things his eyes see for the first time.  It was a little windy with temperatures in the 60s so it wasn't exactly swim suit weather, but that didn't stop us from having fun.  Liam LOVED the ocean, especially the water!  He didn't seem particularly interested in the sand, but he was all about the waves!  We put his little toes in the water, and he tried to just jump right in!  We had to hold him back from taking off into the ocean.  A rogue wave snuck up on he & Conor, getting them both pretty wet.  That squeezed a few tears out, but he was quickly back to ear-to-ear smiles.  I have a feeling little L is gonna be a fish just like his momma!

Right after he saw the ocean for the first time! "Dad! You've gotta see this!"

We also played a round of mini-golf, and I wore Liam the whole time!  He is such a trooper and tends to just go with the flow when he's strapped to Conor or myself.  It was a bit harder to play with Liam on me, but I still managed two hole-in-ones, Boom!  As I'm sure our playing partners could tell... I'm still pretty darn competitive, even while baby wearing!

 God Bless America!

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing, eating, & drinking with our great friends!  There may or may not have been a late night Lucha Libre burrito feast!  A huge thank you to our hosts for their incredible hospitality!  It was so nice to sit back and enjoy a weekend free of cooking & cleaning.  TJ had all of our meals impeccably planned out and wouldn't let us lift a finger to help despite all of Conor's insisting.  Baked salmon!  Homemade waffles! Mimosa bar!  BBQ brats & chicken!  Finger lickin' ribs! (...with every variety of Sweet Baby Ray's that you can imagine!) Fresh squeezed vodka lemonades from the backyard lemon tree.  He really pulled out all the stops.  It was just like we were staying in a little bed & breakfast by the sea.  ;-)  I was secretly hoping Erin would go into labor during the tail end of our stay so that we could meet the little girl, but no such luck.  It's hard to believe that the next time we're all together, there will be another little one to chase around!  I see many family vacations coming up over the next few years for us.  I've got my sights set on Disneyland once Liam is old enough to enjoy it!  And Conor too...since he's never been!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Breastfeeding Diaries

Today I am guest posting over at The Girl in the Red Shoes!  My post is a part of her Breastfeeding Diaries series which features different moms and their nursing experiences.  This is a wonderful series to check out, as is her whole blog!  She is a beautiful mom and has the cutest little boy Hudson!

Check out my guest post here!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

10 Months Old

Height, Weight, & Head: no updated stats

Clothes:  Wearing 12-18 months size, but I see a lot of strictly diaper-time now that the warm weather is here!

Eating:  He's still nursing all day & all night!  We also continue to introduce new foods as well as whatever we are eating at each meal.  He is slowly starting to actually ingest more foods but still prefers to just chew on and play with it most of the time.  This month's favorite: greek yogurt!  We preload it onto a spoon for him and let him feed himself; he absolutely loves it!  Since yogurt is relatively thick, it doesn't fly off the spoon too easily!  

Sleeping: We continue to see some small improvements, or at least I keep telling myself that we do!  Since little L is all over the place now, we had to drop our bed to the floor because he would crawl right out of it face first if I wasn't in there with him!  While I wasn't wild about this at first, it has worked out just fine and I don't really mind it at all.  We also put Liam's lambie in the middle of our bed, so he will get used to sleeping on that surface (when he's not draped over my chest).  That way, it will be easier to transition him back to his crib when that day comes...

Diapering:  Only cloth on our sweet baby's bottom!  I also took the plunge and bought a wool cover for night time!  Promise to do an updated cloth diapering post that will hopefully answer some of the questions I've been getting.

Adventures:  We made a trip to Spokane for Liam's baptism!  You can read about our visit here.

We've also continued to take many trips to the park & zoo with all the nice weather we've been having!

Playtime:  Here's what a day would be like in Liam's perfect world:  Wake up and crawl around/wrestle in bed for 20 min.  Chase the cat.  Climb the stairs.  Pound wood blocks on coffee table & hardwood floors. Chase the cat.  Climb the stairs.  Pull all laundry hanging to dry off the racks.  Chase the cat.  Climb the stairs.  Knock off all toys on shelves in the playroom.  Chase the cat.  Climb the stairs.  Crawl after vacuum and/or mop.  Chase the cat.  Climb the stairs.  Read every book we own, at least a few times.  Chase the cat.  Climb the stairs.  All in between intermittent nursing sessions.  And then it would be time for his 1st nap!  You get the idea! ;-)

Likes:  Most of his current likes were listed above, but here's a couple more:  Grocery Shopping.  We have quite the little helper on our hands these days!  He absolutely loves to hold onto something while I'm at the store.  Give this kid a lemon or a lime and he'll protect it through the whole store, barely give it to the check out lady to scan, and then cradle it the entire drive home!  So precious.  I've also noticed he likes to help carry things around the house if I'm doing laundry or taking a bunch of things from one room to another.  Swinging.  We've started taking him to the park, and he's a huge fan of the swings!  He holds on tight and keeps a pretty serious face while his hair blows in the wind, but I know he just loves it.  He could stay in there for hours... I usually get tired of pushing long before then! ;-) 

Milestones:  Little L has mastered the stairs!  Not more than 2 weeks after he started crawling he was going up our stairs any opportunity he got!  Now that he is mobile, it seems like everything is happening so quickly.  Too quickly!  He's even starting to stand alone for a few seconds at a time now, eek!  I have to say, he may be walking by next month...we shall see.

In not-nearly-as-exciting news, Liam figured out how to drink from a straw this month!  No drink is safe from his little hands now!  He'll swipe anything right from your hands!  Also, one of his top teeth came in, so the total is up to 3 little chompers!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mother's Day Festivities

My very first Mother's Day was spent relaxing and enjoying every second of the day playing with my two boys!  Conor woke up with Liam in the morning, so I had a chance to sleep in!  There is no better gift than that for a sleep deprived Mama.  Added bonus: Liam took a big ol' poop while on Dad's watch; it's the little things that make me happy.  ;-)

I woke up to the table set and an omelet bar that Conor had whipped together!  Since being pregnant, I absolutely love breakfast!  I can't believe I used to skip this meal most of the time... I was missing out.  And then I saw something new on the counter... a new Keurig coffee machine!  I have had my eye on this for awhile now!  Now I can be one of the cool kids with all my K-cups!  ;-)  While pregnant, I switched to drinking decaf coffee and have kept that up while breastfeeding.  And since I'll most likely breastfeed 'til I'm pregnant again, looks like decaf will be my thing for awhile.  I don't mind it though, I never really responded to caffeine anyways; I just really like the taste of coffee!  Now I need to perfect my Keurig recipe, which is taking a little tinkering since I like it iced!  Now, I have a cute little coffee bar, that gets me so excited to make coffee in the mornings! ;-)

I opened up my Mother's Day cards from Conor & Liam, as well as a package my Mom (and Dad) had sent!  She's always so on top of things!  Conor also surprised me with a massage that I need to schedule sometime soon; it sounds amazing right about now!  I also received many Mother's Day wishes from friends & family throughout the day, which made my first Mother's Day extra special.

I wanted to spend the day just relaxing with my two boys!  Too frequently we are so busy running around on the weekends, that I feel like we don't get in as much quality time as a family as I would like.  After breakfast, I wanted to go check out a farmer's market close to our house which I was so excited about!  The weather was perfect (80s and sunny) for buying some fresh produce and flowers!  Well turns out the farmer's markets don't start until June, ugh!  So instead we went to Whole Foods (farmer's market-ish right?) to pick out some things for dinner and then went to a park for some playtime!  Liam loves being in a swing and having the freedom to crawl around everywhere...even if he isn't a huge fan of grass right now!

It was a perfect day!  I spent some time reflecting on being a mom and how Liam is the reason I get to be celebrated!  I am so in love with my little boy; my heart is full!  I'm now looking forward to June, when we get to celebrate Conor for being the amazing father that he is! 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Thanks Mom!

Mother's Day has a whole new meaning for me now that I have become a mother myself.  My appreciation for my mom has reached a whole new level in the last year.  I look back on my childhood fondly and love the close relationship I've always had with my mom.  Since the day I left for college, I have talked to my mom on the phone every day...sometimes twice... or more.  I feel so lucky to have her as such big part of my life!  Our relationship grows deeper each and every year (which sometimes seems impossible). Now that she is a grandma she also shares a special bond with me through Liam.  She offers me guidance when I ask for it, listens when I need to vent, and respects the choices that I have made in how I raise and care for Liam.  She's pretty much the best!

As hard as it is to watch Liam grow so quickly, I'm also excited for all the fun times we have ahead.  I can't wait to recreate many of the memories I had with my mom, with Liam.  She made each and every day special for me.

My mom made my lunch every day. Even through high school!  When I was younger, she would put stickers on my brown paper lunch bag and always wrote a note on my napkin.  Once I was in high school, the napkin notes weren't every day, but she would always write me a special note on "game day". These were a masterpiece made out of construction paper, stickers, & inspirational words all coordinated with the colors of the opposing team I was playing against that day.  I saved all of those notes and still have them to this day in a box back home.  On game days, she also made my brother Ryan & I a huge breakfast; she knew how important a well rounded meal was to help fuel us for that day.  He liked pancakes but I was more of a french toast girl, so she often made both!  I can't wait to do this for Liam when he becomes sports star I'm sure he will be! :-)

I also have that mom who would always share a Twix, giving me half, or her box of Good 'n Plentys every time the sweet tooth struck!  She often let me pick out a treat when we were grocery shopping or let me have an italian soda when she went for coffee.  She spent hours on swing sets with me and was the one holding my hand through my many visits to the ER (let's just say I had a lot of stitches when I was younger).  She let me stay home from school anytime I wasn't feeling well and would spend hours on homemade chicken noodle soup to help me feel better.  When I was a little girl, she would brush my hair at night to soothe me to sleep, and did the same from time to time up through high school like when I suffered from that first big heart break.  She took me on special lunch & shopping dates... sometimes even sneaking me out of school to do so.  She drove our morning carpool for school and many of my sports teams; even stopping at Wendy's for the occasional Frosty after practice.  She coached my soccer & volleyball teams in grade school and was always my biggest fan!  Her life was very hectic with the three of us, but she always had a healthy home cooked dinner for our family to enjoy together every night. She is one of the busiest women I know, and she did it all for her family!  She is such an inspiration!

She did all these things for us "back in the day" before the age of cell phones, the internet, and digital cameras. Her ideas were unique... long before Pinterest. She didn't think to share anything with the world... like posting her greatest parenting moments on Instagram. She just did it all just for us! I often think of this when I share Liam and my special moments online with family and friends. I am grateful for that technology helps me "share the love", but I know from my mom that it is the memories that are most special for Liam, Conor, and I.

My mom was so amazing in my eyes, that I grew up always eager to be a mom myself.  That has been something that I have always longed for, and now here I am with the cutest little boy making my heart so happy every day.  Being a mom is not only the best thing but it is every thing to me.  It has permeated every part of my being.  I never knew how much I was capable of loving until Liam was in my life.  It truly does feel like my heart is outside of my body just crawling around and smiling at me.  Becoming a mom is like being welcomed into the best club there is!  You're not in it, 'til you're in it!  Liam makes me want to be a better mom, wife, friend.... a better person, every day.  I now see the world through such different eyes.  I watch the news and many of the sad stories going on in our world and think to myself, "that could be my child"I am so thankful to have been blessed with Liam.  My life feels so complete...that is, until we decide that Liam's status needs to be upgraded to big brother! :-)  But for right now, I am soaking up all the days with Liam that I can give him all of my attention.  I have so many things I can't wait to share with him, and fun surprises to make an ordinary day just a little more exciting.

Thanks Mom, you have shown me love in so many ways, and I am just getting started sharing them to my little Liam!
Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's out there, this and every day!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Liam's Baptism

Last weekend, we finally baptized Liam!  This is something I had been wanting to do for awhile, but with the holidays and then our move, it kept getting postponed!  We wanted Liam's baptism to be a small event, so I didn't go into full party planning mode; I'm saving that for his birthday! :-)  We opted for a private ceremony on Saturday morning, which was perfect!  I liked the intimacy of the private ceremony much better than having it done during a mass with tons of strangers watching and wondering how long it was going to take...  Not that I ever do that!... :0)

The baptismal gown that I was baptized in was also worn by my father, my Grandma, and maybe even my Great Grandma!  I was excited for Liam to wear it as well, but it took a little convincing to get Conor on board.  I just love the tradition behind it all.  The gown barely fit him (we couldn't button the back), but hopefully nobody noticed!

Liam's Godparents are Christina Scribner (my childhood friend and my go-to for mommy advice) and Paul Tinker (husband of my high school friend Gretchen and a really good friend of Conor's)!  We decided to choose non-family members; nothing against his awesome Aunts and Uncles! We just wanted to share the love and bring even more people into Liam's life!

I thought Liam would be quiet for most of the ceremony since there were so many faces to look at (sometimes he gets a little shy at first), but he was quite the opposite!  He babbled almost the entire time, which made focusing on what the Deacon was saying a little rough.  It was especially funny when we were all trying to have a moment of silence!  He was also super squirmy because I'm pretty sure he wanted to be splashing in the water in the baptismal font!  And in between all the babbling and the squirming, he was trying to nurse...  My busy boy!

The lighting in the Church wasn't great, so the pictures turned 
out a little interesting... But at least we took a bunch!

Right after the baptism, we went to my parents lake cabin to celebrate! The afternoon was filled with food, drinks, family, friends, & a few rounds of darts in the man cave. I had really been hoping for warm weather, so we could take the party boat out for a booze cruise; unfortunately, it was super windy and quite cold. Half the group went into the town of Spirit Lake for a pub crawl, while the little ones and a few others stayed back. Liam & his cousin Hadley got in some good playtime! I loved having them together & watching them interact! Hadley kept giving Liam lots & lots of kisses which he was okay with at first.... and then all of sudden burst into tears, oh my! Some of the cutest stuff I've seen! Here's a precious video of the two of them... ignore all the banter in the background, we were all pretty into watching them:

While some partied late into the evening, I hit the sheets with Liam somewhat early!  And those that stayed up late paid for it in the morning.  I was obviously feeling great (can't drink much when you're nursing a baby), so I enjoyed our tasty brunch of Conor's Quiche Lorraine Quiche Liam (my current obsession), maple bars (who knew Miller's Foods in Spirit Lake, Idaho makes the 2nd best maple bars ever?!  Doughnut Parade in Spokane makes the best!), & Ramos gin fizzes!  I loved having everyone together, which made flying back to Utah that afternoon tough.  Can't wait for our next visit back to WA and MT, which we are planning as we speak!
"No Panda in bed!"

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