Thursday, May 23, 2013

10 Months Old

Height, Weight, & Head: no updated stats

Clothes:  Wearing 12-18 months size, but I see a lot of strictly diaper-time now that the warm weather is here!

Eating:  He's still nursing all day & all night!  We also continue to introduce new foods as well as whatever we are eating at each meal.  He is slowly starting to actually ingest more foods but still prefers to just chew on and play with it most of the time.  This month's favorite: greek yogurt!  We preload it onto a spoon for him and let him feed himself; he absolutely loves it!  Since yogurt is relatively thick, it doesn't fly off the spoon too easily!  

Sleeping: We continue to see some small improvements, or at least I keep telling myself that we do!  Since little L is all over the place now, we had to drop our bed to the floor because he would crawl right out of it face first if I wasn't in there with him!  While I wasn't wild about this at first, it has worked out just fine and I don't really mind it at all.  We also put Liam's lambie in the middle of our bed, so he will get used to sleeping on that surface (when he's not draped over my chest).  That way, it will be easier to transition him back to his crib when that day comes...

Diapering:  Only cloth on our sweet baby's bottom!  I also took the plunge and bought a wool cover for night time!  Promise to do an updated cloth diapering post that will hopefully answer some of the questions I've been getting.

Adventures:  We made a trip to Spokane for Liam's baptism!  You can read about our visit here.

We've also continued to take many trips to the park & zoo with all the nice weather we've been having!

Playtime:  Here's what a day would be like in Liam's perfect world:  Wake up and crawl around/wrestle in bed for 20 min.  Chase the cat.  Climb the stairs.  Pound wood blocks on coffee table & hardwood floors. Chase the cat.  Climb the stairs.  Pull all laundry hanging to dry off the racks.  Chase the cat.  Climb the stairs.  Knock off all toys on shelves in the playroom.  Chase the cat.  Climb the stairs.  Crawl after vacuum and/or mop.  Chase the cat.  Climb the stairs.  Read every book we own, at least a few times.  Chase the cat.  Climb the stairs.  All in between intermittent nursing sessions.  And then it would be time for his 1st nap!  You get the idea! ;-)

Likes:  Most of his current likes were listed above, but here's a couple more:  Grocery Shopping.  We have quite the little helper on our hands these days!  He absolutely loves to hold onto something while I'm at the store.  Give this kid a lemon or a lime and he'll protect it through the whole store, barely give it to the check out lady to scan, and then cradle it the entire drive home!  So precious.  I've also noticed he likes to help carry things around the house if I'm doing laundry or taking a bunch of things from one room to another.  Swinging.  We've started taking him to the park, and he's a huge fan of the swings!  He holds on tight and keeps a pretty serious face while his hair blows in the wind, but I know he just loves it.  He could stay in there for hours... I usually get tired of pushing long before then! ;-) 

Milestones:  Little L has mastered the stairs!  Not more than 2 weeks after he started crawling he was going up our stairs any opportunity he got!  Now that he is mobile, it seems like everything is happening so quickly.  Too quickly!  He's even starting to stand alone for a few seconds at a time now, eek!  I have to say, he may be walking by next month...we shall see.

In not-nearly-as-exciting news, Liam figured out how to drink from a straw this month!  No drink is safe from his little hands now!  He'll swipe anything right from your hands!  Also, one of his top teeth came in, so the total is up to 3 little chompers!

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  1. Aw, such a little ham!!! My little lady will turn ten months on Sunday!


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