Sunday, May 5, 2013

Liam's Baptism

Last weekend, we finally baptized Liam!  This is something I had been wanting to do for awhile, but with the holidays and then our move, it kept getting postponed!  We wanted Liam's baptism to be a small event, so I didn't go into full party planning mode; I'm saving that for his birthday! :-)  We opted for a private ceremony on Saturday morning, which was perfect!  I liked the intimacy of the private ceremony much better than having it done during a mass with tons of strangers watching and wondering how long it was going to take...  Not that I ever do that!... :0)

The baptismal gown that I was baptized in was also worn by my father, my Grandma, and maybe even my Great Grandma!  I was excited for Liam to wear it as well, but it took a little convincing to get Conor on board.  I just love the tradition behind it all.  The gown barely fit him (we couldn't button the back), but hopefully nobody noticed!

Liam's Godparents are Christina Scribner (my childhood friend and my go-to for mommy advice) and Paul Tinker (husband of my high school friend Gretchen and a really good friend of Conor's)!  We decided to choose non-family members; nothing against his awesome Aunts and Uncles! We just wanted to share the love and bring even more people into Liam's life!

I thought Liam would be quiet for most of the ceremony since there were so many faces to look at (sometimes he gets a little shy at first), but he was quite the opposite!  He babbled almost the entire time, which made focusing on what the Deacon was saying a little rough.  It was especially funny when we were all trying to have a moment of silence!  He was also super squirmy because I'm pretty sure he wanted to be splashing in the water in the baptismal font!  And in between all the babbling and the squirming, he was trying to nurse...  My busy boy!

The lighting in the Church wasn't great, so the pictures turned 
out a little interesting... But at least we took a bunch!

Right after the baptism, we went to my parents lake cabin to celebrate! The afternoon was filled with food, drinks, family, friends, & a few rounds of darts in the man cave. I had really been hoping for warm weather, so we could take the party boat out for a booze cruise; unfortunately, it was super windy and quite cold. Half the group went into the town of Spirit Lake for a pub crawl, while the little ones and a few others stayed back. Liam & his cousin Hadley got in some good playtime! I loved having them together & watching them interact! Hadley kept giving Liam lots & lots of kisses which he was okay with at first.... and then all of sudden burst into tears, oh my! Some of the cutest stuff I've seen! Here's a precious video of the two of them... ignore all the banter in the background, we were all pretty into watching them:

While some partied late into the evening, I hit the sheets with Liam somewhat early!  And those that stayed up late paid for it in the morning.  I was obviously feeling great (can't drink much when you're nursing a baby), so I enjoyed our tasty brunch of Conor's Quiche Lorraine Quiche Liam (my current obsession), maple bars (who knew Miller's Foods in Spirit Lake, Idaho makes the 2nd best maple bars ever?!  Doughnut Parade in Spokane makes the best!), & Ramos gin fizzes!  I loved having everyone together, which made flying back to Utah that afternoon tough.  Can't wait for our next visit back to WA and MT, which we are planning as we speak!
"No Panda in bed!"

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