Thursday, May 30, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend in San Diego

We took advantage of the long Memorial Day weekend, to fly to San Diego for a mini vacation with friends!  TJ & Curt are Conor's good friends from college and their wives just happen to be pretty darn amazing too, so the 6 of us always have a great time together!  We haven't been to San Diego since we moved away from Arizona, so this visit was long over due.  TJ's wife, Erin, is 37 weeks pregnant and was such a trooper all weekend!  I loved seeing her pregnant belly and feeling little baby Madison kick.  Holy baby-fever!!!

In case you lost count, California is the 8th state, Liam has visited:
1. Washington
2. Idaho
3. Montana
4. Pennsylavania
5. Delaware
6. Utah
7. Oregon
8. California

The best part of the weekend was our fun day at the beach!  I was so excited to take Liam to see his reaction to the crashing waves and his first experience with sand!  It is so amazing to watch him soak in all the new things his eyes see for the first time.  It was a little windy with temperatures in the 60s so it wasn't exactly swim suit weather, but that didn't stop us from having fun.  Liam LOVED the ocean, especially the water!  He didn't seem particularly interested in the sand, but he was all about the waves!  We put his little toes in the water, and he tried to just jump right in!  We had to hold him back from taking off into the ocean.  A rogue wave snuck up on he & Conor, getting them both pretty wet.  That squeezed a few tears out, but he was quickly back to ear-to-ear smiles.  I have a feeling little L is gonna be a fish just like his momma!

Right after he saw the ocean for the first time! "Dad! You've gotta see this!"

We also played a round of mini-golf, and I wore Liam the whole time!  He is such a trooper and tends to just go with the flow when he's strapped to Conor or myself.  It was a bit harder to play with Liam on me, but I still managed two hole-in-ones, Boom!  As I'm sure our playing partners could tell... I'm still pretty darn competitive, even while baby wearing!

 God Bless America!

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing, eating, & drinking with our great friends!  There may or may not have been a late night Lucha Libre burrito feast!  A huge thank you to our hosts for their incredible hospitality!  It was so nice to sit back and enjoy a weekend free of cooking & cleaning.  TJ had all of our meals impeccably planned out and wouldn't let us lift a finger to help despite all of Conor's insisting.  Baked salmon!  Homemade waffles! Mimosa bar!  BBQ brats & chicken!  Finger lickin' ribs! (...with every variety of Sweet Baby Ray's that you can imagine!) Fresh squeezed vodka lemonades from the backyard lemon tree.  He really pulled out all the stops.  It was just like we were staying in a little bed & breakfast by the sea.  ;-)  I was secretly hoping Erin would go into labor during the tail end of our stay so that we could meet the little girl, but no such luck.  It's hard to believe that the next time we're all together, there will be another little one to chase around!  I see many family vacations coming up over the next few years for us.  I've got my sights set on Disneyland once Liam is old enough to enjoy it!  And Conor too...since he's never been!

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