Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mother's Day Festivities

My very first Mother's Day was spent relaxing and enjoying every second of the day playing with my two boys!  Conor woke up with Liam in the morning, so I had a chance to sleep in!  There is no better gift than that for a sleep deprived Mama.  Added bonus: Liam took a big ol' poop while on Dad's watch; it's the little things that make me happy.  ;-)

I woke up to the table set and an omelet bar that Conor had whipped together!  Since being pregnant, I absolutely love breakfast!  I can't believe I used to skip this meal most of the time... I was missing out.  And then I saw something new on the counter... a new Keurig coffee machine!  I have had my eye on this for awhile now!  Now I can be one of the cool kids with all my K-cups!  ;-)  While pregnant, I switched to drinking decaf coffee and have kept that up while breastfeeding.  And since I'll most likely breastfeed 'til I'm pregnant again, looks like decaf will be my thing for awhile.  I don't mind it though, I never really responded to caffeine anyways; I just really like the taste of coffee!  Now I need to perfect my Keurig recipe, which is taking a little tinkering since I like it iced!  Now, I have a cute little coffee bar, that gets me so excited to make coffee in the mornings! ;-)

I opened up my Mother's Day cards from Conor & Liam, as well as a package my Mom (and Dad) had sent!  She's always so on top of things!  Conor also surprised me with a massage that I need to schedule sometime soon; it sounds amazing right about now!  I also received many Mother's Day wishes from friends & family throughout the day, which made my first Mother's Day extra special.

I wanted to spend the day just relaxing with my two boys!  Too frequently we are so busy running around on the weekends, that I feel like we don't get in as much quality time as a family as I would like.  After breakfast, I wanted to go check out a farmer's market close to our house which I was so excited about!  The weather was perfect (80s and sunny) for buying some fresh produce and flowers!  Well turns out the farmer's markets don't start until June, ugh!  So instead we went to Whole Foods (farmer's market-ish right?) to pick out some things for dinner and then went to a park for some playtime!  Liam loves being in a swing and having the freedom to crawl around everywhere...even if he isn't a huge fan of grass right now!

It was a perfect day!  I spent some time reflecting on being a mom and how Liam is the reason I get to be celebrated!  I am so in love with my little boy; my heart is full!  I'm now looking forward to June, when we get to celebrate Conor for being the amazing father that he is! 

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