Sunday, May 12, 2013

Thanks Mom!

Mother's Day has a whole new meaning for me now that I have become a mother myself.  My appreciation for my mom has reached a whole new level in the last year.  I look back on my childhood fondly and love the close relationship I've always had with my mom.  Since the day I left for college, I have talked to my mom on the phone every day...sometimes twice... or more.  I feel so lucky to have her as such big part of my life!  Our relationship grows deeper each and every year (which sometimes seems impossible). Now that she is a grandma she also shares a special bond with me through Liam.  She offers me guidance when I ask for it, listens when I need to vent, and respects the choices that I have made in how I raise and care for Liam.  She's pretty much the best!

As hard as it is to watch Liam grow so quickly, I'm also excited for all the fun times we have ahead.  I can't wait to recreate many of the memories I had with my mom, with Liam.  She made each and every day special for me.

My mom made my lunch every day. Even through high school!  When I was younger, she would put stickers on my brown paper lunch bag and always wrote a note on my napkin.  Once I was in high school, the napkin notes weren't every day, but she would always write me a special note on "game day". These were a masterpiece made out of construction paper, stickers, & inspirational words all coordinated with the colors of the opposing team I was playing against that day.  I saved all of those notes and still have them to this day in a box back home.  On game days, she also made my brother Ryan & I a huge breakfast; she knew how important a well rounded meal was to help fuel us for that day.  He liked pancakes but I was more of a french toast girl, so she often made both!  I can't wait to do this for Liam when he becomes sports star I'm sure he will be! :-)

I also have that mom who would always share a Twix, giving me half, or her box of Good 'n Plentys every time the sweet tooth struck!  She often let me pick out a treat when we were grocery shopping or let me have an italian soda when she went for coffee.  She spent hours on swing sets with me and was the one holding my hand through my many visits to the ER (let's just say I had a lot of stitches when I was younger).  She let me stay home from school anytime I wasn't feeling well and would spend hours on homemade chicken noodle soup to help me feel better.  When I was a little girl, she would brush my hair at night to soothe me to sleep, and did the same from time to time up through high school like when I suffered from that first big heart break.  She took me on special lunch & shopping dates... sometimes even sneaking me out of school to do so.  She drove our morning carpool for school and many of my sports teams; even stopping at Wendy's for the occasional Frosty after practice.  She coached my soccer & volleyball teams in grade school and was always my biggest fan!  Her life was very hectic with the three of us, but she always had a healthy home cooked dinner for our family to enjoy together every night. She is one of the busiest women I know, and she did it all for her family!  She is such an inspiration!

She did all these things for us "back in the day" before the age of cell phones, the internet, and digital cameras. Her ideas were unique... long before Pinterest. She didn't think to share anything with the world... like posting her greatest parenting moments on Instagram. She just did it all just for us! I often think of this when I share Liam and my special moments online with family and friends. I am grateful for that technology helps me "share the love", but I know from my mom that it is the memories that are most special for Liam, Conor, and I.

My mom was so amazing in my eyes, that I grew up always eager to be a mom myself.  That has been something that I have always longed for, and now here I am with the cutest little boy making my heart so happy every day.  Being a mom is not only the best thing but it is every thing to me.  It has permeated every part of my being.  I never knew how much I was capable of loving until Liam was in my life.  It truly does feel like my heart is outside of my body just crawling around and smiling at me.  Becoming a mom is like being welcomed into the best club there is!  You're not in it, 'til you're in it!  Liam makes me want to be a better mom, wife, friend.... a better person, every day.  I now see the world through such different eyes.  I watch the news and many of the sad stories going on in our world and think to myself, "that could be my child"I am so thankful to have been blessed with Liam.  My life feels so complete...that is, until we decide that Liam's status needs to be upgraded to big brother! :-)  But for right now, I am soaking up all the days with Liam that I can give him all of my attention.  I have so many things I can't wait to share with him, and fun surprises to make an ordinary day just a little more exciting.

Thanks Mom, you have shown me love in so many ways, and I am just getting started sharing them to my little Liam!
Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's out there, this and every day!

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  1. My Mom wrote notes in my lunches too! What a sweet post. I got to the part about Liam being upgraded to big brother and was like oh my goodness, yay! She is going to have another baby. I had to reread and realized you were talking about in the future. I got so excited for you. Have a great Mothers Day.


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