Monday, June 24, 2013

11 Months Old

Height, Weight, & Head: no updated stats

Clothes: Still in 12-18 month size, although I think he has slimmed down a bit lately.  With the warm weather there has been lots of days when he's Winnie-the-Poohing (just a t-shirt...and a diaper)!

Eating:  Loving breast milk more than anything else!  I recently shared my breastfeeding journey here.  He still nurses frequently (about every 2 hours unless we are busy as well as every time he bumps his head), but he'll munch on some solids during meal times.  He's really into crunchy things and taking teeny tiny bits with his little teeth.  So, little L is putting back a serious amount of pita chips lately!  We are being patient with the Baby Led Weaning process and aren't worried about his eating habits at all. We continue to offer him an array of healthy foods, and he usually gives everything at least one good try.

Sleeping:  Oh the sleep topic.   He is starting to sleep for longer stretches (2-3 hours) which has been a nice change from his 45 minute intervals.  He goes to bed around 9 o'clock and wakes up anywhere between 7 and 9 am (waking anywhere from 4-8 times a night...this is down from 8-12, yay!).  However, I will mention that when I say he "wakes up", I mean that he will cry, I nurse him, and he's back to sleep within 5 minutes.  We never get out of bed, and we don't spend much time getting him back to sleep so this is a big plus!  He has been waking up earlier than usual lately making for a somewhat disgruntled mommy.  Luckily, Conor will take him and have some play time before he heads to work!  And sometimes he'll even go back to sleep for a few hours when Conor brings him to me!  So, small improvements and we are still content with the sleeping situation.  :-)

Diapering: Going strong with the cloth diapers.  I honestly don't give it much thought, except when anyone asks me about it and I am more than willing to share my knowledge!  I have a good wash routine down (I wash every three days and hang dry) and I have finally become a master with the diaper sprayer.  No blowouts, leaks, or diaper rash for this little guy!  I have loved using wool for night time and promise to get a post up about this soon!

Adventures:  Nana (my mom) came for a visit this month!  I absolutely love her visits and am always anxiously waiting for her to come back.  She is such a help with Liam as well as with all the cooking & cleaning.  Liam has a special bond with her, just like I do!  :-)  This visit she helped me plant my garden... which means she did all the planting and I helped observed and tried to learn.

We've also had plenty of adventures with Liam's best friend Maxwell!  He is only 4 months older than Liam and lives right across the street!  We've made many trips to zoo and the park together.  I love watching the two boys interact more & more.  Liam has also taken a liking to Victoria (Max's mom), since she is such a familiar face now!  We love having them just a few steps away, making for a many improtu play dates.

Playtime:  Liam is all about outside time right now!  He loves trying to climb on playground equipment, go down the slide with me, and swing.  We also bought a small kiddie pool for the back yard where Liam & I can splash around on hot days while Conor works on installing sprinklers!  I'm thinking about getting a water table and a fun sprinkler to run through too once Conor gets some sod put down!

We have also continued work on Liam's playroom & loft!  I bought a small children's table & chairs from Ikea that we painted and put under the window in his playroom.  It adds so much character to the space; I love how it's just his size.  Conor also installed some shelving in the room, so now his books are on display!  The shelves are up high so Liam doesn't have access to them yet; not until he can control himself from tearing up all the pages.  For now, we keeps his board books in a small basket on the ground where he has free reign with them.  We also added a teepee to his loft!  I bought it from the etsy shop Two Feet First and am super pleased with the quality and how wonderful the shop owner, Megan, was to work with.  I highly recommend her if you're in the market for a teepee...which everyone should be!  He is loving it already...and so is our cat Charlie!  He is constantly in and out of it; the teepee is still very novel at this point.  He gets excited every time he sees it when we walk upstairs.  Pictures and more details on the playroom to come!

Likes:  Placing his face over vents.  I saw Liam doing this the other day and thought it was hilarious!  Our AC has been working hard this last week with all the hot weather we are having, and Liam loves all that cold air blowing right on his face.  Too cute to watch!  Dancing.  Little L starts moving his body the second he hears music now; he'll even start dancing if I'm just singing to him!  Here's an adorable video of his moves if you missed it.  Picking Mama's flowers Weeding.  Liam is really into my garden and enjoys playing with my flowers and the dirt.  He is slowly learning what is hands-off, but he's not too happy about it.  Sometimes he actually pulls out little weeds that are popping up, and I am more than okay with that!  Putting things on his head.  Our little boy thinks it's funny business to have anything on your head.  I can always get a laugh out of him with this move.  He'll even keep our little game going by trying to put things on & off my head all with a sly little grin on his face.  Putting food on his high chair seat.  This is his most favorite activity right now.  It brings him so much joy, and I have no idea why.  It was somewhat frustrating at first, but now I have just embraced his silliness.  Half of his meal usually ends up under his butt; it always looks like he's sneaking food into his pockets.  What a silly goose!

Milestones:  Liam is walking!  Not just walking with a walker, or taking a few steps, but actually walking!!!  He picked it up so quickly and hasn't looked back!  This somewhat surprised me since he was a bit of a late crawler, but this skill he mastered quickly!  He loves walking all over the house, but prefers to be outside.  He still crawls a little bit, especially if he's frustrated but that is becoming more and more of a rare sight.  So proud of my little boy!

Other little milestones include Liam's first time in the pool!  He liked it (which I suspected since he loves bath time); however, he was more interested in being out of the pool and crawling/wobbling around since this was when he was on the verge of walking.  I'm hoping for many more days in the pool and some possible swim lessons.  Liam also went on his first carousel ride!  He held on super tight, but he was loving it!  So much so, that he had many tears when we had to get off!  There's a beautiful carousel in downtown Spokane that I'm excited to take him to when we're there next week.  It is much bigger and faster, so the little one we went on at the zoo was a good starter carousel.  I hope he ends up loving rides as much as I do!  He's also cutting two more teeth right now and they are taking their sweet sweet time; it's been hard on Liam and Mama.  And as stated above, he is a dancing fool!

Can't believe my little boy is turning ONE just a month from now, eek!  
He is growing up much too fast... I can barely stand it!

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  1. I am OBSESSED with the photo header on your blog! That picture is just the absolute cutest! Those teeny tiny little toes! I forget that my son's feet were that small. Amazing. You have a beautiful family. Happy to have discovered your blog. :)


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