Friday, June 21, 2013

Five on Friday

One of my favorite bloggers {Natasha} has been hosting a Five on Friday link-up with a few other bloggers, so I thought I'd join in this week!  Even though I'm a stay-at-home-mom, I still get super pumped for the weekend, because with it come lots of family time while Conor is off work!  So, here are five things I'm pretty excited about this week:

I am currently obsessed (read: have already consumer 2 pints this week) with Talenti Gelato.  This stuff is incredible; it's been satisfying my sweet tooth every night!  I kept hearing people talk about it, and then my local grocery store had it on sale... so I just had to give it a try.  Now I can't stop the habit!  My favorite is the sea salt carmel, but coffee with chocolate chips comes in a close second.

The newest book to hit my Kindle Paperwhite is Live by Night.  I've barely started it, but so far so good.  I read about a book every week or two, since I have plenty of time to read when putting Liam down for naps or bed.

We bought Liam a teepee as an early birthday present!  I have been wanting one forever, and now finally it is up in the loft space of our home!  Liam loves it already; I see many fun memories being made with this little teepee.  Now I just need a cute blanket for the inside and either a garland or bunting to add a little flair to the top!  I bought the teepee from the etsy shop Two Feet First.  Megan was amazing to work with; she lives in Utah so I was able to pick up the teepee to avoid shipping costs, and she was able to work within my tight timeline!  Her teepees are an incredible quality and are reasonably priced!  Thanks to Natasha for the etsy suggestion! 

Ignore the terrible lighting in our loft and lack of decor...
it is a work in progress.

 I just purchased the Ikea Latt table for Liam's playroom/loft as well!  It's only $20 for the table and chairs and has so much potential!  These projects are popping up all over blogs & pinterest lately.  I can't wait to decide on some paint colors and add a chalkboard top to it.  This is going to be my weekend project, although I'm sure Conor will be assisting me with it!  Here are two of my inspirations:

 Post is here.

 Post is here.

I am anxiously awaiting the visit of my friend Haley, who happens to be an incredible photographer.  She is going to be in town shooting a wedding, but also fitting in a glass (or two) of wine with me.  We're also going to do Liam's 1 year (although a bit early) photoshoot!  We may or may not be taking some sunset photos in a lavender field... stay tuned!  She also did my maternity photos as well as Liam's newborn photos!  Love her and her work!



  1. oh my gosh, that table set is GREAT! My boy is only 12 weeks old but when he gets bigger I will have to remember this! you can totally paint it to match whatever room it's going in! i love it!

  2. stopping by from the link up and had to say hello :)

    LOVE the table and chairs idea... and for $20?! seriously an amazing deal!! i think i may need to add it to my little guys christmas list. he'll be 3 months... is that too early? ;)

  3. Love the table! Thanks for the idea! Also love the teepee!

  4. That chalkboard table is too cute! I wish I had room for one in critterbugs room.

  5. hi! found you through the link up & I'm in love with your idea hack! Annnnnnnd a teepee is on our wishlist for our little girl's birthday too!
    enjoy the weekend!

  6. Thanks for the table suggestion. I'm going to have to pick that up! At only $20, what a steal!

  7. Thanks for the table reference! What a steal at $20, I'm ordering now!!

  8. Glad everyone is loving the table & chairs, I'm so excited about it! It's pretty small, so it could really


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