Friday, June 28, 2013

Five on Friday

I'm linking up with Hello! Happiness (and a few others) 
again with five things on my mind this week!

Instagram briefly banned breastfeeding photos, but now they are reinstated!  Good move instagram, good move!  I am a proud nursing mama and am happy to be able to share those moments with others.  So feel free to snap some pics today of your little ones nursing, throw on the perfect filter, and add #beautifulbfing!

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is just around the corner!  This is one of my favorite places to shop, and the prices are never better then they are during this sale.  I'm hoping it's a good one this year, because I'm ready to stock up on some new Fall clothes.  Added bonus: I get to shop for Liam as well this year!  I'm going to be home visiting my mom next week, so we will get to preselect together.  Quite possibly my favorite shopping day with her.  :-)  Love anything that comes in one of those signature silver bags...

I got a speeding ticket this week, boo!  I've only been pulled over twice in my 11 years of driving, making this my 2nd ever ticket.  The whole experience just rattled me; however, I didn't shed a tear!  At least I can keep my composure.  But it was incredibly embarrassing to have my baby in the back seat!  He won't remember, right?

So I'm about to make a big stay-at-home-mom confession...  We're getting a cleaning lady!  While I feel like it's my job to keep up the house as well take care of Liam, I don't always have time for both.  It's easy for me to keep things tidy, but I rarely find the time to deep clean the bathrooms & kitchens.  Not to mention that I rarely dust!  Plus, I don't want Liam around all the chemicals.  And since Liam doesn't really nap without me, I never seem to have time for these chores.  So we're hiring a cleaning lady to come once a month.  I'm thrilled!  I've had a few mom friends mention that having help is amazing, and now I finally jumping on board, yay!

Conor is officially on vacation starting this afternoon!  We are flying to the oh so amazing Pacific Northwest to visit family & friends!  We're going to spend time in Montana with Conor's family as well as time at my parents lake cabin in Spirit Lake, ID.  Then Liam & I will stay in extra week in Spokane before coming back to Salt Lake City.  I am so excited for this time to relax together as a family!

TGIF and Happy (early) 4th of July!
I'm hope some of you are fitting in a little 
vacation time around the holiday as well.


  1. Some cleaning help is the best!!! Who knew that being a stay at home mom, that you'd have so little time to do much of anything besides play?! We have them come once a month too and I love coming home to a sparkly home! Enjoy your vacation!


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