Sunday, June 16, 2013

Liam's Dad

Liam's Dad.  I like the sound of that.  :-)  And being a dad looks damn good on him!  He was the sweetest husband throughout my whole pregnancy; I absolutely could not wait to see him hold our baby boy for the first time.  {Here's lasts year's Father-to-Be Day post if you missed it.}  Liam & I are so incredibly lucky to have Conor in our lives.  He is a very hands on Dad, which shows in how much Liam adores him.  Now that little L is mobile, the second he hears the garage door open he starts booking it to greet Conor as soon as he walks in from work each evening.  Conor got the first belly laugh out of Liam and continues to get the biggest laughs.  Conor even baby wears, which we all know is one of the sexiest things any Dad can do... lucky me!

I have fallen in love with Conor all over again now that he has added the "Dad" title.  He is patient & caring at all the right times, but also pulls out his silly side on a regular basis.  I love catching moments between him & Liam when they don't think I'm around.  I could listen to the two of them play for hours.  Conor is the bath giver and bedtime story reader, always adding his own little flair to Liam's books.  His humor is one of his best qualities!

Conor is such a wonderful Dad that he makes me a better Mom!  He always reminds me what a great job we're doing raising Liam which has instilled a huge amount of confidence in me!  I remember his positive comments during the more challenging moments of parenting when I occasionally become frustrated!  He works incredibly hard providing for our family, while also being such a help to me at home.  I appreciate all the little things he does for me!  If Liam wakes up super early, Conor takes him for awhile before work so that I may catch a little extra sleep.  On the days that I never have the opportunity to clean up the house or finish the dishes, he stays up late and gets it all done for me!  I cannot tell you how amazing it is to wake up to a sparkling clean kitchen by surprise.

I am so thankful that Conor works as hard as he does, so that I may be a stay-at-home-mom!  This is something that is so important to me.  It's the best job in the world, although one of the toughest too.  Without Conor's full support, this would not be possible.  While being a dual income household has its appeal at times, it is so worth it to us!  Thank you Conor for allowing me to have my dream job!

Liam & I cannot tell you enough how much we love & appreciate you!  
You make us so happy!  Happy Father's Day!
Love always,
Laurabird & Liamasaurus

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