Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Dad: The Balloon Man

While most of you grew up with the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, & the Tooth Fairy, I had another visitor come to my house in the middle night while I was sleeping...The Balloon Man!  Every year on the night before my birthday, my dad would sneak into my bedroom and quietly unleash a ridiculous amount of balloons for me to wake up to with delight!  Except, I didn't know it was my dad... I really thought there was some man out there sneaking into every child's room on their birthday eve! That sounds really creepy... but you know what I mean.

I absolutely love this tradition that my dad started many many years ago for us kids.  This is something I am so excited about continuing for Liam!  My dad did this every year, even through high school!  In 2nd grade I stopped believing in Santa Claus; nonetheless, I went on believing in the Balloon Man for a couple more years!  I just wasn't ready to give that one up!  Eventually, I did realize my dad was behind the whole charade, but he continued the tradition even with my new-found understanding!  I can remember waking up to his late night balloon antics as I got older, but I always pretended to be asleep since I did not want to ruin the tradition & the fun.

This is just one example of the amazing dad that made my childhood so fun!  While the Balloon Man may be his most prestigious title, he was also the: Tickle Monster!  He straddled that fine line between giving the best tickles ever and tickling you so hard it almost hurt!  My brothers & I would beg him for tickles and then end up begging him to stop while laughing uncontrollably.  My mom was always telling him not to get us "all wound up" right before bed!

My dad would read me numerous bed time stories and then I would tell him to make up his own story!  He let me decide what the stories would be about, so they usually involved My Little Ponies and candy!  My two most favorite things, ha!  I have to say, he was quite the storyteller; I so wish that I had some of these stories on tape.  

He also gave some of the best airplane rides and helped us build huge snow forts!  He coached my AAU basketball team, which I am sure was no easy feat for any dad... trying to deal with 10 junior high girls!  He always helped me practice and spent countless hours playing H-O-R-S-E on the basketball court in our back yard!  Occasionally, we had father/daughter date night, and he would take just me out to dinner!  Another thing I really looked forward to was Take-Your-Daughter-to-Work-Day!  A whole day of coloring in board rooms and spinning in big office chairs, with a lunch date of course!

Luckily, my childhood is full of memories that my Dad made sure to record.  We have hours upon hours of video footage that my family actually watches frequently when we are together.  He used to carry around a video camera that came in a briefcase; it was the 80's and those cameras were huge!  You can even hear the zoom in some videos as my dad panned in for some closeups.  He was always good at remembering to take pictures, which he would put into photo albums for us.  Having videos & pictures to look back on is incredibly special and something I will always treasure.   He himself may not have starred in very much footage as he is always the man behind the camera.  But his witty banter and perhaps quite yet more adult-appropriate jokes are just a couple of things I love about these world class motion picutures (little did he know that we'd be watching these as adults later and would of course pick up on the more subtle adult humor)!

My dad is such an intelligent man, with an impeccable memory (something I feel lucky to think that I inherited).  He worked hard to provide an incredible life for my family, but he always found time to escape from work for all the school or sporting events that were important for him (and me) to attend.  He was able to achieve a wonderful work & home life balance which is something I have always admired.  And now he is the coolest "Pops" there is to my little Liam!  My dad was so excited to become a grandparent, it just melts my heart!   Right now, Liam is the only grandson, so he gets special guy-time with Pops! I love watching him engage with Liam, and I look forward to watching their relationship grow!

Happy Father's Day Dad!
I love you so much and couldn't be happier being your one and only daughter!

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  1. Thanks so much. This was a great gift! Love you so much!

    Your Dad aka The Balloon Man


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