Thursday, June 6, 2013

My Favorite Things: Months 9 &10

Tegu Wooden Magnetic Blocks: I love wooden toys and these are a new favorite in the Keenan house!  All the pieces are somewhat large, and the magnets are built inside the block; so, there is no choking hazard.  Liam mostly chews on the pieces or hits them against our coffee table or hardwood floors to hear the loud sound they make.  He also likes tearing apart any structure Conor or I build!  He's currently more into demolition that construction! ;-)  These are such a fun toy that allow for plenty of imagination.  I'm excited to watch Liam grow with these blocks.  We have the natural hardwood finish (because they were on sale at Pottery Barn Kids for almost half off!), but there are many sets with fun colors and add ons.  

Beaba Forks & Spoons: These are the perfect size & weight for Liam to easy handle himself.  We haven't used any other utensils, so I don't have much to compare them to.  We liked them so much, we never had to buy any others!

Philips Avent Sippy Cup:  Or "tippy" cup if you're Conor! ;-)  This cup was recommended to us by my friend who is a speech pathologist.  We didn't want to use a cup with a spout that Liam would be constantly chewing on.  It's "spill proof"...notice I didn't say "leak proof".  You use your upper lip to push the top down, letting out water.  He picked it up rather quickly and loves it!

Wipe Box: Can't say enough good things about this!  If you missed my post on this Pinterest project, you can find it here.  Now that Liam is used to it, he'll shove his whole hand right in and pull out that fabric faster than you can refill it! 

Britax Car Seat Travel Bag:   Since we travel so frequently, this item is a must have!  We always check Liam's car seat with the rest of the bags.  You get one baby item free, so you don't even have to pay for it!  I highly recommend doing this instead of gate checking.  (I plan on doing a travel post soon!)  This bag will protect your car seat, and it has wheels  & back pack straps to easy carry it.  There are always extra room in there, so that's where we store Liam's cloth diapers when we travel!  Can't say enough good things about this.

Keekaroo High Chair: We chose this high chair because it's solid wood and we liked the style.  It's much more ascetically pleasing than most high chairs I've seen; we try to avoid any plastic monstrosities in this house.  It's super easy to clean and puts Liam right at table height.  We're still using the infant insert which keeps Liam very secure in there.  This will definitely still be around for a second baby. 

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  1. I'm pretty sure you can never go wrong with anything by Britax!


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