Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Our Afternoon at the Park

Today was one of the days where I just feel like I nailed being a mom!  Too often I feel like I am half-ass playing with Liam while trying to get a million things done or driving him all over town while I run errands, and he knows it.  He most definitely knows when he does not have my full attention.  So today, I decided to let the laundry sit and the dishes pile up in the sink while I just played with & enjoyed Liam!  The result was a happy mom and a more than happy baby!

The best part of our day was our trip to the park.  It has been so hot in Utah lately (temperatures in the 90s) which makes it hard to spend too much time outside with a little one.  However, outside is the only place Liam wants to be right now!  Well today was in the low 80s and there was a little bit of a breeze, so it was perfect park weather!  Liam was as busy as ever the whole time we were there!  He loves watching other kids and trying to do what they do... sometimes making some friends along the way.  And today, the other moms at the park were actually quite friendly, so I had a little adult interaction too.  :-)

Liam is practically walking now, so he was all over the playground equipment.  He likes climbing the steps and going down the slide with me.  Spending some time in the swings, with the breeze going through his beautiful blond hair.  Crawling through tunnels, where mama waits on the other side.  Finding really cool sticks that mama worries he'll poke his eye out with.  And just sitting in the grass, pulling out some weeds...

Oh yeah, my not quite 11 month old can scale slides all by himself now.  
I have a climber and am in for trouble!

I love how interactive he's become and can't wait for more days like today!

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